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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Stay-cation Honeymoon: Part #2

I am back at it, recapping the amazing fun we had on our Stay-cation Honeymoon! So, our first day alone we went to the movies, and now - I'm going to fill you in what we did on the Wednesday of our "honeymoon"!

We knew that we wanted to go WINE TASTING... so, what better time then a Wednesday morning? You are correct - NONE. After lounging around the house, and taking our time, we ended up at Warwick Valley Winery & Distillery. 

If you aren't from Upstate New York, I recommend you come and visit our area, for the massive amount of wineries alone. Some of the best East Coast Wine - is produced right here in the county I live in. Just saying, not bragging at all, just throwing it out there - come visit already!!!

The Winery is on this AMAZING property. They have an outdoor seating area, bocci court, and many areas just to sit and have a picnic. They also have this outdoor stage! We found out that they do many music events through out the year, and frankly, that gets me pretty excited. NO LIE! $5 - you get to try 6 wines, and you get to keep the glass! HOW AWESOME IS THAT. And they were decent pours! There were some wines we LOVED and there were others we weren't big fans of, but those were at least drinkable. After we were done with our 6 wine tasting - we decided to keep it going - and started to order off our their wine menu - We tried some Pumpkin Cider (which I highly recommend - oh my GOD - the brand is Doc's), some Grappa (strong strong stuff - just saying), and another cordial (or two).

We were pretty much starving, but slightly buzzed, so we decided to take advantage of the amazing weather we were having, and walk around the grounds - which led us to the outdoor stage, and picnic area - We are totally going back to this place just to hang out! When it gets warmer, of course.

We traveled back into Warwick, desperate for some sustenance, and then - we saw it - TACO HOMBRE - yes, YES - and YES! We walk in, and it's the cute little restaurant - with 5 different types of meat - and you could put it in ANYTHING - hard taco, soft taco, burrito, burrito bowl, salad, tostada, quesidilla (side note: my spell check tried to correct this word to "Queasily", which I find very funny).

I chose a Burrito Bowl with Grilled Tilapia - no picture - I'm awful - I ate it too fast. The bowl had lettuce, cilantro lime brown rice, pico de gallo, and a HUGE scoop of guac. I devoured it.

Much to my surprise - Klay ordered not one but TWO burritos - and I instantly thought it was a bad idea. He orders them - and walks away to find the restroom. I watched the girl build these MONSTROSITIES and giggled. I openly giggled. THEY WERE HUGE. The size of a baby - I kid you not. When Klay saw them - we just was in shock. Needless to say - he brought the second one home. Silly guy - what was he THINKING!

After that we wandered home, picked up Emry from school, took him to karate - came home, did homework and ate dinner. Which was FANTASTIC. I made this chorizo corn soup, a recipe my friend Kerry created (and so graciously blogged). IT WAS SO STINKING TASTY. I couldn't help but want a second bowl! We paired it with another big salad - and I got to tell you my son kept calling it TACO SOUP. "It tastes like if you put a yummy taco in a BLENDER MAMA!"


We spent the day reviewing for Emry's upcoming spelling and science tests - watched some horrible TV - caught up some ON DEMAND television - and went to bed, very content!

I know these may seem like very simple days - but, we couldn't have asked for anything better!


  1. Hugs! That sounds wonderful and you deserve it.

  2. That sounds like a perfect day to me! And bonus, a leftover burrito!

  3. Pumpkin cider? Yes, please!!!! And burrito bowls are my favorite! Sounds like a great day!

  4. What a wonderful day of wine tasting and so cheap! I love cheap. I am also a cheap date these days, it doesn't take much. Sometimes when alcohol is involved our guys have much bigger eyes than their stomachs but I love leftovers so he probably enjoyed the 2nd round.

    Yum for taco soup! I can't see all your images at work so I am not sure if you posted it but it sounds really good.

  5. Gotta love a day of wine testing. I think the simple days just spending time together and on demand sounds lovely!! Glad you liked the soup! Thanks for the shoutout!

  6. aww so fun! i love love love wineries, and I'm loving that you're posting more pictures these days!!