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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Stay-cation Honeymoon: Part #5

We spent an entire week just completely relaxing, and doing so many wonderful things. The weekend came, and we wanted to keep the good times rolling. (Did I type that, yup, I totally did - *sighs* such a dork)

Saturday started off basically normal - it was SOCCER DAY! Also - it needs to be mentioned that Saturday (the 11th) was my birthday as well. Hehehehhe.

Emry's team did a fantastic job on the field, and Emry is becoming a pretty good goalie. I think he much rather be running up and down the field - but, when you are good at something - you are GOOD at it.

After that, there were a few things that needed to get done around the house - and after that, we lazy bummed our way through the rest of the day. Sounds completely boring, right? SO NICE TO NOT HAVE ANYTHING MAJOR TO DO. I think the only thing I did was hang this sign above our kitchen door. It reads: "Any home can be a castle when the King and Queen are in Love." It has our names on it and the date of our wedding. It makes me smile every time I see it.

We had plans to meet up with Klay's family and go out to dinner. Not exactly for my birthday, but just to spend more time with his brother, sister in law, and that beautiful baby niece!!!


We ate at this cute place called Aroma Thyme Bistro - which had a 3 page Beer menu. Needless to say, we were all pretty happy. Like Klay, his brother also is a homebrewer - and also, is going to school to be able to work (and possibly grow) his own brewing business. I know, the things you can get an education in. But, for real, there is a lot of weird (read: boring) science that goes into beer making.

Aroma Thyme supports local farms, and organic foods. There were many vegan friendly dishes, and quite amazing options. We started out with a cheese plate, mussels in a garlic butter sauce, roast eggplant and hummus dip - and fresh baked bread. For dinner I had a wonderful open face portabello burger with roasted red peppers and goat cheese. SO DELICIOUS!!! For dessert I had a flourless brownie served with Chocolate Peanut butter ice cream (all made in house).

We were there for a long time - and even though the restaurant was packed - we really enjoyed ourselves.

On Sunday - we were determined to take Emry to the Aquarium in CT.... and go to World of Beer. (YES Nadine, this is the post where I talk about WOB)

The best way to explain the aquarium - is via picture - so without further ado:

stand back ladies - he's ALL mine *giggles*


We spent a good amount of time in their gift shop - of course - and then we headed over to the adult portion of our day.



I started out with a Two Roads - Jam, which is a wheat beer with red raspberries! It was red - that kind of freaked me out - but OH MAN OH MAN was it yum!


We began the ordering process of eating ALL OF THE FOODS. A huge pretzel with beer cheese sauce - loaded tater tots - I ordered a wedge salad - Klay ordered a Chipotle Chicken Sandwich - Emry got a chicken flat bread - And we all shared... Because, well, Yeah - it was ALL delicious.


The only silly thing - was the kitchen was really backed up - so our food came out in a hap-hazard order. Which we really didn't mind - because we were all sharing anyway. To go with my salad, and to keep me busy while waiting for food to come out - I ordered a mix draught. It was called a Chocolate Raspberry - which was made with Young's Double Chocolate Stout (one of my FAVVS) and a Raspberry Lambic. Klay said is was DANGEROUS - because it tasted like candy. It went down really smooth, and paired well with the balsamic dressing on my salad. YUM YUM YUM.

We decided to forgo any sort of dessert - and began the drive home - which was sort of slow going. It was the end of Columbus Day Weekend, and the highways were packed... Good thing this chick knows some back roads. Once we made it back into NY - I was able to short cut it all the way home. 

We cuddled up on the couch - with our new friends from the Aquarium Gift shop - And watched some Food Network.


We all had off on Monday - but wanted to keep the day super laid back - since we ALL went back to work in school on Tuesday. So, simply put - Groceries and All you can Eat Indian Food Lunch.

So there you have it.. the Stay-Cation Honeymoon Extravaganza.

Scary Movies, Hiking, Food, Aquarium, WOB, more Hiking, Horseback riding and a whole lot of relaxing!!!!

Happy Thursday Everyone!


  1. That brownie sounds amazing! I have never been to WOB but it looks and sounds so good. Pretzel me please!

  2. Chocolate beer? Raspberry beer? What the? My work computer blocks a lot of pics but I saw a giant pretzel and what looks like the wedge salad. Oh and the red beer looks more like juice. I am totally curious about trying it out.

    I'll have to come back from home computer to see wedding sign - it sounds beautiful! Being goalie sounds intimidating. I would be afraid I wouldn't be good at it so that's great that he is so good!

  3. Yay WOB!!! Finally! haha :) The Raspberry Lambiac is one of my favorite things to order....and nearly all the mixed beers I order have it in them too! My location does a chocolate banana mix....freaking delicious! The pretzel and the tater tots are my favorite things to order, along with the shrimp. We were at our WOB last night for a meeting. And I am sure we will be there again on Saturday....So what did you think?!?!?

    That restaurant you went to that had a 3 page beer menu sounds pretty impressive too!