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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Humpday Confessions (10-29)

Liz @ Fitness BlondieToday, is Wednesday and you all know what that means! It means that it's Hump Day, and the "Hump Day Blog Hop". This is hosted by Fitness Blondie, an amazing and positive blog I stalk follow. I found a bunch of great new blogs to read, and a lot of new positive bloggers! I have been doing this for a while now and each week, the new bloggers I follow become like new friends... We are a support system of awesome sauce... Are we not?
Go check it out.. and Join in!
Vodka and Soda
I also, ususally link up with Vodka and Soda... I found her through the Hump Day Blog Hop over at the Fitness Blondie! However, Kathy has decided that the confession link up should quit on a HIGH NOTE - so I'm just going to keep confessing - as I am a creature of habit. And because I like looking at Ian.  Kathy is hysterical - I also recommend you not taking a sip of ANYTHING while reading her blog!
So without further ado..
My Confessions went to Tae Kwon Do last night, which was my first workout in a very VERY long time. The cold seems to be on the mend, and if I was bringing Emry to class, I felt guilty not taking one myself. Guilt is the ultimate equalizer. I made it through - even though I felt like I was going to throw up and die the entire time. friend Lissa got engaged, and her wedding was supposed to be this June. Now, it's in May - one month earlier - So, I need to get back to ROCK STAR SHAPE by March - so I can find a fantabulous dress, and get it fit to make me look like Audrey Hepburn. Seriously, they are Regency purple colored dresses, and have to be knee length. So I am totally finding something that makes me look like Audrey. Duh. When else will I have this chance?

I slept until 7am AGAIN this morning. This is 1) because I am still fighting a cold and 2) because it is VERY VERY DARK out at 5am. AND 3) bed is WARM!!!! I totally need to get over the darkness, the warm comforter and get my butt back into a gym.
I am about to take a big step with work - and get my bachelors degree. A big confession from this blogger is: I only have a HS diploma. I am NYS licensed in Massage Therapy - and I am a Nationally Certified Pharmacy Technician. All of these trade jobs - but no real degree. It's time to change that. This will secure my position within my company and it will allow me to grow with the times.
I am considering leaving early on Halloween - so I can pick up Emry and completely immerse myself in doing his zombie makeup. That's seems like a completely sensible and wise decision- right? RIGHT? OCD is screaming from a lack of indulgence - and it has finally bitch slapped me, and said - GET IT TOGETHER AND GET BACK ON A SCHEDULE. Living these past couple of weeks on a "It will happen when it happens" schedule - has finally lost its charm and appeal. Mostly because, if I don't do it - NO ONE does it. So, rather than gripe about no one picking up the slack on the one time I have decided to be a lazy bum not as insane as usual, I am just going to over compensate and organize the entire house by COLOR AND SIZE. Joking - I'm completely joking.
But that is it for me - that's all I have to confess... What about you? Any confessions? Are you still going to be doing confession blog posts?



  1. As discussed earlier, I feel you on trying to get back on schedule even though I have no real reason to be off mine. I just need to get it together!

    I keep forgetting I requested off on Friday for my nephews field trip! So basically tomorrow is my Friday! I have to type this out so it can feel real...dont mind me! You should totally leave early to do halloween make up, duh!

  2. SO exciting about your bachelors!!! UGH and i absolutely cannot get out of bed right now,the dark + cold = nope

  3. I am taking a half day on Halloween so I can prepare and setup for Halloween. No shame.

  4. Hope you get over your cold soon! And congrats on taking the step to get your degree, that's really exciting! What degree are you getting?

  5. How exciting about your degree!!! I totally understand what you mean - I was LMT and nationally certified with no degree. I don't post this on my blog but I work for a school in the online division so, unless you already have a school chosen, you should let me know.

    It is nice to have some event coming up to help kick a butt back into gear. But take it easy with the cold. Did I tell you about spirulina? it is a green superfood with chlorella and phytonutrients that boost the immune system like no other. I'll send you an email with some links in Amazon. I always keep it around the house for any time I feel something coming on. It is a MIRACLE.

  6. Good job on getting through Tea Kwon Do! I don't even want to know what I would look like trying to do that, a HOT MESS! lol

    Good for you going to get your bachelor's degree! I have an associates and I don't know if I will ever go back and get my bachelors...

  7. Seriously hasn't it been so hard to get out of bed lately? It's so dark and warm.....