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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Thursday - 9/11/2014

The only thing I have to say about the date is exactly what I said on my personal Facebook page:

This day should be spent in silence and reflection, surrounded by family and good friends.
At 8:46am - take a moment and remember where you were 13 years ago.
At 9:03am - now take a moment and say a prayer, send good energy, or thoughts to someone you know who is still dealing with the aftermath of this day.
Never Forget

In my opinion, today means a lot of different things, to different people - we all deal with this part of our history a different way - so, instead of a post about today, I want to send some positivity and happiness out - as today is a day where more is needed.

SO - Here it goes -

A Random List Of Things That Make Me Smile's feet - ever since he was a baby his feet have been the cutest (and also stinkiest) things I have ever seen (or smelled - for that matter.) When he was a baby, it was because they were bigger than the rest of his body - and when he was able to walk - they were flat like Fred Flinstone, and you could hear him coming like a heard of Buffalo. Up until he hit 4 years old, his feet were like an extra set of hands - he was like a monkey, he could pick stuff up with them. Not so much now - but, now, it's the fact that his long slender feets - have the chubbiest piggy toes. Sorry kiddo, you inherited my toes. old couples - you know what I'm talking about. I can usually spot them anywhere - that one elderly married couple, that walk through a grocery store holding hands. Or exchange a glance that just radiates the amount of love and devotion they have for each other. I can't help but smile - I can't help but wonder what their story is - how long they have had this special love. Pigs - This should not require an explanation. But, I will let you know, whenever I see a picture, or a video or a gif that has a mini pig in it - I can't help but letting out my own personal squeal of delight. They are just TOO adorable. And if you are on facebook, look up Priscilla the Mini Pig - just saying - totally worth it. Sales, Antique Stores, Vintage Boutiques, and the like - It's like an adventure, it's like - I don't know, treasure hunting. You never know what you are going to find. Not going to lie, I sort of feel like I'm on that show - American Pickers. And, even if I go to one of these places with no intention of buying anything - you know, just to treasure window shop - I still get a kick out of interesting pieces. What is especially cool - to me - is Antique Toys - it makes me think about the children that played with them - when this simple piece was the HIT toy - the thing all of the kids wanted. Very nostalgic. Smell of Good Food - Now, not just ANY food - but a restaurant that you know makes WONDERFUL food. When you pull into the parking lot, or your at a traffic light near it - and you inhale - Man, Oh Man - you know what I mean, yes? The smell of warmth and savory and sauces and spices - That inhale is always followed by a huge smile. I'm a foodie (For Life). - Something about LITTLE BABIES gets me every time. EVER SINGLE TIME. Maybe it's me remembering Emry being that small - maybe it's just because little babies in little clothes are just the cutest thing ever. But - little babies (and even some toddlers) I become a puddle of smiling mush.

Klay kissing the back of my neck - Now yes, your loved one kissing you SHOULD induce smiles all the time - But, there is something very VERY special about when he kisses the back of my neck. He makes a (private) show of it. Brushes my hair out of the way, and eases in to it. Even before it happens - I'm already ear to ear. It's one of the sweetest things he does. 

Emry reading to me - Emry is already an excellent reader - and his HW every night is 30 minutes of reading (either aloud or to himself). Whenever he reads to me - I sit back and smile with amazement. I made that kid - in my belly (not really my belly - but you know) - and this is what he is doing now. - They are silly looking, always interestingly colored - and in my mind, are good luck. Whenever I see one - I imagine they're real life Fairies. I know, that sounds pretty silly, but - how much closer to a fairy can you really get? through the leaves of a tree - That moment when the sun has finally crested high enough that it is shining through the trees - illuminating the leaves - giving the soft glow to the morning. It's peaceful - it's calming. It's almost magical. great story - whether it be in a book, or one being shared by a friend - heck, even from the blogs I read - If someone is really animated with conveying a story - I can't help but smile through the whole thing. I probably look really goofy. But, I enjoy it and it makes my day!

That's just to name a few - I could go on for hours about the random things that make me smile.

Spread some more happiness - Tell me - What makes you smile?


  1. Coffee in my mug, this post, friendly banter with my boss at the pool, reading free books, the guy I like a whole damn lot.

    We should go thrifting sometime. There's that flea market in Stormville we could meet at...just sayin' and LOTS around here!

  2. Ahhhhhhhh mini pigs!!!!! I have always wanted a pig as a pet. ALWAYS! Maybe one day!

    Also, I love watching little old couples. A few months ago as I was leaving Target, there was a couple in motorized wheel chairs and they went out the door together and raced to the next store. I saw the old lady sort of hold back at the end to let her husband win. It was the sweetest thing I ever did see!

  3. Those pigs are just the CUTEST!!!
    Just another reason why I'm a vegetarian :)

  4. The pig is too cute. So much to be grateful for and to be happy about.

  5. MINI PIGS!!!!!!!! I follow an Instagram account that is just a pair of pigs! I LOVE IT!