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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Stay-cation Honeymoon - Part #4

So - I think I only have a couple more of these posts before I recap our entire week off together - Which is good, being as which I've been married for almost a month now. Hahaha - I'm slacking. I know it.

HEAD COLD UPDATE: Still here - considering dying any day now. Just kidding, sort of.


Friday was a big day was us on our "Honeymoon"  - it was the day that we finally got to go Horseback Riding!


It was only a trail ride, but, we were excited just to get on a horse. We both rode a lot as children/teens - so there was a lot of nostalgia with this particular excursion.
Our trail ride was at 11am - and we got there a little early so that we could walk around the farm, and look at the horses, and other animals.


Once we had gotten settled, we were informed that helmets were mandatory - and well, I don't know about you - I look great in hats, but helmets - NO ONE LOOKS GOOD IN A HELMET. So silly pictures were a must!

The trail ride was about an hour in length - and we never really went above a fast walk - but, going through the leaf covered trails around this farm was very relaxing - except for Klay. Klay had the horse that just didn't want to walk - He wanted to eat the grass, the leaves, just look at the sky. It was HYSTERICAL.

We ended our trail ride, helped to feed the horses - and then we moseyed along. (Because that's what you do after a horseback ride - mosey)

Now - all that hard farm work (pfffft) meant we were STARVING... so we headed over to Wildfire Grill - and had an amazing lunch. I have no pictures of what I ate, but I do have the pictures of what I drank! Hahahaha (priorities, am I right?)

I started with a Spicy Squash soup, with a Black Bean Cream Swirl - very orange and black - VERY FALL, which I paired with a Pumpkin Bellini.


For my main meal - I enjoyed a Mixed Green Salad topped with seasoned pumpkin and goat cheese with candied walnuts - dressed with a balsamic vinaigrette! I paired this with a Mango Chili Martini. 


We weren't feeling dessert - and knew that Klay's brother would be coming over with the baby later on that evening - so we headed out, picked up Emry from school. And did some mild cleaning before his brother came over.


This is my niece - she is adorable in every way, shape and form.

The rest of the evening was just playing with the baby - eating and chatting - and making plans for Saturday, which was my birthday. I know, it was the best week to take a honeymoon EVER!

Happy Tuesday everyone!
(I'm going to go drink some pumpkin coffee - and pray to the headcold Gods)


  1. Gosh, when are you getting to WOB woman?!?!?! :P

    Your dinner sounds fabulous and those drinks are so unique!

  2. I cannot believe you fit so damn much into ONE week. I am excited about all the things you guys found to do in one tiny little week. The pumpkin bellini looks pretty good and refreshing.

    Thanks for the compliment on my hair. Oh ya, I saw a pic you posted on Instagram of you & Klay on your wedding. So pretty! It was such a beautiful pic of the two of you and E was in the background crying- it was so cute!

  3. Your niece is adorable. Horse back ridding is so much fun even when they don't go at a full trot. That bellini looks so good!

  4. Oh I LOVE this honeymoon! I am curious about these fall cocktails, iinnnnteresting!