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Monday, September 29, 2014

Weekend Recap (9-29)

Well - it seems this weekend just FLEW by. It seems I was only leaving my desk at work a moment ago. night - I pick Emry up from school and we had to fly across town to the wedding photographers office - Had to give him the final payment for the wedding - you know, the one that is 6 days away. (AHHHHHHH!) Totally feel like I'm just throwing money at EVERYONE.

Then we drove home, I cleaned the bathroom and made dinner for this week. Dinner for the week is Spaghetti (white pasta) and Sauce (that I had made and frozen weeks ago); don't judge, I will be having salad with chicken ALL WEEK - I just didn't want to subject the men to another week of Salad and Chicken - Been a little busy, and very UNCREATIVE in the COOKING department. Hmmmm... wonder why that is? Baffles the mind, it does. that, once Emry was in bed, Klay, Dad, Anne (dad's gf) and I all cozied up on the couch to watch the PBS special of Sweeny Todd. Which was EPIC! Emma Thompson played the role of Misses Lovett. I enjoyed it GREATLY! It was a concert style performance, in which the cast worked around the orchestra. Very cool.

Saturday - Klay, Emry and I were up at 645a - because we had to drop my car off at the mechanic before getting ready for Soccer. UGH - let me just say - a huge mechanic bill, right before a wedding - kind of really takes the wind out of your sales. $541.82 - yup that was my mechanic bill. New brakes, pads, oil change, spark plugs, fuel injection system flush - YEAH tons of fun. But, it had to get done, and I was about a MONTH overdue for all of this. SO - yeah, couldn't really skip it.

Soccer was meh. The ref was not calling a lot of the penalties - or out of bounds. The other team had this one BRUTE of a boy who kept chest checking our players, and the other players were very FOOT friendly - getting their feet in between and tripping our players. These kids are between the ages of 7 & 9 - WHAT THE HECK? Then they had ONE player - who would pretend to get tripped and THROW himself to the ground - when NO ONE was around him. They got to penalty kicks for that - DROVE ME NUTS.  We lost 3-2, but that's only because the ref allowed a goal that was preceded by a HAND BALL. The player slapped the ball to the ground and then kicked it in the goal. Our goalie saw it - screamed handball - and the ref NEVER called it. **SIGHS** They had to lose once.. Right? Emry was able to play 3 out of the 4 quarters - and finally got to be in the attacker position. This really boosted his self esteem - since he didn't feel like he was good enough to be one of the "scoring" players.

After soccer - we went home, and I got my WEDDING CRAFTING ON. I built all of the centerpieces - glitter painted votive holders - stained a piece of wood (that was needed for a missing centerpiece aspect) - spray painted the candle holder for the "newlywed" table. And - and - and - I'm sure I'm forgetting things - but, I basically turned my office upside down, and made sure everything I needed was in the center of the room. So when Saturday comes, all I have to do is LOAD it in the car.

We did have to run to Hobby Lobby - to pick up more twigs for the centerpieces - and some fall decor for home (shhhh - I couldn't help myself - they have such COOL stuff!). While we were out, I managed to get Klay a tie for his Rehearsal Outfit, Emry an OUTFIT for the rehearsal and we stopped for Linner at Denny's. I am not a big fan of Denny's, however, it is right next to the mechanic - and Emry loves it. And, honestly, it's really cheap.

I picked up my car - went home, finished up the twigs on the larger centerpieces - and called it a night. I don't really remember what we did that night - I know there was some loafing on the couch - and I know there was some sleeping on the couch. Other than that - complete blur. But I did get to see this beautiful piece of fall - right in my backyard - Such amazing colors on this tree! - I was up pretty early doing laundry - and attempting to label all the things in the office. Which things went to which table - What things needed to be in the bridesmaid suite for the day of, as well as the groomsmen suite. As I was doing that, in my pajamas, barefoot, sitting on the ground - A SPIDER - a RED SPIDER - A HUGE RED SPIDER - crawls out from under my desk - walks towards me a little - and then retreats back under the desk. I was up like a bolt - ran upstairs - got a shoe - and went looking. I COULDN'T FIND THE SUCKER! ACHK! So I clearly couldn't sit on the floor anymore and do this. AND I COULDN'T BY ALL MEANS BE BAREFOOT WITH MY PAJAMA PANTS DRAGGING ON THE GROUND. This thing could crawl up and EAT ME. So - by 7a, I am fully dressed, with sneakers on - in the office.

Still, I was freaked out - so I opted to go upstairs, and load all of the seating cards into the cork holders. Klay, Emry and my Father helped - and we were done fairly quickly. I brought that downstairs - to the office of doom - and THERE HE WAS. JUST RIGHT ON THE FLOOR. So, I squashed the red spider of DOOM and DESTRUCTION.... and flushed him (just as a precaution of zombie regeneration).

I back to working on the floor - labeling - getting things all done - Lissa came over to see my progress and to tell me what she thought of all of it. We talked for a bit, about an interesting dramatic thing that I had found out the night prior (more on that later). When she had gone, Emry got dressed and we ran to the bank in order to use their coin machine - so Emry could lighten up his piggy bank. After that, I stopped by Payless, and I picked up some very cute silver glitter ballet flats, for the rehearsal dinner dress. Emry was starving for lunch by this point - so we went to Chipotle for lunch. He LOVES Chipotle - honestly, he's a big TACO kid. Can't blame him - tacos are AWESOME. we were home, I started work on the flower girl basket. I had received a free flower girl basket - and it was very lovely and very generic. I didn't want to look a gift horse in the mouth, so I just had to mod it a little bit - and stupid me - I forgot to take a picture of it. The base basket sort of looked like this:

So I had to take off the ribbon, and there was one rose bow section in the front. Once those were off, I measured the circumference of the basket, and then found the appropriate length of burlap - which I have an abundance of (rustic wedding problems) - and sewed that around the basket. Already this thing looked TEN times better. Once it was secure, I sewed the rose bow section back on - and then in the middle of the beautiful burlap ribbon I glued these paper roses (brown and kind of tan colored) around the basket. It came out perfect. I'll have to take a picture of it.
Once that was done - I was basically done - Which was a HUGE surprise. Klay and Emry were building with Legos and watching Food network - so I went upstairs - balanced our check books (OUCH - at the moment) and proceeded to look at the school Fundraiser while watching the Great Expectations movie, with Ethan Hawke. LOVE that movie.

I vacuumed the house, straightened up the kitchen - and then there was dinner, bath and bed for all.

All in all a busy weekend - but very rewarding!

How was your weekend?
Do anything fun?


  1. what a productive weekend! You go girl!

  2. The wedding decor looks SO GOOD! Also, 6-days. Can't even believe it!!

    Oh and spiders? Nope. Just nope.

  3. AHHH the wedding crafting looks amazing!!!

    I can't believe how productive you are right now! get it girL!

  4. Sounds like you were productive and I love the centerpieces! And that fall stuff you scored at the Hob-Lob!

  5. What a busy weekend. I do like the center pieces.

  6. What a busy weekend!! A huge auto bill before the wedding, what a bummer. Those centerpieces are so cute!

  7. Holy busy weekend! The centrepieces look great. So close to wedding day :)