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Monday, November 17, 2014

Weekend Recap (11-17)

Happy Monday Everyone! As I look out my window this Monday Morning, I see FOG, and rain filled gusts of wind. It is an ugly morning out. We are feeling the side effects of Winter Storm Bozeman - who is hitting the Northeast side of our state today... However, since our temps are above 35, we will not be seeing any of the white glisteny stuff! Thank the Lord, am I right? I just can't handle a "winter storm" right now. 

This weekend was a blur of family time, cleaning, mom obligations and etc...

Let's get started shall we? 

Friday night - I picked Emry up from school, and we headed quickly to Price Chopper, just to pick up the final two items that were missing from my grocery shopping trip. Once that was done, we booked it home, I got the meat in the crockpot (for the weekend meal prep). Then I cleaned, vacuuming the upstairs, scouring the bathroom - trying to get the kitchen looking less like a bomb hit it. You know, a normal Friday evening. Then Emry wanted a cheesburger and my father wanted a Coney Dog - so I made a special trip, just for them, to Sonics. Spoiled guys - so spoiled. I figured out dinner for myself and Klay - and we watched awful TV - and passed out somewhere around 9p. I know, total old lady status right there.

Saturday was more eventful. I had to get up a little early, I had intended on running, but I knew I wasn't going to have the time. I finished the week meal prep, and I made 2 large freezer meals to be defrosted for whenever we are JONEZING for a Turkey fix. This week, we are having roasted turkey, carrots and cranberries, with a side of HEALTHY sweet potato casserole. Recipe to come this week. For the two freezer meals, I prepared roasted turkey with a cauliflower carrot herb mash. Recipe also to follow sometime this week.

Once the men were up, the day was instantly started by a pillow/stuffed animal fight between Emry and my dad, like right in the kitchen. Fortunately, for them, none of our food was hurt in the process of this FUN FIGHT... *sighs*. 

I finished that up, took a quick shower, pulled my hair up, and raced across town to get to the Holiday Party Planning Meeting for our TKD dojang - of course, with all my speed racing across town, of course I had time to make a pit stop at Dunkin Donuts. A decaf sugar cookie latte with Almond Milk was a NECESSITY. I know, I'm a weirdo.. but COFFEE. The planning meeting went really well, and I am going to be running a coat drop of from now until the party - to donate to my job. The whole theme of the holiday party is the "Season of Giving". Isn't that just wonderful?

I ran back home, with enough time to make myself look more presentable for Emry's family visit. His grandmother, great grandmother, aunt, and little cousin (all my ex's family) came to visit. They had wonderful news too! They had bought a house, 20 minutes from where we lived! So, instead of seeing them once every 6 months - we will be seeing them (minimum) of ONCE A MONTH! FUN! (can we hear the Monday Morning Sarcasm?) Well - it's really good for Emry, he loves his grandma, and cousin - and it would really make him happy to see them more often. So, I guess, if it makes him happy, that it will make me happy. I guess... 

After they left, Karissa came over, because she needed a "model" for her Scarves she will be selling on Etsy. Pictures, and link to the store is to come. I don't consider myself a model by any means - but, I was very glad to help. While I did the whole "glamour thing", Klay and Emry started work on building a desktop for Emry... for his school work. I know, 2nd grader needing a computer for school work - just seems wrong, no?

After just relaxing at home for a bit, watching some "A League of their Own",  we headed to Klay's parents, because they were watching my baby niece for the weekend. And, I don't care who you are, baby niece equals mandatory SQUISH THE BABY TIME. Am I right? And she just loves her cousin Emry. We hung around there for a bit, and then we headed over to the Farmer's Market.

Penning's Farmers Market is our favorite Farm to Table pub and grill. It's a couple of towns over, but it is completely worth the drive. It is Hudson Valley Cider Week, and we wanted to see what kind of cider they were sporting. And, of course we had to eat while we were there. I had a bowl of Apple Cider French Onion Soup, and some Pierogies. SOOOOOOO tasty. I paired both of these with a Doc's Hard Pumpkin Cider. Can't get more fall then that, right? ? ? ? ?

We are sad though, because it isn't quite a cold weather place, it is inside the farmer's market, and even though they had big room heaters blowing... I was still freezing. SO, this may be our last trip for the season. :( So sad. We drove home, Emry put on his NEW FOOTIES that his grandma had bought him - and then we all basically fell asleep. It was a jam packed day.

Sunday - Emry woke me up, because "Mama, it's 7:11, and you're an early riser - WAKE UP!" I could have walloped him with a pillow - but, yeah Yeah YEAH - I was up. A lazy morning led to a visit to the Humane's Society to look at a Dog. Well, not just any dog... His name is Baxter, and he is a Great Pyrenees. He has been rehomed twice, because people assume they know the breed. I grew up with Great Pyrenees, and they aren't for the weak willed. I couldn't help it - I had to go see him, and we did fill out an application for him. We are in a stack of 3 pending applications for this dog. And if it turns out not to be us, we will be fine, because we know he has gone to a good home, a forever home, that will love him. Not just some moron who once had fostered a Pyrenees and tried to make a HEARDING DOG into a HUNTING DOG. Yeah, that was the second home to give him back. Makes me nuts. He's a big sweet guy, that Baxter, and I really hope that we get him. Just look at the face!!

After meeting Baxter, we noticed some FLURRIES in the air, and decided that we probably should get a few bags of rock salt for the driveway - because when a real storm is going to come, there will be none in all of our town. So, now, I have basically guaranteed that we will not be getting a major storm any time soon. Hehehe.

The rest of the day was spent with Klay and Emry trying to finish up the desktop build, me catching up on my American Horror Story, amongst other shows, and watching our fireplace glow. 

Was asleep on the couch early - slept pretty well - and now, here we are. 

I had to gas up before coming to work, so there was really no time to get a run in - I will go down to the fitness center during lunch - and whip out a quick 5k.... and then hopefully have enough time to heat up my lunch and eat at my desk. The weather is gross - and it looks like it's going to be this dark and dreary all day. UGH.

What about you? How was your weekend?


  1. what an eventful weekend! can't wait for those recipes- especially the freezer bag recipes!

    I can't stand when people adopt a dog because it seems like a cool breed when really these dogs that "seem cool" are really difficult to care for if you don't know what you're doing. The group I used to work with had a dog that had been returned twice because he was so smart and needed so much mental stimulation that he destroyed the owners' homes. BOTH TIMES. and BOTH TIMES the adoption group gave so much warning and said "you have to be on him all the time, he's an escape artist, he needs to be mentally challenged for at least an hour a day plus tons of exercise" and these people kept him in a crate all day and walked him 3x day for like 15 mins.

    ok end of rant.

    I hope yall get the dog!!! so exciting especially since you KNOW what to expect!

  2. I really need to start meal planning more than just a week at a time- to get freezer meals would be amazing!! Have you ever done a post on the prep and how you get things organized? Would love to read it!!

  3. Looks like a full and fun weekend. Pillow fight in the kitchen! Sigh indeed! Boys! Good luck on the dog, hope you get him.

  4. Oh my!!! Apple Cider soup and pierogies?!?!?!? This is what I miss about the north....pierogies! You cant find those down here at all! My mom makes homemade ones every year for Christmas for my sister and I because it is our most favorite meal ever!

    Looking forward to the recipes!

    People drive me crazy with dogs at the humane society. You really need to research a breed before you adopt if you aren't sure or aren't a huge animal person. Some are much easier than others, and you never know what you are getting in to with a dog from the shelter in the first place. People who bring them back infuriate me!!! Like...this dog has had it rough and it finally gets to a home and then you just bring it back?? Imagine the trust issues!!!

  5. What a packed weekend! Made me sleepy just reading it all! Baxter is adorable :)