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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Humpday Confessions (9-24) - I'm BACK!

Liz @ Fitness BlondieToday, is Wednesday and you all know what that means! It means that it's Hump Day, and the "Hump Day Blog Hop". This is hosted by Fitness Blondie, an amazing and positive blog I stalk follow. I found a bunch of great new blogs to read, and a lot of new positive bloggers! I have been doing this for a while now and each week, the new bloggers I follow become like new friends... We are a support system of awesome sauce... Are we not?
Go check it out.. and Join in!
Vodka and Soda
I also, ususally link up with Vodka and Soda... I found her through the Hump Day Blog Hop over at the Fitness Blondie! However, the websense at my job has dictated her BANNED, and the reason being SEX. So, I add my link to her blog via my phone... I'm sneaky like that! Vodka and Soda was an instant "I MUST ADD THIS BLOG TO MY FEED"... I recommend you heading over and linking up with her too.. as long as your work firewall allows you too (stupid job).
So without further ado..

My Confessions
I am done with the epic, soul-sucking, proof reading project from hell. I, happily, finished this project at 11:32a.m. today, and upon being finished - I had to tell the world. SO, I totally moon walked, running man-ed, Jumped On it-ed, DOWN the office hallway saying "I'm done, I'm done I'm done". I confess that this does not bother me. I also confess that I do not give a rat's ass who I bothered while doing so.

I confess that I covered my bases 100000% on this project, and made sure that the information that I corrected, was documented in a spreadsheet, and that attachment was sent to the ass hat, who gave me the project, and my supervisor, just so she can she what I actually did. Sorry, not sorry - Someone needs to realize how many mistakes Ass hat made. Just saying.

I have been itching to read all of your blogs - and I am a week behind - so expect me to be catching up - Blogging is my drug. Not lying - It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

I confess that I only ran once this week, and that was today - but, I have been doing zone training based on my heart rate - but, that's only been walking (briskly - mind you). I have also thrown in a Strength Focus every day as well.

I confess, that I prefer working out at the work fitness room - ALONE. Today, these two women came in, at 6am mind you (WHY WERE THEY EVEN AWAKE?) and decided they were going to just YELL to each other from across the room. Not cool bitches. SO, instead of a zone heart rate walk - I ran - I turned that treadmill all the way up to 6.5 mph - and ran long enough until they left. Loud Treadmill getting in the way of your conversation? Oh, I'm sorry ladies - I thought the fitness room was for exercising - not fat ass conversations. Once again, I have a lot of angst from not writing for a week - so I may be a little strong handed on this one.
Emry broke out with this awful RASH yesterday - The nurse called me, and was unsure if it was his eczema. For two reasons, she knows that he normally gets it on his legs - and this was his back. AND it didn't look like the rash he has gotten on his legs. Klay ran to the school - looked at it, and texted me a picture - OH MY GOODNESS FRIENDS - His back was covered and the rash was REALLY REALLY BAD. So, Klay rushed him to the Urgent Care, who looked at him for half a minute - said it was idiopathic - and sent him on his way. I got his Primary Care on the phone, and basically said "I don't care if you have to charge me FULL COST for the visit - I know it's seeing a doctor the same day for the same issue - THIS IS BAD - Please help. She waved him in - no charge - and we got some predisolone for the inflammation - and said that it appeared to be an allergic reaction to something. IDIOPATHIC MY ASS URGENT CARE - I'LL GIVE YOU AN IDIOPATHIC BRUISE ON YOUR EYE - NO IDEA HOW IT GOT THERE! Morons.
My wedding is in 11 days. That's right - 11.
OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I may have sweet talked my hair stylist into coming with me to the beauty supply store, just to pick the right hair extensions for my big day. By sweet talk - I mean BEGGED.
This Friday - I have to right a bunch of people checks for my WEDDING ...... EEEEEEE... And I am slowly having an OCD - MONEY DISAPPEARING - FREAK OUT MOMENT. Need a paper bag. Can't catch my breath. **GASP** Just kidding - but, I'm glad we are so frugal with our money - because a LOT of it is getting spent on Friday.
I confess that I have put off an oil change, getting my brake pads, and spark plugs replaced - for over a month - I guess I should get to that this weekend. Great, another bill - SIGHS - Why can't the days before my wedding be free - LIKE free food, free car maintenance - free gas... you know... FREE EVERYTHING BECAUSE I AM A BRIDE-to-BE!
I just finished a detox experiment - and am honestly feeling INCREDIBLE. Not as bloathed as before - less BINGEY - need to eat everything in sight. So, that's just wonderful. Tomorrow will be the first day off of the detox = and I'm supposed to eat "lightly" - So I'll be praying not to shovel food in my face.
These are my confessions! What are yours?
Is one of them that you missed me? 



  1. 11 days!!! EEEKKK So excited for you!

  2. An allergic reaction and they told you it was nothing? Idiotic?! I would be furious!!

    How exciting that the project is over and more so that your wedding is around the corner!! I can't wait to see pics and hear about it! Putting off an oil change not the best idea!

    Glad you are back :)

  3. I hate urgent care places and refuse to go anymore. I would rather die waiting for my regular dr because those people are IDIOTS!!! Every last one of them! Poor E, I hope he is doing better!

    Yay for the detox working! I wish I had your will power to do one.

    Your wedding is so close!!! I have another friend getting married the same weekend!

  4. totally! can't believe only 11 days left!

  5. Aww, congrats on your wedding coming up! That's exciting!

    LOL, I feel the same about working out at the gym, I always feel so awkward when there are a lot of people around me, I feel like they are staring at me! I like to just be alone and get in the "zone".

  6. hells yes to Mode: CYA (cover your ass). i do that allllll the time and i keep EVERY email as proof because people tend to magically forget they agreed to something when shit hits the fan. then i'm all, um, you approved this; here's your email, bitch! BOOM

    thanks for linking up
    Vodka and Soda