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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Thursday Stuff (11-20)

Good morning

I want to have a brief Myology & Kinesiology Lesson. Myology & Kinesiology is the study of muscles and bones - and how they interact together.

Today's lesson:

Your Sternocleidomastoid Muscle - otherwise known as the SCM. 

 The muscle has a medial and lateral head and originates (read: begins) at your manubrium sterni and clavicle, it then inserts (read: ends) at the mastoid process. The function of this muscle is to rotate the head to the opposite side or obliquely rotate the head. It also flexes the neck. When both SCM muscles work together it flexes the neck and extends the head. It also helps other muscles with breathing in.

It's also that muscle that when you look to the left/right sticks out and looks very chic. 

Anyway - This is a strong muscle, and you take most of them for granted - until you do something silly, like pick up a bag of groceries, carry it up a flight of stairs, and then look to the LEFT to answer your father, and it decides to strain itself. Yeah - than - it hurts like a B!TC#. Just saying.

There you go - science lesson of the morning - Don't say I never taught you anything. 

Yup - I'm telling you I pulled that particular muscle in my neck and yes I am telling you that I have taken enough medication to put a cow to sleep - and yet - still feel it, and I'm at work.

OH -
Just random stuff for Thursday -

How is Charles Manson getting married and I’m still f****** single?Did you hear that Charles Manson got married? This is only proof to me that this elderly gentleman is still dangerous, and should never ever EVER leave prison. A year or two ago, there was arguments made that, due to his age, who was he really going to hurt? Was he really still a danger? My answer - yes - yes he is, and that's because of his new wife STAR. Yes, her name is Star. And she believes he didn't commit any of the crimes he is being incarcerated for! Smart cookie, that girl. never ever EVER want to live in Buffalo. I mean seriously - there are people who have been trapped at their jobs for over 24 hours. The snow weight is so extreme, that the pressure of it against doors and windows has caused it to cave in to peoples HOMES. Nope nope nope nope. The only thing Buffalo related I desire, are WINGS - and I can get them ALL over the place. Just saying. bought a really cheesy Christmas Sweater for one of our THREE work related holiday parties. It has a HIPSTER Santa on it - and I found matching, light up, Christmas Light earrings to match! SO - when it comes to the Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest - I think I will be a the WINNER. Only because no one really participates in Contests around here - I'm not even sure why they even make contests. SIGHS - I don't mind winning though. Hehehe

And that's all I got today!

Happy Thursday!

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  1. I really want a Christmas sweater. New item on my wish list!

  2. It totally sucks to live in Buffalo right now.

    I am so pissed about the Manson marriage.

    Hope your neck feels better! That's gotta hurt.

  3. I am not hating the south one bit in the winter matter how unprepared we may be lol at least we aren't Buffalo!

    I really want a tacky Christmas sweater!

    Hope your neck feels better!

  4. That snow in Buffalo is crazy!!
    Big ouch to the pulled muscle, eek.

  5. Neck strains are the WORST. Anything painful that interferes with something silly like turning your frustrating.

    Ugly Christmas sweaters are the best. I have been known to wear them just out and about or to work - not even because of a party/contest, haha.

    Charles Manson shouldn't even be allowed to see the light of day, let alone GET MARRIED to someone named STAR.

  6. eeee hope your neck gets better fast!! WHERE did you find hipster santa sweater??!?! Also, have you read Helter Skelter? Suuuper creepy, but Charles Manson has been seducing women (and people in general) for a loooong time. I have heard he received TRASHBAGS full of fan mail the first few years in prison. ewwww