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Monday, September 8, 2014

Weekend Recap (9-8) aka: Why can't every weekend be a three day weekend?

Hello Friends! I'm back, after a too short, definitely not long enough weekend.
Did you spend yours with friends/family? Did you make some memories? Yes? GOOD!

Let's get to it! Let's get this Monday STAAAAAAAAARTED! 


Friday night was spent doing the normal "School is in Session - Friday Night" Activities. I cleaned the house and I prepared the meal for the week. With the holiday weekend last week, we were able to make the meal prep last until Friday. Total Score. This week, we are having Southwest Chicken Salad, in a Low-Carb Fiesta Wrap with a cold zucchini apple autumn salad. (Recipes and pictures coming - keep an eye out). chicken salad didn't take too long - neither did the cold salad. So I placed them in large containers - and moved on to the cleaning. 

I scrubbed my bathroom until it sparkled. Does anyone have those tempered glass shower doors? The ones that no matter how hard you try - how hard you scrub - it seems that the soap scums just WON'T come off? Yeah, I do too.. don't you just want to break it? Like every time you clean it? I'm all Lady Macbeth on it - but finally, I was able to get it to an acceptable clean/clear ratio. We know what I'm talking about... right?

After the vacuuming, and kitchen cleaning was done - so was I. We watched some bad TV, and I really think that was the extent of my evening.


Emry's first soccer game was at 9am on Saturday morning, it was a cool cloudy day and the game was AMAZING. 4 goals scored in the first 3 quarters. We are leading 4-0 and then - the SUN comes out - And when it did, the heat sucked the life out of each and every one of our players! Ending score 4-2... we still won, but man oh man - could the sun have waited another 12 minutes? PUHLEASE? Emry had a fantastic time, and Klay's mom showed up during the 2nd quarter. Which was really sweet of her. 

Can you see him? He's to the right of the Queen!
When we got home, it was time for Klay and Emry to run to faire. We were going to spend the day at home, however, my son was REQUESTED by the stage director and others to become the Queen's PAGE for a day. So - basically - my son got to ACT for most of the day on Saturday. How super cool is that? Klay couldn't volunteer - because he had to follow Emry around and keep an eye on him. Yes, he was surrounded by his grandfather, and a bunch of our closest friends - however, one can never be too careful. Am I right?

While the menfolk were out - I stayed home and packaged the food for the week into the individual containers. I did a few loads of laundry - picked up around the house - and for the most part just relaxed. I have been feeling the need to spend the weekends as calmly as possible. The wedding is  (now) 27 days away - and I need to stay calm. Sorry not Sorry volunteer group - my sanity is most important!

Klay and Emry met me later on at my flower girls FIRST Cheerleading experience! The first game of the season! She was super cute, and we had a lot of fun watching her - up until the skies OPENED. Wizard of OZ had nothing on what we got caught in. WE WERE DRENCHED!

We all went to Rosalie's house - and got as dry as we could - and then went out to dinner. 

Which in the beginning seemed like it was going to be AWESOME. For my appetizer, I got a squash soup with garlic cream. It was SO stinking tasty - lots of layers of flavor.

And for dinner, I ordered the chicken piccata - notice there is no picture of this - well, that's because it was AWFUL - the chicken was over cooked, and the sauce was lacking... Klay said his chicken marsala was the same way. SO DISAPPOINTING!

Emry got spaghetti and meatballs - and ate them as every child should. SLURPING NOODLES! 
Overall, the time with our friends made up for the lackluster food experience. 

SUNDAY alarm goes off - and we start to get ready to go to NYRF - and then Emry tells me. I don't want to go mama, I'm sleepy. Deal - no problem - Go on Klay - This kid and I are staying home! Twist my arm? Nope - I willingly gave in.

I had a day of nothingness in my head - I was blissful - Football and Nothingness! And then - I looked outside.

The torrential rains from the night before wreaked havoc on our Willow tree. Our tree is slowly dying, and I don't think there is anything we can really do about it. I have to call a tree service in, perhaps get a better idea of how long we are looking at. **SIGHS**

SO - Emry and I spent 3 hours of our morning - Taking as much of the fallen branches of the willow apart - and dragging them into a pile so they can be dried - and burned.

To make room for the fallen branches of the willow - I had to burn some of the old branches that had been sitting for a while. You think it be easy to burn branches and twigs that have been drying for two months and sitting under a tarp? NOPE. I couldn't get these things to catch for the life of me. And, I'm not going to lie, I was getting super frustrated. What did I end up doing? I got some kindling from our indoor firewood supply - a couple pieces of charcoal for the BBQ - and some (and I'm totally not kidding) lighter fluid. 

Yup - it caught after that - I even had so much FIRE that I was able to dispose of a large pile of leaves that Emry and I had raked up! So nice - I'm pretty sure my neighbors didn't like the huge billows of smoke that were coming from the backside of my house.. but, It's FALL - and we take care of our own property - no one comes and cleans it up FOR us. So - there you go. 

After the fire had burned down and the ashes were a light smolder - Emry and I showered - got changed out of our yard work clothes - and proceeded to go to pick up FOOTBALL FOOD.

We stopped by our favorite Taco Spot - and then to Hoopla for some frozen yogurt. 
Once we had our provisions - we sat in front of the TV - Kicked our feet up - and Watched ALL of the Jets game - the ending of the Patriots game - and MOST of the San Fran game. YAY FOOTBALL SUNDAYS!!!! 

We had to take a break so Emry could eat dinner and wash up for bed - But, in the long run that was our day.

Dad and Klay came home shortly after I got Emry to bed. I packed my bag for the next day - got my vitamins ready - and went to sleep.

I had a super mega headache, so I was in bed by 930pm - and I'm pretty sure the headache was from all of the outdoor spoors. The burned wood, and leaves and nature - I think I took in a little too much. 


I woke up at 440am - got ready for work - made sure my gym bag was completely packed - cleaned up after Emmitt (Emry's gold fish - still kicking after 2 weeks - amazing right?) And I was in the Car by 515am - In the gym by 630am - And then I ran.

9 min 20 sec miles **sighs**
Oh man, and was I running too - And then, around 49 minutes or so - my stomach felt SUPER bloated - and I got that feeling that I had to PEE super bad - Super sorry for the TMI here - but, it came out of NOWHERE - like I hadn't pee'd in MONTHS - And before I knew what was going on - I had to run to the bathroom. **SIGHS** needless to say, I'm going to have to wash my workout clothes tonight - but, WHAT ON EARTH? I was able to get back to the treadmill to take a picture of the run - but, seriously, what am I? Elderly? That has NEVER happened. So gross - Feel gross.

I was able to shower in the locker room - but still, I'm utterly embarrassed and thus, feel gross. Has this happened to any of my running friends? I mean, I pee before I start any of my runs - Anyone have an answer for this? - you know I trust all of you, when I admit this on a blogpost.

So now, here I am - at my desk - and determined to get some work done. 
What are your Monday Plans? 


  1. Sorry you feel gross! I am not a runner but I'm sure it happens.

    I desperately need to get the yard cleaned up. Sometimes it takes an act of nature to force it.

  2. Work shmork! Haha :)

    I hate when a meal isn't good out. It's like you get all siked up for nothing! Boo!

  3. I hate scrubbing anything- shower doors even worse! I used to have those and I would get the calcium removing stuff - I think it's called CLR (calcium- lime-rust) and spray that, let it sit. Wash off much easier than scrubbing alone. Then I would get this shower cleaner that you spray on after every shower. It helps reduce the build up and makes consecutive cleanings much easier.

    I'm not sure what caused the running situation especially because you ran basically first thing. I cannot imagine that you drank a bunch before you went on the run. Maybe a little infection?

  4. Congrats to Emry on his soccer win. Yard work is never fun but at least you got it done.