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Monday, October 27, 2014

Wait - It's Monday - GROANS - Weekend Recap (10/27)


Well this weekend flew by - I felt like I didn't sleep at all - and that I got absolutely nothing done. But, I did - I really did.

I am still working with this head cold - and it won't go away - it has me way off track with my workouts - and I'm feeling very defeated. I know I need to let this cold run it's course - and that if I try to push through a workout, I will only make it worse.

Let's recap the weekend. night, we were supposed to go to a Halloween party at Lissa's. But, we had no one to watch Emry - and honestly, Klay wasn't in to going to an "Adult" Themed Party - not that he doesn't like hanging out with other grown ups - the overall feel was "How inappropriate can we get our costumes". And he really isn't in to that. SO - we opted not to go. And, instead - we went to a Haunted Dinner! A local restaurant was just featured on a Ghost Hunt - so we got reservations - invited Ro and her husband (and cutie patootie daughter - Emry's BFF) - and we headed over.

The restaurant is called Silvio's Italian Villa - and it's about 30 minutes away from us. The story goes "Misfortune came to the Vail family when Roy’s sister was found murdered in 1972.  Her death seemed to be without motive and no one was ever formerly charged.  Rumors surfaced occasionally about Roy’s involvement and a decade later Roy Vail walked into the room next to table 24 and took his life. " So of course, I got the table as close to table 24 (a two seater table) as I could. What's really cool is they have the restaurant all decorated for Halloween - with Jack-o-Lanterns, and Haunted House Models - Very cool! were discussing the history of the building - and I told Ro's husband where it happened - pointed toward table 24 (what I believed to be table 24) - and as I mentioned it - THE BACK OF MY CHAIR WAS KICKED. I looked furiously at Klay, because I thought he was telling me to stop talking about it. But, as I looked at him, I realized there was no way he could have kicked the Back leg of my chair - since his legs were in front of me. So, I looked over my shoulder to see if the woman behind me (at the next table) could have done it... and that seemed highly unlikely - also - it was a hard hit - she would have been looking at me - or trying to apologize at the very least. SO - in my head. My chair was kicked. Lo-and Behold - Table 24 was BEHIND ME... so it was as if I was being told "Wrong table honey, I'm back here." Super creepy. Super fun!

Food was delicious - sorry no pictures of that - Ate it too fast.

We drove home. And basically went to sleep. - Soccer Game, I am so thankful this season only has 1 more game remaining - I really didn't want to get up - My head cold had drained me... We went, and Emry's team won 7 - 0. It was an epic victory over a very skilled team. Our defense was just WAY better than theirs. While Emry was playing - the sun came out - and was just beating on me. ..... I started feeling very faint. My head cold sucking all of my extra energy - my hypoglycemia poking through - Lord knows! I was able to make it to the car and to food before I was blacking out or TOO weak. It sucked though. Felt awful.

After I felt a little better - I cleaned the upstairs, did some laundry, we went grocery shopping. And it's official - I hate doing these things on the weekend - they take the ENTIRE day. And with me not feeling well to boot - I just wanted to be in bed.  So, my OCD has finally decided we need to get back on a NORMAL schedule. Food Shopping during the week - Cleaning on Thursdays/Fridays.... NORMAL.

The one plus of Saturday - was picking up the ingredients for the Apple Cheddar Brie Beer Soup. 
And then making and consuming said soup.  I can now expand on how yummy this was. The flavors were deep and the aroma was warming - it had so many different flavor notes - it was complex, and oddly enough wasn't a HEAVY soup - I really thought it was. I did make some changes to the recipe. I didn't use butter or Olive Oil - I opted for Coconut oil. And I added some garlic to it. It was a LONG PROCESS to make - but, definitely worth it. - I made the Halloween treats for Emry's Class - even though the witches fingers took 2 tries to get right. Did you know, that if you are going to DYE WHITE CHOCOLATE - that you need to warm up the food coloring before adding it? Otherwise you SHOCK the chocolate into a lump of useless nonsense? I didn't. But, now I do. ALSO - did you know that the food coloring should be oil based? Me either. **SIGHS** One extra trip to Michael's when they opened - and I got it done. I also made BOO Pops to go with the Witches Fingers. Placed them in a super cute Halloween Baggie - and they are now living in the downstairs fridge until Friday.

We decorated outside - which took a great amount of effort - The wind was HOWLING. Also, no pictures of this. **SIGHS**

We carved our pumpkins - and since I just couldn't focus - mine just came out BORING. But, We did it as a family, and Emry was so excited that he got to carve the BIG pumpkin, and that I took the small pumpkin. The things a mom will do. 

I'm hoping to be able to get a picture of everything tonight.

After we cleaned up - I tried my hand at Baked Jalapeno Poppers - and they were nothing to write home about - The recipe was easy enough - but I'm thinking that before I baked them - I should have put them in the fridge for a while - so the cheese wouldn't have GOO-ed as much. Just need to try it again - I suppose. They were totally edible and tasty - just not very appealing.

I spent the rest of the night in bed. The head cold decided 5p was my bed time - and I watched awful horror movies on cable until about 8p... Then, I decided that I wanted to RENT one - Because, I wasn't sleeping - and feeling super awful about myself. got me Chinese - and I just - well I let the Fat Girl out - and I just ate. 

The movie we rented was called: The Possession of Michael King. highly recommend this if you are into the whole Hand-held- home security footage - style movies. This was very VERY well done. However, the story dragged out about 20 minutes too long. Give it a rent. It's a good Halloween movie!

That was it - the weekend in short.

At work currently - feeling, not better - but not any worse. 

I hope your weekend was better than mine - Send healing healthy thoughts my way!


  1. The Haunted Dinner sounds really fun and creepy. Did you find out who kicked your chair or was that part of the mystery?! Glad you tried the soup, it was worth it but agree would be made few and far between because of the work involved.

  2. That haunted dinner sounds super fun! And that soup looks and sounds amazing!!!! Cheese and beer in a soup?! Um, yes, please!!!!

    I had Chinese for dinner Friday evening and have felt disgusting all weekend from it. I dont know that it is worth the splurge for me anymore...I'd rather have had a burger if I am going to eat out. I can make Chinese food better at home :)

    have a great week!

  3. Soup looks good but I keep seeing all the comments about the time and effort put into it so I will have to just take your word on it!

    The haunted dinner sounds fun! There is a town in AZ, called Jerome, that has some haunted stories. There was a hospital that is now a hotel. I am always amazed that people want to actually *sleep* where a potentially angry entity might be. Not me! I would go to the restaurant though.

    Hope you are feeling better. We watched Constantine which was from 2005 (I think) but still good. I keep seeing Anabelle hash tag - everywhere.