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Friday, November 21, 2014

Friday Favorites (11-21)

Happy Friday - How many of you woke up to snow this morning? 
*raises hand* 
It wasn't a lot, just a dusting, but man oh man, am I not ready for snow. 
So today, my Friday Favorites, will consist of my FAVORITE things about the Thanksgiving Holiday.
THE GOOD LIFE BLOG's day Parade - It is a classic holiday tradition. I make sure to watch it EVERY YEAR. Even if I'm getting ready - or not exactly in front of the television, it's on REALLY LOUD. Just so I can hear it. I do not have any favorite floats, but I do love watching the music performances... and just the detail they put into a parade. I have never been to the parade, and I hear it's a mad house. But, one day - I really REALLY want to go. Pants or Leggings - now, it's fall, so I think a staple outfit for ALL of us right now is a Big comfy sweater, and LEGGINGS. Now, not only is this super comfortable, and actually stylish - but, it allows for us to be able to ENJOY all of the deliciousness without the regret of a button pushing into our tummies! I know this is a fat girl reason - but, let me have my gluttony! Time -  There is something truly special about sitting at a dinner table with family. Especially when it's family that you normally don't share a meal with. There is always that one story, that we've heard a MILLION times - and we still laugh at. Everyone has there seat - not that they are assigned, but it's just seat we always gravitate too. - now, Klay is not a football guy, but I am. Nothing separates Dinner from Dessert than FOOTBALL.... And it isn't just about the games, it's also about the yelling, cheering, and jeering we do while watching a game. The insults we throw at the TV when THAT quarterback throws ANOTHER pass - that results in an INTERFERENCE (I am looking at you Eli Manning).. or the shade of purple that the frustrated coach is turning. - duh, you knew it was coming. As I've said, I haven't prepared an entire Thanksgiving meal in a LONG time. But, at Klay's parents - one year we had TWO turkeys. Each prepared a different way. One traditionally roasted and the other was DEEP FRYED. You have to try it once, and I would never have it again. There are the traditional side dishes. I usually try to do an interesting spin on one - just for varieties sake. This year, I am going to roast Sweet potatoes and Beets in a sweet chipotle heat type seasoning. I've been working on the mix for a couple of days now. Jim's dad always makes a soup - I am keeping my fingers crossed for his CLASSIC mushroom soup - which is velvety and tasty and AWESOME. A family friend always prepares SEVERAL PIES. And there's ice cream. What more could you ask for? Trots - Last year, the Turkey Trot 5k was my first ever race. And I plan on making Thanksgiving runs a tradition - weather depending. Emry and I are holding out for the weather report to determine whether or not we will be running this years race. It's looking like the temperature is on the rise - and we might be able to break the 40 degree mark for the run! And it just might be SUNNY!

So tell me - what is your favorite Thanksgiving Things?


  1. I'm looking forward to all of that - especially watching the parade and eating!!! :)

  2. I love stretchy clothes, Macy's and Philly parades, eating, and walking in the woods since I'm spending this year at my aunt's!

  3. You have been working on a sauce for a couple days??!! Holy crap! I still have never had fried turkey and I would like to try it once... but probably not to eat on a regular basis. I am totally looking forward to the eating and the parade. Our Thanksgivings used to be small but my we go to my bf's each year and those are usually pretty big.

    I am wearing a big sweater now - a little too hot for the office but I am wearing jeans and should've worn leggings instead.

  4. I can't wait for the parade -- always so much fun to watch!

  5. The leggings are a must so you can eat more food. Watching movies with family and catching up with them all is always my favorite.

  6. Two turkeys?! That's crazy. I've never had fried turkey before-- is it like fried chicken? If you do end up running the race, good luck :)


  7. Spending time with family, and yes, the food!