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Monday, November 24, 2014

Weekend Recap (11-24)

Hello Friends! How was your weekend? Eventful? Lazy? Fun? Boring? Here I go - recapping another normal weekend in my life. Nothing too exciting... But, nothing too boring! Let's go!

Friday Night - A normal Friday night consists of cleaning the house! I know, it's too much fun. I'll spare you all the exciting details of vacuuming and cleaning the bathroom. UGH! Afterwards, we got some takeout from TGI Fridays - and watched "How the Grinch Stole Christmas!". Emry was convinced he was a sniper and the menfolk played NERF all over the house.

Saturday - was organization-palooza day, this was after I prepared the Whole30 egg casserole (picture below - recipe to come on Wednesday) This month I am linking up with monthly goal setting link up - with Stephanie! The theme for November was to get organized. I planned on tackling my closet/dressers, getting boxes up in the attic and thereby organizing that space, the office (and it's closet), and the spice cabinet.

My closet/dresser wasn't on my original list - but, it totally had to be done. Before Saturday, all of my workout clothes were smooshed into a tiny little tote on the closet shelf - I needed to do some serious purging - TWO black garbage bags of clothes, shoes, and crap later - I was able to truly organize my closet and finally get my workout clothes in the dresser. Also, I can officially close the tote than contains all my shoes. Yes, I keep my shoes in a large moving tote. I haven't found the right shoe rack to accommodate both boots and shoes. This keeps them all together, and reasonably out of the way.

I cleaned the office, and moved all of the boxes that weren't needed up into the attic. The office is still going to be a work in progress, because even though a majority of the clutter is gone, it's still just a room. There is no decor - no nothing. It's just now, a cleaner room. The office closet is home to many things - mostly our garb for the many events we go to (ie: Ren Faire, Steampunk, etc. etc.). But it also houses our suitcases, hiking book bags, and wrapping paper. I was able to make more sense of the closet - so the items that are still in there are more accessible.

The attic, once all the boxes were up there, was not the most fun to do. It was dusty, I had a wicked sinus headache after - but, now, all of the Christmas stuff has been moved to the front of the attic, for easy grab and go decorating accessibility. And we moved all of the items we aren't really going to touch (ie: Emry's memory boxes - yeah, I'm a cheesy mama) to the back.

The spice cabinet was kind of a bust, in my head - I dreamed of running to Bed Bath and Beyond, and grabbing a few of those magnetic tins - so that when you opened the spice cabinet door, that the spices I used the most were accessible in magnetic tins right on the door. *Le'Sigh* They were not at Bed Bath and Beyond - and I have to order them. But, all was not lost, I did organize the spice by size, and placed all the oils and vinegars and rows - so I no longer how to get on a chair and SEARCH like made for it. This will probably get cluttered again, the second I start cooking something massive - but, hopefully the magnetic tins are in by then!

Saturday night, we went out for Indian Food - and had such an amazing time. We came home, watched some Food Network, did 90% of our Christmas Shopping online! All I need to get is a couple stocking stuffers, and a gift from Emry to Klay. I am so relieved that the weight of Christmas shopping is off my shoulders!  Then we all went to bed reasonably early.

Sunday - was meant to be a lazy day. And, on the whole it was. The only thing I wanted to do was go to Old Navy, and try and see what they had on sale, plus Klay needed new jeans. I walked in intending to get a couple plain long sleeves, maybe a scarf. What I left with was a nice wool work dress, 2 plain long sleeves, Emry got a nice Denim Dress shirt w/ Tie combo, cool khakis, padded running socks, and Klay got a t-shirt. Klay claims that Old Navy doesn't make pants to fit his body. I believe this is code for, they aren't baggy enough, and I actually have a manly figure in them. I love my husband, but he is determined to look like a teenage boy for the rest of his life. At least I'll have the wedding pictures to look at! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

We stopped at AC Moore, and we grabbed a couple of cookie tins. I wanted to stencil paint the cardboard box for the coat drive, so I also grabbed these really cool looking Martha Stewart Holiday Stencils - and shiny paint. Let me tell you - DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT FROM MARTHA STEWART. For $11 bucks, it should have been more durable. They were flimsy - and the snowflake stencil tore apart. And I swear on all that is holy, I was being REALLY careful. UGH! The cardboard box came out really nice though, and all I have to do is get the event flyer to tape to the box now! Not a totally loss.

Dinner was left over Indian Food - Klay made CINNAMON BUNS! Then after Emry was in bed, Klay and I watched "Deliver us from Evil"... and even though I wouldn't call it a Horror Movie, it did unsettle me - and I had a hard time falling asleep last night!

Monday morning -
Here I am type type typing at work - we had to take group Holiday pictures for our department. And now, I just want to get this posted, and try to get all my work done. I have a 2 day work week - and I know that Tuesday is going to be jam packed. SO, I am trying to get the little things out of the way, before the explosion of tomorrow!

These are just some pictures from the weekend - Collage picture option on my phone = pure gold!

Sniper under the table - #wallofsilence -
Sad face because no magnetic spice cannister -
Crappy Martha Stewart Stencils

Sniper under the table - Nerf war in darness -
Whole30 Egg Casserole (recipe coming soon) -
Gas is $2.97 WHAT?!?!?!?!

The finished coat drive box - Candles everywhere!

Happy Monday Everyone!
What did you do this weekend?


  1. Girl you got so much accomplished congrats! Honestly those are my favorite weekends because I feel like a real fresh start going into the next week LOL

  2. Wow, I love the reorganization you did! I really need to work on my closet, too! I haven't taken out most of my winter clothes yet!

  3. Organization is something I need in my life! It is easy to let the house get to disarray. I like Indian food but there are certain things I do not like. Problem is I can't remember what was the ingredient I didn't like since it has been a while.

    Cleaning on Friday night sounds less than fun but cleaning all by itself is less than fun!

    How The Grinch Stole Christmas is ON THE LIST!! We have this TV box that gives us such a huge selection and I was going through some movies yesterday and putting them on the list. Even though I will probably never get through them all unless I watch throughout the whole year.

  4. Congrats on getting so much organized. Looks good. Bummer, the Martha Stewart items weren't worth it.

  5. Look at you and your little organizing self! Love it! I spend my day off Monday doing lots of organizing, cleaning and putting up ALL of the Christmas things!