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Monday, September 15, 2014

Monday Morning Recap (9-15)

Wow what a weekend - whirlwind of a weekend.

I took the day off of work (and blogging) Friday to go with Klay to apply for our MARRIAGE LICENSE. Yeah - big deal - I know - Now that's out of the way - Let's continue (hehehehehee).

The rest of the day was spent sort of lounging - doing some house work - And running a couple of errands.


Emry tested for his purple belt in TKD on Friday Evening. His test went amazing. He really put a lot of effort into each aspect of the test - from stretching - to form - to sparring - to board break. He was so focused and disciplined for the test, that he received the BEST OVERALL award for that night's testing. It was AMAZING. He was very excited.

After testing, we scooted over to Men's Wearhouse to get Emry fitted for his tuxedo. And let me tell you - LADIES - He's a heart breaker. That's my little man - all in a tuxedo jacket. I couldn't take it. Too stinking cute.

We met up with my friend (and bridesmaid) Rosalie and Samantha (my flower girl) - for dinner at Buffalo Wild Wing's - I had a Mediterranean Salad with Chicken - dressing on the side - and only really ate half of it. - I did have one of their WILD BLOODY MARY'S. Which was SUPER tasty. They dust the rim of the cup with their desert heat dry rub, and then make a killer Bloody Mary with Absolut Pepar. There was a huge celery stick and PICKLE in it. Very enjoyable and oddly refreshing.


We woke up on Saturday and got Emry to the soccer field. He had team and individual photos at 10a and then a game at 11a.

It was overcast for the pictures - which was okay by me - it was VERY cold though. We all had hoodies, shawls, cloaks, hats and scarves on - WOW was the wind chilly. During the game, it just got worse - the SKIES OPENED UP - and the kids were all drenched. By the end of the game Emry looked like he had survived the Titanic. Completely soaked HEAD TO TOE. got home - changed into dry clothes - and proceeded to get Tomato Soup and Grilled Cheese Sandwiches into our bellies - Rainy Days = Warm Comfort Foods. Especially since we were caught in it - I was so scared we were all going to catch a cold.

Once we were dry, fed, and happy - we went to my friend, Sarah's house for an Art Show. She was showing (and selling) a lot of her work. She is trying to raise money to go to a retreat in Guatemala. Since it was for a good cause, I brought my checkbook with me, with the intention of buying something. When I walked in to her home - the first wall I saw - was a fall filled with DREAM CATCHERS. If you all remember, my sister (who bailed on my wedding) was supposed to make dream catchers to line the aisles for the ceremony. Even after the fall out - she stated she would still make them and get them to me by the end of the month. But, I told her that wasn't important to me - And I was secretly reeling about what I was going to do with HALF of the dream catchers.... Well - low and behold - Sarah had made the EXACT number of dream catchers I needed. Sold - I'll buy all of them - SOLD SOLD SOLD. We also bought a cool mug for Klay and Emry picked out this amazing piece of pottery called "Jungle Dreams".

We drove home - in the rain - and had to stop at the grocery store for a couple items I had forgotten to add to my list. And as we pulled into the parking lot. It stopped raining - the sun came from behind the dark clouds - it was eerie and beautiful - And then We saw a COMPLETE rainbow - I've never seen one. I could see the beginning and the end - unfortunately - it was so HUGE - I couldn't capture it on one picture. *SIGHS* It was SUPER COOL.


We dropped Emry off at Klay's parents and then we proceeded to spend the day at the Renaissance day - Another chilly morning - So Fall Hat was in Full effect, along with the warmest Faire Garb I owned. We did our volunteer work, met up with one of my friend's and spent the rest of the day looking around - and having a great time.

We picked up Emry - had a late dinner together - Loaded Hot Dog Bar - Not lying, it happened, and it was awesome. I packed the food for the week - showered - packed my vitamins - did a load of laundry - and went to bed.


I was up and ready to go! No - that's a lie -  I was a zombie this morning - but I got all my stuff together, got in the car and proceeded to do a killer 90 minute workout. The first thing I did was cardio - I ran on the treadmill for 60 minutes, and achieved 6.34 miles - I then did a cooldown walk and managed 7.06 in 70 minutes. Felt amazing! Afterwards, I did some light arm work and some leg presses - and LOTS of stretching.

Need to start wearing a less baggy shirt to the gym - I notice in pictures that it just isn't very flattering - but it is SO comfy. Meh - they're just workout clothes - Right?

And here I am now - with PILES of work surrounding me - That I actually have to get to.
UGH - Pray for my SANITY!

How was your weekend?


  1. I'm a huge fan of you and Emry! That young man is destined for even more amazing things - I can see it! Keep up the awesome work and I am so happy for you! Karma payoff. :-) Hugs!

  2. Looks like a successful wedding planning weekend! What an amazing idea to have wedding catchers lining the aisle! LOVE it!! And oh my goodness Emry is such a cutie in that tux!! Adorable :).

  3. yay for Emry and his belt and award!!! That is so awesome!!

    And yay for finding the dream catchers! What a cool and unique idea! I love it!

    have a great week!

  4. Guatemala is beautiful! E looks so dang cute! That bloody mary looks awesome. Yours looks like it was an actual meal with all that stuff in it. I like them like that if I'm having little or no breakfast.... which would only be if I wanted a good buzz for football Sunday!

    As soon as I started reading there half of the needed dream catchers I was thinking line them on every other isle until I read that Sarah made the rest. Yay!!!

  5. Haha you must write your blog posts at work, like I do?? ;)