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Friday, October 24, 2014

Friday Favorites (10-24)

It's totally that time of the week - I am so glad that I've made it to Friday - What about you?

Favorite Throwback Song

Don't ask why - but this morning - the radio did this "Guess what song our intern is trying to sing" and it was a Beyonce song - but, in my head - I started thinking about TLC songs - man, I totally used to dance party out in my bedroom when I was in High School. Loved TLC.

Favorite Picture

I actually got a lot of lovely pictures of Emry while we were visiting the pumpkin patch. He's getting slightly too old for me to pose him - but, while it lasts - I am taking advantage of these moments. 

Favorite Halloween Find
Found it here 

Found it Here

I have a masquerade dress that I've been trying to wear for a while now - I am hoping to be able to answer the door this year in it - while wearing a cool mask - We'll see... 

Favorite Clothing Items Ogled 



Both Old Navy - I like the skirt because it can be work to work - OR dressed down to wear out. Same thing with the dress - also, the dress looks super comfortable.

Favorite Funnies

Every day at work ... 

 When certain people talk while I'm at work..

Couldn't help it - this was funny 

How I feel the past few weeks

What do you have planned this weekend? Anything fun?

See y'all Monday!


  1. Love the second mask. Very pretty. I totally want to hit up Old Navy. The look on her on the swing. Priceless!

  2. Ohhh I love your clothing finds! Cute!!!

    LOL attention span...totally me sometimes! And I too have a low tolerance for BS!

  3. Those masks are pretty! I keep saying I will wear one some year for New Year's but then I don't want to carry it around. The ecard that says "I have a low tolerance for bs" sometimes sounds like me! LOL

  4. I love all Gilmore Girls references! I just watched an episode I'm starting over from season one!

  5. ooooh love the lacey skull mask!