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Monday, November 3, 2014

Spooky Weekend Recap (11-3)

Hello Friends! How was your weekend? Was it filled with ghouls, goblins and sugary treats?

If you follow my on instragram - you can see that we may have went a little overboard with the Liquid Latex. The goal was to practice on myself, so that I would be able to work on Emry. Well - mine didn't look half bad - so I tried out a wound on Klay - and then I did the makeup on Emry. We were all Zombified. 

I had intended to do a masquerade look - I have had a princess/masquerade dress that I have been meaning to use for a Halloween costume - but, with all the zombie makeup - I decided for a "Jill" the Ripper look. Because in my mind, I believe that Jack the Ripper would have made an AWESOME zombie. Just saying.


Klay and Emry went out for Trick or Treating fun, and I manned the door. However, we only had about 3 groups of children. And I had bought 3 pounds of CANDY... Plus what Emry came home with. Let me tell you - with the low number of kids out + the intensity of our Halloween look. Emry and Klay (Infected zombie hunter with his pet zombie) received a LOT... (READ: WAY TOO MUCH) candy/treats. I have no idea what we are going to do with it all. 

Jen over at Pretty Little Grub - had some wonderful ideas for what to do with left over candy - but I never anticipated we would have this much. Plus, it isn't all candy! People gave Mrs. Fields Cookies, Chips, Granola - all prepackaged - Which, I may do next year. One of the houses gave something called 180 snacks - Cashew Treats. These were a healthy gluten free snack. The entire package was about 190 calories and it had 4 ingredients. All natural - recognizable - ingredients. I wish they remembered which house they got this from - because I want to know where they BOUGHT it! night, after my dad got home, Klay and I headed over to his friend Ryan's house. We had dinner - dessert - lots of laughs - played "Cards Against Humanity" (if you have never played this - I highly recommend it - we couldn't stop laughing) - and watched "Cabin in the Woods". A nice, laid back way to end Halloween.

Saturday -'m not sure if I mentioned it - but I have started a chore chart (yes, it's color coded) for our household. Emry gets one small chore a day - all things he can manage. I maintain my normal routine, but I added a couple more chores for Klay and my father. This way the house can stay together better AND everyone is pulling their weight. It also visually shows how much more I do, than everyone else. ANYWAY -

First things first - we went to Emry's FINAL soccer game. Emry played 3 out of 4 quarters - assisted in 2 goals - and his team won 5-1. It was an amazing way to end the season. 
On the chore chart: Saturday is Meal preparation day - and I am attempting to do bulk freezer meals. Foods we can defrost quick - and have a healthy meal. I also made up for Friday's missed chores (which is upstairs vacuuming and bathroom cleaning).

I went looking online, and found a new blog for freezer meals. And a couple other random pinterest finds for bulk meals. This week, I made bulk chicken quesadillas, and mini paleo meatloaf muffins. The chicken quesadillas came out to 16 servings (or 4 meals for a family of 4) and the mini meatloaf muffins came out to 28 servings (or 7 meals for a family of 4). So that's 11 meals in the freezer ready to go. There was a lot of left over shredded chicken (from the quesadillas) - so I froze that into two portions, which comes out to about 2-3 meals for a family of 4. We can put that over salad, in pasta, whatever. Grand total of about 14 meals. I was able to accomplish this is about 2 hours.

I also wanted to make something to put in the refrigerator for the week. In my crockpot, I made a beef stew, with sweet potatoes and zucchini. I seasoned it with left over marinade from the mini meatloaf muffins - and a bit of hard cider. I haven't tried it yet - but it smelled AMAZING. 

We also have a lot of fruit, salad, and vegetable options for quick and easy side dishes. SO - in my mind, we are WAY ahead of the game. 

Also: now all I need to do is make 1 freezer meal, every other week - to keep the options open, so no one gets bored. 

What do you think? Would you think of making bulk freezer meals? Also: has anyone heard of GROUPS of people doing the bulk food swap? I read about this briefly, and it looks like a really COOL idea. If you want more information about this - let me know, I'll post about it - maybe we can get something going!

The rest of the day was spent enjoying the cold weather. Wait, what? Yep - I enjoyed how cold it was outside - with a large pint of Hard Cider (brewed by my husband) and our fireplace going ALL day. 

Sunday -

Sunday, was the laziest day of all. The only thing I had to do, was clean the kitchen. I know, right? What else did I do... hmmm, I watched "Winter's Tale".

Side note about this movie: Will Smith plays Lucifer. He wasn't really billed in the movie at all - and even the preview doesn't show him. He has a brief, but very memorable part. Check it out.

I took a shower around 2p - Went to Dairy Queen for a local fundraiser (as if I need any excuse to get ice cream - pumpkin pie blizzard, if you are curious), and then I went out with my friend Rosalie to buy her daughter, Samma, her belated birthday gift. Seriously, that was the extent of my day.

I was in bed by 7pm, mildly watching movies - Completely taking advantage of the lazy day. 

Monday Morning - 

I woke up today, and I snoozed the alarm a couple of times. But, I finally woke up, and realized that I was wasting my time, got dressed, got to work - got my butt in the gym. 

I am not going to allow this siesta of laziness to continue. I need to get back, and really stay back this time. I love being in the gym, it isn't a chore for me. Yes, I am tired - but I am never tired AFTER I work out. I mean, as long as I don't overdue it. It's a process not a journey - there is no end destination. So - it's time to get back to basics.

I used to only run 3 times a week. M-W-F and it was never for more than 30 minutes or so. Actually, it was how ever long it took me to get to 3.1 miles. I would then cool down for about 15 minutes - then do mild ab work. Tuesday and Thursday were for weights - and only for 30-45 minutes. 

That was what I used to do - and that's what I am going to get back to....The only addition will be the 2 days of TKD/HPK. That will be the only PM activities I will do.

I hope with this type of back to basic schedule, that everything else will fall in line. My foods haven't been the best - but, by far not the worst. I am slowly getting back to eating more whole foods - and less processed.

So that's how I am starting out the week - what about you? 

Happy Monday Friends!


  1. ahh how cute are their matching costumes I LOVE it!!! Klay and Emry are so freaking adorable! I am heading over to check out some freezer meals because that is exactly what I need right now!

  2. Cashew treats and granola for Halloween? I will take it. All. Chips tho- well, I guess kids like that kinda stuff. Their costumes are super cute and you look cute too. I can see why you guys got extra.

    The stew sounds pretty amazing! I have been really wanting to do some crock pot stuff since I made the chicken. The fire looks nice and cozy but we would scorch the living room if we did that - it's still warm here!

  3. You all looked so good. I am sure they scared a few people while out and about. Freezer meals is a great way to cook ahead and keep it healthy.

  4. Girl you are all kinds of beautiful! Keep those selfies coming! Seriously mkay?! All of you guys look great! Emry is such a handsome little fella!