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Thursday, September 4, 2014

First Day of School - The day that wouldn't end

The day started off AMAZING - well, for me it did. was excited about school - so excited that he was up before the sun was up.
I got an amazing run in.
I had an amazing lunchtime HIIT workout.
My food is on point.
My water intake is on point.

I was a little sore at the end of the day - but nothing major.

My commute home - EASY. Thank Goodness summer vacation is finally over - no more stupid slow people on my PM commute. picked up Emry, who said it was the "Best Day of His LIFE!" - and I got to hear all about his first day. He got a school planner, to write his assignments in (he thinks this is very cool), and his teacher has a baby in her belly (also, he thinks this is cool)...

We went home, and was able to get a snack in him, do his sheet of HW (which he was excited about - I know - he's a weirdo) and then I took him to karate.

This is where the night just kind of TOOK over.

Karate went great - the drive home the same thing -

Klay and I made dinner and ate with Emry. And then I went to the grocery store - at 740pm. Yeah - I was feeling tired, but am SO happy I ate before I went. I always buy things OFF of the list when I'm starving.

Side note: MOMMY WIN MOMENT - this is the 2nd dinner, in a four day period, that Emry has had a salad. A huge salad, with VEGETABLES ON IT - He made a chicken, bacon ranch salad last night - and ate the WHOLE GOSH DARN THING. YaY Healthy Choices! - Grocery Shopping - Roughly 8p - People are crazy. That's where I am starting with this. I had called earlier in the day, and asked if they had in stock these gluten free wraps - as the manufacturer website said they did - which was confirmed (I was even given what aisle these suckers would be in). Not there - not even close to there - But, there were other products of the same manufacturer. Which means - and I confirmed this - the store manager I spoke to only looked for the brand name - not the actual PRODUCT. Grrr arrrgg... Minor set back - Not a big deal. Moving on. I found extremely low carb wraps - they'll have to do. **SIGHS**, then, at the deli counter - I saw him - the SLOWEST DELI WORKER CREATED BY THE LORD. This man is a charmer, and is overall a nice dude... but not at 8:25pm at night - when I am exhausted, and he was the last thing to check off my list. Dude had me there for 20 minutes. No joke. I got Applewood Smoked Turkey and Sharp Cheddar (for the menfolk - they love their sammiches). 20 FREAKING MINUTES. I was too tired to give attitude, or eye roll... so ALSO... Moved on.

Checked out - went to Wal*Hell - to finish the necessary parts of my list. I refuse to get certain things at a big chain grocery store - canned goods, some cereals, frozen items - they are all cheaper (BY FAR) at Wal*Hell.

Found a parking spot rather quickly - I mean, can't imagine why there were so many spots open. Oh yeah, we were pushing 9p. FUN! *SARCASM*

I proceeded to knock out as much of my list, as fast as I could. Speed demoned through the store. The final items were Vitamins, Soap, Razor Blades, Wet Cat Food, and an extra pair of exercise capris. could find HALF of the supplements - They just remodeled the store, and the vitamin section was never put back together - you have to search 3 aisles to see ALL of the vitamins - and they aren't even in ALPHABETICAL ORDER. Color me frustrated.

Soap and Razor Blades CHECK - Thrown in the cart.
Found a nice face moisturizer - so I can totally commit to the B2BHBM I'm doing. L'Oreal - Youth Code.

Cat Food - Now, my cats eat a specific type of dry food. It doesn't have all the harmful fillers and yuck nonsenses - but, the wet food - it doesn't really matter WHAT we give them - they eat it all, and none of them hurt their tummies - However, I thinking that you get more bang for your buck with the Pate versus the cut up filets. I think most of the weight per can in the filets, is the darn SAUCE. Just saying - frugal gal problems.
Come to find out - they were remodeling that aspect of the store a few nights ago - and all the wet food is in the GARDENING section. However, it would have been nice for a SIGN to say that - not me - looking like a buffoon - scanning between all of the pet aisles until I saw someone with wet cat food and was like a crazy she-beast "WHERE DID YOU GET THAT?" In which, the person, very scared, pointed in the direction of the cat food.

Got on line - realized I forgot the capris - got off line.

Went to look for exercise capris - only sizes in the store 18-28......... UGH. Seriously? I think it's time to reorder! GAH.

Got back on line - a much longer line. 30'something registers - and only 3 of them were open. GAHHHH. to the fine youth of America talk to a friend on his iPhone - while his mother looked horrified. Because every other word out of his mouth was F*ck. Now, I curse - more than I should - but, I would have never have uttered the F word around my parents when I was a teen. NEVER. And she didn't do anything. This woman just looked horrified as her son spoke on his cellphone like that. Sorry, not sorry - if that were Emry - The phone would have been taken away - and I would have slapped him silly.

Got home - 10pm.
Unpacked groceries with help from my dad and Klay - 10:15p
Filled out all the fun school papers - 10:30p
Took a bath and used the new and very nice Face moisturizer - 10:40p
POURED MYSELF ONTO THE COUCH FOR 10 MINUTES and then was in bed by 11p.

Such a long day.
Not a BAD day.

I didn't get to do a nighttime HIIT workout - no big loss there - the extra 2 hours of pushing a grocery cart has to add up to something., this morning - was supposed to be Tabata Thursday - I was so OVERTIRED, and my legs were oddly sore - I just rolled over - and let myself sleep until 6am.

Unmotivated to do the workout + Sore to boot = Need more Sleep.

And, now, I read this - and I know it comes of as "complaining"... but, it's just exactly how it was. It's exactly how I felt as it happened.

With the wedding 31 days away - I don't know if I should tweak my schedule - and go back to grocery shopping and cleaning on Friday nights. I remember those nights being SO chaotic. Maybe push it back to Thursday Grocery Shopping and Friday Cleaning. I hate cleaning on the weekends - especially when it's the only time we are together as a family. Plus, with soccer having games EVERY Saturday morning - I rather not add to a hectic morning with a feverish cleaning spree.

I told Klay this morning - "I want to be a housewife. Can we make that happen?" He gives me a smirk - I know it's not going to happen anytime soon - and said "Sure."

Now, this is not to say that being a housewife is easy. It isn't. You take on all of the house responsibilities (if you are doing it right) - and being a mama is a full time job as it is. I just would love, to be able to focus on my home and family - without the added stress of a job. The job we NEED - you know, to help pay those bills and go grocery shopping.

Maybe one day -  Not today - but one day.

I know a lot of my blogging buddies are teachers - How are the first days of school for you? How do you manage your schedule?

Working Momma's - Same question: Balance every a problem?

My married childless chica's - Do you find it hard to balance work and home?

Happy Thursday - We are almost to the WEEKEND!


  1. That is awesome that Emry had a great first day!!! Cherish the years where he actually likes school! Haha!

    Sounds like you had a busy night! A trip to Walmart will ruin even my best days!

  2. OMG school was the best day of his life!! So so so cute! After 3 years of living without a wal-mart, I've got to say I'm pretty thankful to have it back... but UGH the chaos! I can't stand parents who let their kids do whatever in front of them, then seem surprised when they do the same thing out in public...liiiike.... but I'm not a parent so maybe that's why haha!

    used to have a really hard time with the work/life balance thing. Then I got a new job and it's much better. I can't imagine having kids though! You go, mama!

  3. Glad he had a good day and likes homework. My Wal-Mart is under a re-organization too and I hate it. I used to know where everything was and could get out relatively quickly.

  4. I love friendly people but when they talk forever... oh mercy... I try to keep a smile on my face & not stare at my watch.

    Love the look into your day :)

  5. Emry *made* his own salad??!!! WOW! I am overjoyed with the small wins life offers but this is pretty big :) And hooray to him loving school. I remember those days when I loved school and how homework turned into a nuisance then class itself was a pain in the arss.

    Wal-Mart.... love-hate relationship. Especially when it is crowded as hell and peeps are moving like molasses. I swear not everyone is retired!