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Friday, November 7, 2014

Friday Favorites (11-7) 

Favorite Find

These are portable cereal containers - the bottom holds the milk - and is an inner cooler, this way the milk stays cool. The cereal sits on top. When I can have some cereal again - or even granola - I plan on bringing this to work for breakfasts. The perfect amount! Love it.

Favorite Whole30 recipes

easy slow cooker chicken
find it here
Easy Slow Cooker Curry Chicken and Creamy Red Curry Slaw

creamy red curry slaw
find it here
Why I like this is, well, because it's CURRY - curry makes me happy. Like a lot. Also - there is a sub recipe on how to make a Whole30 approved mayo.

I plan on making this with roasted vegetables also. I cannot wait to try these.

Favorite Song

Don't laugh at me - please GOD don't laugh at me. Has anyone heard the new Taylor Swift song? I know - I am going straight to heck.... But, oh man is it catchy - and my son just can't stop singing it.


I'm not sure why - It took me weeks to even kind of like Shake it Off - but this, came on the radio and I instantly started bobbing my head to it. I can't seem to find a legit video on youtube - but, the song is still there. What do you think? Am I nuts?

 Favorite "Drooling I want to Buy it Outfits"[source],value[/environment/2014/3VV_0274_004R.jpg]&set=key[rotate],value[-1.55]&set=key[width],value[3996]&set=key[height],value[4672]&set=key[x],value[640]&set=key[y],value[410]&set=key[type],value[FASHION_FRONT]&hmver=0&call=url[file:/product/large]
find it here[source],value[/environment/2014/3VV_0654_001R.jpg]&set=key[rotate],value[-0.3]&set=key[width],value[4393]&set=key[height],value[5137]&set=key[x],value[411]&set=key[y],value[33]&set=key[type],value[FASHION_FRONT]&hmver=0&call=url[file:/product/large]
find it here

I think both outfits really could be quite pretty on me. I love the vintage look of the first one, kind of like a 50's housewife, and the other is circa 99 - I swear I had a skirt just like this in HS.

Favorite picture of the week

A photo posted by Kateri Von Steal (@katvonsteal) on

That was a quick up close picture of my son. I am sometimes in disbelief of how handsome of a boy he is. As he gets older - I start to notice the little changes in his face. He is starting to look more and more like me everyday. I have pictures of me from about the same age, and he could be my mini me. He drives me utterly insane. But, I suppose that's his job.

And a couple funnies before I go...
But otherwise - have a lovely weekend! Klay and I are going away this Saturday - I hope to have lots of pictures for you on Monday!
this is how I feel about this MOH I am dealing with.


  1. I've not ever been a TSwift fan... but her latest songs are winning me over

  2. This cereal cups are pretty freaking cool!
    A very handsome boy- love the picture!

  3. Those cups are genius! Love that vintage vibe of the first dress. The spongebob funny is hilarious!

  4. evidently youtube doesn't like your video so I can't see it. Those cups are the bomb! I was even thinking they may be good for yogurt parfait so the granola doesn't get soggy.

  5. oh, and the crock pot stuff looks amaze! It is finally cooling off here so I can use crockpot!! Yay, I think I might try the curry one.

  6. Portable cereal container?! GENIUS STUFF RIGHT THERE!