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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Hello Tuesday! - Another Weekend Bites the Dust (Labor Day edition)

Hello All! I trust everyone had a splendid weekend~ Yes?
Let's Catch up on my weekend - and then, I want to hear/read all about yours!

FRIDAY NIGHT went home intending to feverishly clean the house, and have Rosalie come over to help me finally zip into that dress. . . The dreaded (yet very pretty) wedding dress.

When I got home, all of the cleaning was done - except the kitchen. Got to love a man that will clean for me. I think I will marry him - did I mention that happens in 33 days? Yeah it does.

So, I cleaned the kitchen - and then Emry asks me if I would like to do a CHOPPED CHALLENGE DINNER. I was hesitant, because, honestly, I just CLEANED the kitchen. But, I accepted anyway - I can't turn down a good challenge!

My Entree Challenge Consisted of: 
Salmon Filets 
Oreo Cookies

Yes, you read that right... Oreo freaking cookies.

My stomach lurched, and I shot Klay the world's most evil glare. He put his hands up, as if to say, "I tried!" So - I submitted, got all the ingredients ready - and the timer started.

I finished just as Rosalie came through my front door.

What did I make?

I was utterly surprised, it was edible.I made a Mole Encrusted Salmon, with sauteed carrots and peppers, and topped with a Tangy Tomato Avocado Sauce.

How did I accomplish this?

Well, I took the cream off of the oreos, and then pounded them into dust... I mixed them with dried chipotle chile powder, onion powder, s&P and some garlic powder. This became the dry mole-esque rub.  I took the eggs and I beated them into an egg wash. I dipped the salmon in the egg wash and then I dipped that into the dry seasoning.Put it on a pan, and broiled it until cooked. While I was doing this - I had the carrots (we had shredded in the house) and a green bell pepper on the stove. I added some minced garlic, and sauteed until they were cooked, but still had a little crunch to them.  While I was waiting for the salmon to be done, I took some Pepper Jelly, Chopped Tomato and Avocado and Emulsified them until they were a sauce.

There you have it. Chopped Dinner Challenge - Emry ate ALL of it. I thought I had a picture, but, I suppose my phone deleted it. **SIGHS** I was really proud of it too.

SO - by time I was done, Rosalie had walked through the door, so we went downstairs and made the attempt of getting the dress on.

Let me tell you, it was SLOW going - between the bunching of all of the layers of the dress - to realizing that the corset bra (I was made to buy) was the reason it wouldn't zip up all the way - Let's just say - it was a PROCESS. But - We got that Bitch ON. Zipped - and EVERYTHING. I am going to try and lose like 5 pounds though - just so I can ensure this will not happen the day of. (More on that later this week).


Another fun filled day at the New York Renaissance Faire. Volunteering has taken up a large part of our August - and the sheer drama that comes from the volunteer group is EXHAUSTING.

I really thought I was going to loathe this day - the volunteer director is becoming a tyrant, and truly expects every member to pull a 10 hour day of volunteer work. Sorry, not sorry - the job that actually PAYS me, doesn't require 10 hour days - I'm sure as heck not doing that for you.

Things smoothed over fine enough - and we had a wonderful day - I even bought myself another layer of garb. What do I mean by layer of garb? Well - most renaissance faire outfits start with a base layer - Shirt, Skirt/pants - and then you add to it - over skirt, under skirt, Bustle, Vest, belt, corset/cincher - so on and so forth. I bought myself an OVER skirt. It's prettiful - So so prettiful.

We went home, and Emry went with me to a surprise birthday party for a friend's boyfriend. There were quite a few kids there - and Emry seemed to have fun - up until the large german shepherd puppy got a little rough. Emry will tell you he was BIT... I saw it - the puppy just kind of put his mouth over Emry's arm - never biting down - Multiple times. I put the dog inside, I comforted my son - and we were all back to having fun. But, now, Emry insists he's afraid of BIG dogs. **SIGHS** Yes - It's a BIG puppy - and I understand his fear. The dog should have been tethered. If he is that excitable. But, it happened, and I don't want to make a big deal of it - because there is no reason to fear dogs. Yet, my heart goes out to Emry - because he was truly frightened.


I'm exhausted - I've been exhausted for weeks. I've also been feeling the pressure of our upcoming wedding (did I mention 33 days?) So, I took a stand - and I told Klay that I was not going to faire. I had too many crafts to finish - and I really wanted to do them at my leisure.

And that's what I did - ALL day. If you have been following me on Instagram - you've probably already seen the finished products! I made our Cake Topper, and finished my button bouquet, plus bouquets for the bridesmaids - I even was able to finally take some pictures of the favors we BUILT weeks ago. So nice.

The day was overall very relaxing - even though I started to develop this weirdo pain in my left leg. It spreads from my hip joint - all the way down to the dorsum (top) of my foot. Now, I say pain - because it is not sore... it's a shooting feeling. And, I figured that meant I should rest it, instead of running on Monday.

For dinner that night, we had a Build your own Salad - Bar! I had Iceberg, and Mixed Green Lettuces - and for the toppings I had: bacon bits, grilled chicken pieces, avocado, red onion, spicy red pepper slices, cherry tomatoes, shredded carrots, and shredded cheese!

It was a big hit! Emry had this huge plate of salad, and ate all of it. I was SO impressed!


Klay went to the Labor Day Monday of Ren Faire - leaving Emry and I to our own devices.
Which turned into, and I'm not very proud of this - Emry playing Minecraft for most of the morning - and me doing the crazy Pre - First Day of School Organizing Spree. Moms, you know what I'm talking about right? Making sure you bought all of the school supplies - Labeling all of the, said, school supplies - picking out the 1st Day of School Outfit (which should be so Impressive and forms the best VISUAL impression) - preparing the whiteboard calendar (does anyone else have a whiteboard for lists and a calendar to organize those lists?) - All of the laundry being done - the neglected chores from the summer (polishing the wood, cleaning the play room, organizing the medicine cabinets - stuff like that).

When that was done, we had some time to kill before Soccer Practice - So, Emry and I went over to Old Navy to look for a Fall Coat, even though it's a MILLION degrees outside. (Remember when I was afraid that it would be too cold to have our wedding outside? At this rate - I may need to provide hand fans for everyone - Let's hope by October we've hid the mid way point between Scorching and Freezing - shall we?) ANYWHOO - Do you know we went from Old Navy, to Marshall's, to Kohl's - looking for a fall coat. It's as if they do not MAKE them anymore, FOR BOYS. Girls had 2 or 3 different selections per store. Boys, nope, boys get hoodies or winter coats - there is no Fall Blazer. What the HECK is that? We winded up buying him a new hoodie - just in case I can not find an actual lightweight coat for the fall - and got ready for Soccer.

Soccer practice was fun - we are preparing for the first game, which is This Saturday. Emry will be starting out the first quarter as a midfielder - and I'm certain none of the children have any idea what they are really supposed to be doing. HAHA. I love the youth sports - just have a little fun - but, maybe learn a little while you're at it.

This was followed by Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner - and has resulted in an upset stomach today.


I woke up, and my leg was still killing me - so no running this morning, I plan on doing a HIIT workout during my lunch break. After I had my breakfast this morning, I got super nauseous - and I'm hoping the exercise will help subside whatever is wrong with my stomach.

And that's it for now -
How was your weekend?



  1. Sounds like you had a fun weekend. Your meal you made sounds fun and different. Love the oreo touch! Maybe it will just take another big nice calm dog to calm some of those fears!

    Hope you have a great week!

  2. crazy weekend, girl! But yayyy for 33 days and HOORAY for getting zipped in!!! Can't wait to see pix!