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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Wednesday List - My favorite activities while snowed in (11-26)

Today's plan was:
  1. Wake up and go to the Y
  2. Get to the store before it got bad, and get last minute groceries
  3. Get my hair cut, eyebrows mowed waxed
  4. Emry's Haircut
  5. Prep sides for tomorrow
 Then - I woke up, and the snow was a lot worse than intended. SO, numbers 1, 3 and 4 went out the window. I did happen to get to the stores before it was impossible to get out of our neighborhood. Getting home was fun, let me tell you., I am snowed in. With my boys. My lovely son is shoveling the walkway and stairs, and is then going to build a snowman - - - I can't wait to take a picture of that! And, as I sit here, I was thinking of all the activities that I enjoy when all we can do is be snowed in.

So, this Wednesday 
- no confessions - 
just Happy Snow Thoughts! Haha! find that on snow days, one of my favorite things to do is to cook. It's cold and frigid out, there's no where to go... Might as well have yummy food to snack on. Right? Now today, the only things I am really going to prepare is the basics for tomorrow's Thanksgiving dinner. But, the house will still be filled with yummy smells. I also have a number of baking ingredients, I'm sure I can use them and make a cookie or something! Who knows! staple when we are snowed in is a roaring fire in our fireplace. Now this is not just because that it is BRRRRRRRRRRR outside - but, there is something very calming about a fire. The smell of the flames, the dance has they rise and intertwine. It's magical.And we all gather in front of it. Share some hysterical thoughts or interesting stories, even Emry. It's a very unifying experience.
We always have movies, and I feel safe in saying that we have the largest selection of DVD's anywhere other than a store. You think you can challenge this? I dare you. We span from Classic Movies to Current Cinema. And, our horror movie selection rivals all. If we cannot find a movie on cable, we'll go grabbing. Recently, my father and I purchased a surround sound blu ray player. It makes all movies more awesome. With yummy snacks at the ready, surrounded by family, and movies - what can be better than that?

There is the obvious - playing in the snow. But, the only way I really enjoy playing in the snow as of recently, is flying down a hill in a snow tube. I do enjoy watching Emry play in the snow though. Snow is purifying, it's so clean - - - watching a child, and all of their true innocence play in the snow... It makes me smile. It warms my heart. I remember being my son's age. I remember going outside thinking that anything was possible in the snow. I was instantly in the wilderness, not in the safety of my front yard. Watching my son have this experience, brings me back to those times.

I guess all of these activities, all of these small gifts, are just a way of enjoying the simpler things. The snow, as beautiful and purifying as it is, limits what we can, and cannot do. When it falls around us, and the plows refuse to come we are stuck. There is no, let's go out to the mall (which we don't really do anyway), there is no "let's go hiking", there's only us, the house, and what we have at our fingertips. And that, in itself is a wonderful thing.

So, today, if it isn't snowing by you (which, FYI if this is the case, LUCKY!) pretend like it is. Find the simple things around you.. and cherish them.

Check in tomorrow afternoon! I am going to try and post at least pictures from tomorrow's feast!


  1. So cute! I love the fact that you have a winter snow day! And a beautiful, cozy fire to match. Although, I cannot say that I would be overly excited about having to drive to and from the grocery store in it but I would get used to it if I lived in it. Wait, that's why I don't! LOL

    I just love the pics you posted. Beautiful. It looks like a card. As for the DVDs - we have a lot but we can contain them and have stopped buying them forever ago so you probably win!


  2. We're snow bound upstate, but we made it up early before the roads were a real PITA.

    Hope you guys have a great Thanksgiving!

  3. Snow!!!! I hope you guys have an amazing Thanksgiving!!!

  4. Oh all that snow, I do not envy that. At least if you are going to be stuck inside you are prepared with movies galore! That I am envy of, that is the best way to enjoy snow, if you ask me!