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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

I'm an old married broad now.

Hiya Friends!

I am back from getting hitched and taking a week off to truly enjoy being an old married broad!

I have so many things I want to share with you about our week off! Over the past week we:
  • Went hiking TWICE
  • went Horseback riding
  • went Wine Tasting
  • went Aquarium Visiting
  • went to the World of Beer
  • ate many tasty meals
  • enjoyed some home cooked awesomeness
  • Relaxed - Enjoyed Family Time!
Look out for a bunch of future posts about our "Stay-cation Honeymoon!"

But, first, before I even go into that - Who wants to see some pictures (taken by our lovely friends and family) from our wedding? The professional pictures won't be back for a week or two. One of the drawbacks of getting married in the BUSY SEASON.

So let's start off with the BACHELORETTE PARTY!

My friend Angel got some friends together - and we went out. I haven't been out on a Friday night in FOREVER. Let alone to a bar with people within my age group - This was an epic fun night - that ended with me driving myself home. Healthy Lifestyle has ruined me for "clubbing".... I had 3 drinks in a 5 hour period. I was home by 1am - and had a cup of hot tea before I went to bed.

Still - there was interesting people - and the Tiara helped me make a lot of new "friends". There was a group of Marines who were going through their Debriefing at the local base. One was from Mississippi, Virginia and Louisana... They were gentlemen - and we all had a great time talking with them.

Angel found Bridesmaid/Wedding Sashes for everyone to wear. Our friend Brian was the "Flower Girl" - and someone had on "Mother of the Groom" it was too funny!

It was a once in a lifetime experience - and now I can officially say I had the Bachelorette Party Experience! 

The next night was the Rehearsal and Rehearsal Dinner - The rehearsal went kind of rocky. The whole day was kind of stressful. Getting all of the centerpieces - and reception things into the back of Klay's parents SUV - and getting them to the venue without anything getting broken or messed up. My heart was doing flips in my stomach. Not to mention that it rained for HALF of the Day! Yeah - Then, the rehearsal started late, due to late arrivals and the venue not directing people to the correct meeting place. **SIGHS** But, we got through it - and then traveled to an amazing restaurant for the dinner.

The dinner was a buffet - that had an amazing appetizer selection. I wish I had more pictures of this. There were these crab cakes that were shaped like sushi rolls, baguettes with different tapenades. My favorite was the fig tapenade. SO delicious. Dinner was a selection of Chicken, Beef or Fish. The chicken was fall themed, with pumpkin seeds and butternut squash on the side - in an apple glaze. The beef was like a pot roast - very tender! The fish was Salmon in a butter/dill type sauce - but the top was blackened. There were fall harvest roasted vegetables - and amazing salad with Mixed Greens, Dried Cranberries, Goat Cheese and Balsamic Dressing. And dessert was a Strawberry Shortcake! TOO TASTY. It was nice to spend time with our out of town guests!

The day of the wedding was PERFECT - it was sunny. The ground had sufficient time to dry - the morning was a little cool - but we all had shawls to wear in between the early pictures. I got my hair done at home - and arrived a little late to the venue - but I wasn't stressing it. The day couldn't start without me! The ladies had the most beautiful Bridal Party Suite - big enough for all of the dresses, makeup and hair stuff!

The men were in a much smaller room across the hall - their room was more like a closet. I giggle.

Now the question on all of your minds - Did the dress fit? Why yes - yes it did! SCORE! It fit WITHOUT the stupid corset bra that David's bridal MADE me buy. But, it fit. And the second the whole shabam was on - from hair, makeup, veil to dress - I couldn't believe I was there. I couldn't believe the day had come.

We took wedding pictures before the ceremony - We managed to keep Klay and I from seeing each other until the "First Look" Shot - and I've never EVER seen him smile that big. He almost cried. And that brought me to tears. He always looks at me like I am the most beautiful person in the room. But, on this day - the look took my breath away.

After the pictures we went back to our designated suites - and waited to be ushered in for the ceremony. The ceremony started - and walking up - with the Viola da Gamba playing "Falling Slowly" I almost lost it completely. I couldn't believe how swept up in the moment I was. It was - overwhelming.

Our ceremony was simple - and short - We wrote our vows - and when he read his - they were absolutely beautiful. Serious - with mild humor stuck in - just seriously beautiful. And while he is reading them to me, a voice in the back of my head said "You have way more jokes then he does - I wonder how this is going to go over." I read my vows - and I got the exact reaction I thought I would. He laughed, almost cried, and smiled. That was exactly what I was going for.

We exchanged our rings - and walked out of the ceremony space - Shook hands with everyone - The most memorable part of this - was Emry running up to us - HYSTERICALLY CRYING. We were confused - what was wrong with him? He told us - he was REALLY happy. He was crying because he was REALLY REALLY HAPPY. And Klay went to the cocktail hour - while the ladies tried to bustle me the best they could! His instructions were to grab me a couple of drinks - so they were ready for me! Hahaha!

The cocktail hour was spectacular - all of the Hors d'oeuvre were delicious. I had amazing conversation with all of our guests - And Klay and I basically worked the room individually. Which worked really well for us. The doors opened to the reception room - and everyone was blown away. The windows lining the rear of the room, showing the beautiful mountains, the simple and rustic table settings, and our beautiful cake.

The band started playing - for a bit - and then we did our required dances -  Emry and I sang our song. We managed to eat every course of our meal.



The most enjoyable points of the night is when the band called Klay up to play with them - and when we sang the closing song with the group. It was SO STINKING COOL!


And just like that it was over - Just as quickly as it began. 

Klay and his groomsmen Adam - hung out and played some evening Disc Golf - while I went back to our FANTASTIC VICTORIAN SUITE - and took out the 4 rows of extensions and 5000000 bobby pins. 

Klay, my dad, Emry and I - met for dinner around 8p - and enjoyed another FANTABULOUS MEAL. My appetizer was the beef tartare with a raw quail egg. It was a very fancy appetizer - and I had to try it - ONCE IN A LIFETIME EXPERIENCE! What did I learn? Not the biggest fan of tartare - but totally worth it too try! My dinner was a Creole Shrimp paired over a cheese grits - SO STINKING GOOD AND SPICY. I could have LICKED the BOWL! And for dessert I had a panacotta with dark chocolate crisp.

After that - Emry and my dad went off to their room - and Klay and I went back to our suite. 

We woke up to the most BEAUTIFUL view from our balcony. 


We met my dad, Emry, and groomsmen Mike (and his girlfriend Bianca) for breakfast - in which I ate WAY too much in one sitting. Breakfast Buffet - YES PLEASE! I think my favorite things I ate during breakfast was the Cinnamon Caramel Pecan Roll - and I made a breakfast sandwich with a multigrain mini bagel, over medium egg, roasted kale, and bacon. It was DELIGHTFUL.

From there we said goodbye to my dad - mike and bianca - And we took Emry hiking (rock scrambling type of hiking) for 4 hours. We had SO much fun. When you get to the top of the scramble - there is this beautiful fire tower - so we climbed to the top of that and took some pictures. 





 He hiked back down to the hotel - made sure we were all clear with the Wedding Coordinator - no extra fees - and then I followed Klay and Emry as they played 18 "holes" of disc golf. If you don't know what disc golf is - then let me explain it like this - Frisbee to a Basket. Only thing the basket is super far away - like GOLF. That's really it. Klay loves to play - and Emry like whipping the frisbee (I mean DISCS) around.

After we were done - roughly 2 hours later - we packed up the car - VERY TIGHTLY - Emry barely fit in the car. And we drove into town to eat at our favorite restaurant. I had an interesting beer - and a gluten free crusted pizza - topped with Mozzerella, Chicken, Pineapple, Jalapenos and Bacon - with a bourbon sauce. I ate the whole thing and I ate it SUPER QUICK.

We drove home - unpacked the best we could - and lounged on the couch! 

That was it - Our wedding weekend!

Other questions you might be thinking:
Did my sister come to the wedding? No - she didn't. I did not let that ruin my day at all - One day, this will get worked out. Got to stay positive.

Was it worth all of the stress? Yes - all of the OCD micromanaging - made the day run SUPER SMOOTH.
It was an amazing experience - but I am so glad it is over. I am looking forward to getting back on track with my fitness (look for a post about that too) - and normal Fall Fun things! Like crafting Halloween Treats for Emry's class - Decorating for Halloween - making soups and stews - Pumpkin and Apple Picking!

I am also thrilled that my office looks like an OFFICE again - rather than the BRIDAL EXPLOSION!

So - did you miss me? 
What did I miss while I was away?




  1. Ahhhh tears!!!! What a beautiful wedding!!!! The decorations turned out AMAZING and THAT DRESS!!! Emry is so cute in all these pix, I love love everything about this post!!!!

  2. YYEEESSS! I missed you! I am soooo ecstatic to hear about your wedding AND be lucky enough to see pics! My work computer blocks a lot of things so I can't see all the foods pics but from the description I bet it looks amaze.

    I totally laughed at the part where you had 3 drinks over a 5 hour period and drove yourself home. At first, I was worried about driving yourself home until it got to the part where you only had 3 drinks. Funny how alcohol isn't as important as it used to be. Well, I still like it but I can't drink like I used to so I have had to tone it down A LOT when I actually drink. Which is probably 2x/mth these days.

    Back to you and your GORGEOUS wedding. You look so beautiful and my heart melted when Emry was crying because he was so happy!! What a sensitive boy - that is cute.

    And as for your honeymoon staycation - that sounds absolutely amazing! It makes me want to take some time off work and dedicate it to all things fun. Aquariums, hiking, a bit of beer, etc. Sometimes the hustle and bustle of life makes us forget there's a ton of stuff to do!

    Congrats! Wishing a happily ever after :)

  3. Congratulations!! You looked so beautiful. I'm so glad your day turned out perfect.

  4. You're back! You look stunning and your decor.....that cake.....just amazing! I love it! Sounds like your day went very well! And Emry is too stinking cute with his happy cry!

    I saw your WOB instagram about a day late but I was like ahhhhhh!!!! Can't wait to hear all about that!

  5. Looks like everything worked out really well despite a few tricky parts. You looked fabulous in your dress. Sounds like it was more that you could have hoped for and so happy for you both.

  6. YAYYY!!! Congrats! So happy for you, everything looks amazing and you look stunning. What a wonderful day!

  7. YIPEEEE for wedding fun! Congrats!!! Now you're an official ball & chain :)

  8. OMGOSH!!!! are BEAUTIFUL! WOW! Such a elegant bride. Love the wedding photos. I cant wait to see the professional ones. I bet you are happy all the stress is finally off your shoulders egh? Awwwww what a happy looking family *tear* I am truly happy for you guys! YAY!

  9. Congratulations! All of the pictures are gorgeous and you guys looked amazing. It sounds like everything went really well and while it's fun, it's also a relief that it's over!