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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

My Goals for the next 33 days aka: B2BHBM

The countdown is 33 days.
In 33 days, Klay and I will be tying the proverbial knot...
I have some goals for this next month, and they are to get me to my Bridal Best.

These goals will help me to achieve the:
 (aka: Bride to Be Healthy Beast Mode.)
  • Workout 6 days per week.
    • Add 30 minutes of HIIT into lunchtime and before bed.
    • Go back to the steady running I did before the summer started - Add 1 long run a week.
    • Take video of me doing a pull up
  • The cleanest eating possible
    • No Dairy
    • No Complex Carbs
    • No Cheat meals - sorry, not sorry I can cheat meal my way through my reception.
  • Best Skin Ever
    • BB Cream and Mascara - That's it!
    • Exfoliate, Mosturize aka: Treat my skin like a GODDESS.
  •  Stay Hydrated
    • Stay away from Caffeine - sorry Pumpkin Coffee - I'll binge drink you after the wedding.
    • 100+ ounces of water daily.
  •  Be Well Rested
    • No more staying up with Klay to snuggle in front of the TV - get to bed at a reasonable time.
    • No more using the TV as a nightlight - I always end up more tired the next morning.
    • Stretching and Meditation whenever possible.
Now, I know this looks like a lot - but, I am a LIST maker - and if I just used the headings - it seemed kind of lack luster.

  1. I'm already pretty active - so giving myself specific extra fitness goals was key
  2. I eat pretty healthy - but, ever since the summer started, I've been allowing WAY more crud then I should. Dairy and Complex carbs makes you bloat - and ain't nobody got time for that.
  3. My skin is very sensitive and problematic. If I cut out even the moderate makeup use, and up my daily routine - I will be sure to have GLOWING skin by W-Day.
  4. Water is key - but, Caffeine isn't - And I was so looking forward to the pumpkin spice creme brulee coffee at Dunkin Donuts - I hope Klay doesn't mind, but on October 6th - I'm going to drink 2 of those!
  5. Rest is so important, and I've been letting that slack. I've been wanting to spend more time with Klay in the evenings - and I've really been using the "nightlight" excuse way too much. I need to stretch more and really let me mind rest - so I plan to do that before bed every night - I need to be the best me I can be.... 

I hope to be able to give everyone weekly updates as to this list - and let you know my strengths and weaknesses.

I also hope to document this month via instagram ! Come follow me! And I'll follow you back!!

What about you? Any goals for this month?

For my married friends out there - did you do something similar before your big day? Share any tips?
For my engaged friends out there - don't think I'm nuts.. please don't think I'm nuts
For my single friends out there - (please see above plead to my engaged friends)


  1. LOL! You are so cute and no way do I think you are nuts! And honestly your B2BHBM makes me want to start doing the same thing now until I croak. My skin is terrible, my diet is terrible, I don't get enough sleep and too much caffeine!

  2. I think your list is totally doable. Well, except dairy? I love cheese too much! hehe! And caffeine!

    You got this girl! You are going to be fabulous!

  3. You got this! I've got 45 days till my cruise, so I'm trying oh so hard to stay clean and workout!