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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

I am a rewired ninja - well kind of.

So, I promise to share all the incredible stories about our "Stay-cation Honeymoon" - but, let's just say this - not a dumbbell was lifted - not a running shoe was worn. We were active - but, not as daily active as I am used to.

And we ate - and drank - and ate.

So - I'm a little more bloated than I normally am. All of my clothes still fit - none are SUPER tight - but, I can see it in my stomach and my face. . . . there is some extra weight there.

My decision to take care of this started last Friday. And I began to do research as to what I was going to do, in order to get back on track. Plus, I wanted to achieve some new goals.

I made a check list of things I really wanted:
  • More defined arms
  • Less belly fat
  • A tighter core
  • A firmer ass (I mean - don't we all?)
  • Overall tone
I looked at that list - and it was very clear - it was only MILDLY about weight loss - and it was TOTALLY about getting muscles - and getting SUPER fit.

So - on the recommendation of a fellow "healthy journey enthusiast" - I went to .
Now before you click the link - I will warn you - this page has so many pop ups - that you will feel like you are on that old VH1 Show - Pop Up Video. However, once you click out of it - there is a LOT of useful information.

There was a brief test - to find a plan focused to your needs. 
  • It asks for your gender
  • What your main goal is
  • And your Fitness Level

From there it gives your their #1 pick and also other workout plans that could ALSO work for you. 

The number one pick from the website - based on what I wanted to do was:

As the picture states it is a 9-week fitness program. Now, you're probably asking what is up with the four words on the corners? 

Well - once I signed up to start the program - there was a WHOLE OTHER TEST. This was to figure out what your "fitness personality" is. This was a 20 question quiz - that asked you questions about your particular view on fitness and working out. 

I got matched with PROVIDER: "As a provider, you face specific challenges that may cause you to lose track of your fitness goals. I'm here to help you lean how to overcome these challenges and put the best parts of your personality to work for you." 

My potential obstacles are: 
  • A busy life - work, mom, chauffeur, cook
  • Putting others first - comes with being the mom
  • Financial obligations - I always think of the bills before anything
  • Breaking habits - I got into a rut during the wedding planning
  • Reframe "Hardwork" - when I started the healthy journey I was doing the HARDWORK - and then with other obligations I began to slack.
  • Prioritize yourself - when I began to slack, I stopped putting my health first.
  • Make fitness a family thing - we got the membership to the Y, and were all going together, and then we just kind of stopped - but now, we are all training at the dojang together. So, I hope this will continue to grow with our healthy lifestyle.
  • Communicate - I need to talk more about my health and my fitness, to Klay and my family and friends - it's not a fad, it's the choice I'm making for my life.
  • Budget reward purchases - when I do good on managing my personal budget - I should be able to reward myself here or there - not reward us as a family - not reward for Emry or Klay - for me. And it should be a positive reward - not food or ice cream. Something that will keep my positive healthy cycle going.
So, now, I had a plan, I knew where I stacked up within this plan... now it was time to look at the next 63 days. The website has a couple of options, you can join the site, and maintain your journey there. OR you can just bookmark the link and do it solo. The workouts are there to be viewed at any time. I decided to save a weeks worth of workouts to my phone - so I could pull them up while in the fitness center at work. There is no reception or WiFi down there - so I need something to refer to. 

The first thing I did before I saved the workouts was viewed the week.

Week 1 is the following:
  • An informational video about the week PLUS a weekly goal for your personality type
  • Day 1: Arms
  • Day 2: Legs
  • Day 3: Chest
  • Day 4: Back
  • Day 5: Shoulders/Calves/Abs
  • Day 6 & 7: Active Rest
Each day is broken up into a 15 minute warm up Jog. And then individual isolated weight exercises.

A lot of these I had heard of, but others I wasn't familiar. What is a girl to do? OH - wait - click on the exercise, there is a VIDEO TO EXPLAIN IT. With my fitness center at work, there is certain machines not available to me - GUESS WHAT? The website also shows alternate exercises to sub in - that will work on the same focus.

Some exercises are single sets and others are sets of three. 

As the weeks continue - I noticed a change in the number of repetitions, and the length of the cardio.

The first week of workouts are supposed to be 45 minutes each. And I concur with that. The 15 minute warm up - and then after you finish the list of other exercises another half hour has gone by.

You are sweating hard. 
It's wonderful.

Now - I have 1.5 hours in the morning dedicated to my fitness - so, I cool down with 15 minutes of walking, and I try to do some body weight exercises for another 30 minutes. Nothing too strenuous - but keeps me active.

This will change up as the weeks progress - but the goal is to continue to stay in the gym for 1.5 hours. Because 1) I can and 2) I want to and 3) If I get to work any later I will hit rush hour and 4) If I stop after 45 minutes, that's another 45 minutes before another living soul is on my floor - dark office alone?- CREEPY!

Now - there is a nutrition aspect to this plan, there is a sample one shown. I am all with the lean protein, veggies and fruit. I really don't want to add the extra supplements into my diet. I already take quite a few. So those are out - and the massive amount of protein drinks throughout the day - seems excessive. So, I've limited them to two. 

I am on day 3 of 63 - and I can tell that it's going to be a JOURNEY to get to the end. But, it's new and exciting - so who knows - I'll probably finish it. 

That is one aspect of my Healthy Rewired Ninja Revamp. 

Guess what the ninja part is? I've mentioned it before and above. 


Yup - Klay and I finally signed up.

I'll be training in Taekwon Do and Hapkido and he will be just focusing on Hapkido.

We are both pretty excited to be training where Emry is - and it's like a FAMILY thing we are doing. Wait? Wasn't that one of my potential obstacles to jump? Making Fitness a Family thing? SCORE! 

I took my first class last night - and I was really shocked about how out of shape I was. I mean - Yeah, I took all of last week off - but, this was pretty intense.

The warm up was about 15 minutes long. 
  • Pushups on your knuckles - 20 of them.
  • Jumpking Jacks - 20 of them
  • Pushups on your FINGER TIPS - 10 of them
  • Regular Pushups - 10 of them
  • elevated crunches - 40 of them
  • Situps with double punches - 20 of them
  • Multiple stretches that put my body in positions not taken in 13 years.... 

By the end of that I was trying really hard not to show I was heaving for air. (I'm good at concealing that - hahahaha).

And then we went straight into technique - and drills - and form work - it never stopped. 

Until the very end - I was ready to grab Emry and bounce home, do dinner, and take a hot bath. 
If I could have flown home - I would have.

So that's it.
The complete revamp.
60 days remaining of Rewired... and continuous Martial Arts training. 

I think that will whip me back into shape and keep me interested!

What do you think?

Have you hit a rut?
What are you doing to get yourself out of it?
What are some websites you recommend? 

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  1. Hahahaha pop up video!!! Sorry, that cracked me up because I totally remember that!

    How exciting you are starting something new!!! I have been trying to figure out what my new routine is going to be, and really focus on my eating because that is where I struggle most. Is taking this quiz and getting the program and stuff free or is it a paid service? What supplements do you take and why? Do you want to play 20 questions? haha!