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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Stay-Cation Honeymoon - Part #3

I am slowly, but surely, making my way through the amazing week Klay and I shared following our wedding. I told you about our matinee movie, and the wine tasting - but, where's the hiking??? Well that happened on the Thursday we were off.

Klay asked how far I wanted to go - and I told him I wanted to do a LOT of hiking. So, he went through his maps - and did a little research, and that sent us over to the Bear Mountain State Park.
We waited to get Emry on the bus, and soon after we were on the road. Bear Mountain State Park is roughly a 20 minute ride from our house, depending on traffic... at least this entrance was.

He told me that there would be a lot of up hill hiking, which I am cool with - but when he had been hiking for about 5 minutes, no joke, we hit a LARGE hill. That was covered with a ROCKS... You couldn't scale straight up - You had to basically zig zag wind through the rocks - to get to the top... Not up hill - exactly - but, to be perfectly honest, I felt like a BILLY GOAT. If that gives you an idea of what we had to do to get to the top of this HILL - not even a MOUNTAIN... Hahaha.

Once to the top - we were able to take a breather and actually walk on an ACTUAL trail. A few moment later - in the distance we could see a body of water. Klay told me that it was Green Pond, and the pathway we were hiking was going to take you up and around Green Pond Mountain. It was absolutely beautiful out.

I wanted to see how close we could get to the water, so we decided to go off trail, and try and find our way down to the pond. Which oddly enough, led us to a different trail... because you know, I'm good like that. *Modest - I am MODEST*

We came upon this tree that basically had uprooted and stretched across the path - so... I, of course, had to get ON it - and get Klay to take an EPIC picture.... And this is the girl who isn't too fond of heights (more on that later).

After a while the path we were on forked. We first went to the left - and happened upon this old mine that had been flooded over time by the rising and falling pond water - you could clearly see where the entrance had been... we headed back and went down the other side of the fork.

That is when we found it. Straight out of a scary movie - the ruins of an old house. An old, stone house - that was -GET THIS - right on the water. We had finally made it to the waterfront. And it was so wicked beautiful - we couldn't have asked for a cooler experience.


I won't show you all of them, but I took a gazillion pictures of this stone house - it was beautiful and eerie all at the same time. And right off of the house - you could walk on stones, right out onto the water. SO COOL!!!

We spent quite a while taking in the beautifully scenery, before we attempted to hike back. Which was pretty much smooth sailing until - remember that Billy Goat moment I had in the beginning - WELL, it happened again, only this time we had to go DOWN. Also, remember when I said that I wasn't so good with the whole HEIGHTS thing.. yeah, well that totally kicked in - the foot path was NARROW, barely any room to take NORMAL steps... My stomach was in my throat - - - but there was no other way down, so it had to be done.

To reward ourselves - we went out to lunch at Rambler's Rest - this is an Irish Restaurant and Bar - We always seem to enjoy what we eat there.

We started with their Reuben Fritters - Put it this way, take everything you love about a Reuben - roll it into a ball and coat it in panko - then deep fry. It was heavenly!

Klay got an order of their Shillelagh Sticks - which turned out to be awesome fresh baked pretzel rods - with tasty cheese sauce. Heaven - he was in heaven.

Then it was burger time - Klay got one with a Guinness Gravy and Guinness Porter Cheese. And I got one topped with Mac and Cheese - Just saying - best burgers ever.

After we ROLLED to our car - and then drove home to pick up Emry from school. From their it was another normal night - HW, Karate, Dinner.

Happy and at ease. It was an amazing day.


  1. That house is the coolest!!! And your lunch sounds delicious!

  2. That looks like such a great place to hike. Can you send some of those pretzel sticks my way. MmKay!

  3. That hike looks so beautiful! Finding that house in the day is awesome, nighttime I would be terrified. ha ha

  4. i haven
    t been hiking in ages--such gorgeous scenery!

  5. Good for you girl! Going hiking working off all that honeymoon food! You guys had quite the honeymoon. So many adventures! Then again you guys always do fun things.