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Monday, December 8, 2014

Choose Your Own Adventure November Results: "Organize"

Hiya - I know this is late - But, better late than never!!!

November was "Organize Month" and my goals were:
  1. Office - organize and de-clutter
  2. Pantry and Spice Cabinets
  3. Once flooring is in the attic - move extra boxes up there
  4. Den - LESS OF A MESS
  5. Garage - Organize shelves, Make things accessible
Now - the question therein is: How did I do?????

Well Let's go one by one

Goal: Organize and De-Clutter
Status: Complete
I was able to clear out some boxes and get them in the office, I was able to clear out the office closet (which houses most of our garb) and overall made everything easier to get at.

Goal: Organize
Status: 50% done
I was unable to find the magnetic spice holders, so what I did in the spice cabinet was organize the spices by size, this way I can see them when I look into the cabinet. I also straightened out our various types of olive oils, and vinegars... not to mention made the baking cubby a little less messy.


Goal: Move excess boxes up into the space, and then organize it.
Status: Complete
We recently got flooring in the attic, so I was able to move all extra boxes (from various rooms in our house) up there. I also organized it by holiday, so that it is easy to just PULL things without searching.


Goal: Less of a mess
Status: Nope nope nope
The den is where Klay has his "man time" and the other half of the room is where Emry plays. It is in utter chaos - - - all the time. No matter how much I try, no matter how much I ask for them to straighten it... it doesn't happen. And I gave up. That's the truth - GAVE UP!

Goal: Organize Shelves, make things more accesible
Status: Uhhh---- didn't even try
The month got away from me, and I swear that some time during the winter, I am going to get in there and truly organize this area. 

So Overall: 3 out 5 ain't bad!!!!!! Organization really makes me feel calmer, and I am hoping that we can maintain these areas over a long period of time. I know I will, but you know, the MENFOLK! ARGHHH!!!!

I am excited to read that the December Challenge is entitled: Simplify

And I have to truly think about what goals I will conquer this month---- But, I am excited to participate in it!!!


  1. I'd say it was pretty successful!!! I love all the organizing things!

  2. Great goals to have. I love it when my house is organized.

  3. Three out of five isn't bad at all. Work in progress.

  4. 3 is pretty darn good, the attic looks awesome. Spices are such a pain - mine are currently tossed in a drawer. I need to do something with them.