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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Stacks, Chops, and They live happily ever after!

Yesterday was the busiest day ever.
Yes - Katelynn - I do write my posts at work. HAHAHA. It does pass the time., honestly, I have this STACK of papers on my desk. And it's real work - not just "pass the time" work. And - it's the worst kind of work: PROOF READING. I hate proof reading, mostly because I am pretty good at it.

Don't let this blog fool you - my typos here come from rapid fire writing, and me not having enough time to proof read it - and spell check it.

When I have to proof read - for someone else - I find typos up the WAZOO. And I find so many - that it usually takes me quite awhile to go through.

The person who I proof read for, once a year mind you, is an ASS HAT. He does not take pride in his job, nor does he take the time to proof read his work. This is my opinion - because when I go to check his work - I spend HOURS on one section.

There is at least 21 sections, and each section ranges between 10 & 30 pages. I can't spend HOURS on each one. loathe the man. I honestly do.

My job is mostly statistics, and spreadsheets - and lists upon lists upon lists. I love that part of my job. It is the best.

But, this time of the year - this aspect - UGHK. Do I have to? Really? Can't I just type it myself, and cut this dude out all together?

ASS HAT: that's what he is.

So I am procrastinating - which is not what I should be doing - but, I'm doing it.
I check my email and I have an email from Klay, subject line "I love you."

I roll my eyes - I know this is going to be funny.

The email has a meme:

I just about spit out my water - Let me show you a picture of my lovely man. 


Do you understand why I laughed so hard? His chops are SO big, they almost touch the goatee. They almost connect to make a DAMN BEARD. but, they don't. And let me tell you - these things have grown LARGER AND LARGER since we got together. 

SO - yeah - he loves me. He won't shave - but he loves me. Hahaha night we had Soccer practice, which went really great. Well, for me it did - The parents got to play the kids for the last 20 minutes of practice. Me, in my work dress, with my work boots on - playing soccer - and doing pretty well if you ask me. The other moms (who were in jeans mind you) sat and watched as me, the coach (also a chick) and 3 dads SCHOOLED the kids. Well - we showed them what team work looked like. Yes, that's what happened, and that's the story I am sticking too.

When we got home, Emry had a Chicken Taco and a salad - and I made myself a "finger food" dinner. I had 3 ounces of chicken, cut up into bite sized pieces, a handful of red peppers, handful of carrot slices, a handful of cucumber slices, 2 tsps of hummus and a teeny side salad (with 1 tsp of Salsa). It was the kind of dinner I could eat, while walking around, doing the mom thing, helping Emry with his homework - and quizzing him for his "Fairy Tale" test.

Let me talk about this briefly - 
He learned 3 fairy tales:
  1. The Fisherman and his Wife
  2. Beauty and the Beast
  3. The Emperor's New Clothes
He was not sent home with any worksheets on this - nor did the teacher let us know which versions were taught. She sent home a study guide last night, letting us know there would be a quiz on Wednesday - and the test was structured in the following ways.

SO - the only thing we have to review from is the study guide. Which in my opinion was lacking.
The study guide asked
  1. Where did each story take place?
  2. Who was your favorite Character?
  3. Do you think the Beast being enchanted was to teach him a good lesson?
  4. and another question just as trivial. So - last night, we talked about the stories with Emry - to see how much he knew about them. And for me to try and figure out which versions he was taught - so that I can read them myself - to make sure he has his facts straight.

The teacher wants the kids to learn for themselves - and I am for that. I really am.
But - how am I, as a parent, supposed to check, quiz, and help my child from home - without any help?

Also - he had a spelling test on Friday of last week - I am hoping to be able to see how he did, like today. I was surprised when it wasn't sent home on Monday Night. That's another thing I noticed, from his First Grade teacher. They don't hand ANYTHING back anymore. They hold all of it for parent/teacher conference time. It makes sense - so you have something to talk about, and she has proof of your child and their capabilities. But, again - how am I supposed to help him at home - when I don't know how he is doing on tests? pet peeve of mine. Can you tell?

So - I'm off - to tackle this stack of papers.
Perhaps a fire is in order - What papers? You never gave me any papers? The office smells like burning paper? NO it doesn't. 


  1. LOL!!!!!!!! I HEAR YOU 1000%, GIRLFRIEND!!!!! PS- What do you do for your job?

    I hate that my work computer won't let me see your pictures/memes. grrrrrr.

  2. good luck with getting all of your work done! I'm about to get back to some myself.

  3. Ugh! The job thing sounds annoying. They don't send anything home anymore?! What the what?!

  4. OK i see you, soccer mom playing soccer in your work clothes!!! yes!! Also your dinner sounds right up my alley, that's my fav- picking foods!

  5. I never proofread my blog posts before hitting publish, oops! dont get to see his grades on stuff as the year progresses until conference time? That is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard of!!! How do you know if you need to work harder or identify weaknesses?