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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

#HashtagHumpday (12-10)

It's time for the #HASHTAGHUMPDAY LINKUP!!!!!!!! Lauren and Laura are going into their third week of #HashtagHumpDay !!!!! The rules are so simple and let's put it this way #gottoloveit

#Hashtaghumpday @ Genuinely Lauren
I use this day for confessions, and maybe even a couple of rants...
So here we go #areyoureadyforthis 
This morning while commuting in to work, there was a dude driving in a convertible - - - with the top down. It was 32 degrees during my commute and it was snowing. I had to snap a picture while we were at a standstill. I couldn't. I just kept laughing. When I finally got to passing him, I see him in a Jester styled Greenbay Packers hat. He looked so cold. #cantmakethisup #commutingshenanigans've been doing the #inthedrawer instagram link up with Nadine and Jana, and the 9th prompt came with a snag. I was supposed to hide my elf on the couch - - - - My cats had other plans, late last night I heard *jingle jingle jingle jingle*, so I got up, and found them basically playing a tug of war with Carl (our elf). Sorry Carl, so so sorry. I put him on top of our entertainment center, looking at the couch. Cats can be SO bad sometimes. #ialmostkilledourelfontheshelf #icanteven #thisiswhyiamadogperson finally am having a headache free day. If you haven't been reading, I got a headache on Thursday, so bad, that it resulted in a trip to the doctor, then the emergency room, and in the future to a neurologist. My primary care finally called me in a prescription to take away the pain, and allow me to sleep. 5 days with a headache was no bueno. But, today, it is at least 75% on the mend - I can actually have the lights on in my office today. #yayforprescriptions #headachesarenofun #sleepismyfriend
Tomorrow we have our Ugly sweater and Cookie swap party at work. Catch is, I haven't baked anything. I know, I am awful - -- but between the headache, and life, I just haven't had the time. Considering going to Wal*Hell tonight and grabbing premade cookie dough. (But, I do have my ugly Christmas sweater and earrings ready to go!! #iknowitscheating #workingmomproblems #dontjudge
 You ever have that moment when you just can't put on makeup? And everyone looks at you like "What is wrong?" "Are you okay". . . . No bitches (said with love, of course) this is how I look without make up. I know, I look like Quasimodo but, that's the breaks kid. #thisishowilook #dontrunawayscreaming #whatsupwiththetorches #makeupmakeseverythingbetter year, I consider giving Emry coal - - - not for all of his presents, but at least in one box - - - just to reinforce the, "It could happen". And every year I chicken out. I don't want to be that parent. #coalforchristmas #firstworldproblems that I have had a good nights sleep, I wish I could go in and erase yesterdays venting, exhaustion post. And thereby erase all of your memories. **SIGHS** Sleep does wonderful things, and stress plays tricks on you when you haven't slept. #imahotmess #stresssucks #sleepiswonderful
I think I have gotten the shopping bug, I spent a good number of years only shopping online, and never touching a mall or retail store. But, my little pilgrimages to our local mall for #Forever21 and #VictoriasSecret have been pseudo-theraputic and actually kind of fun. Especially since I go by myself. #metime #canyoubeaddictedtoshopping #retailtherapyisreal

Well, that's all I got today - Happy Wednesday!



  1. oh my god, I would totally give my kid coal for Christmas if not just to see his reaction. [my mom totally gave some to my little brother one year because he was a terror, his reaction was so great, I still giggle about it.] also, I totally support the premade cookie dough, you're still bringing cookies!

  2. Glad your headache is finally starting to go away! Sometimes pre-made cookies just have to happen.

  3. My parents always threatened coal but I never got any. I would have died if I did.

  4. I love the coal idea... I need to wrap some up for my nieces. Freak them out a bit :)
    My work does nothing cool for the holidays... #myworksuckstotally

  5. So glad it is 75% on the mend. (headache) And tug of war with Carl?! ruh roh. Haha! Reinforcing that coal can happen!! My parents said that too.

    I can't view the guy driving in a convertible in 32 degrees. I wish I could see it. #firstworldproblems

  6. Haha I can't believe someone would actually be driving around in a convertible in 32 degree weather. I mean I can imagine it down here in Florida, but noooo way where you are.

    Glad to hear you're feeling better! Headaches especially are no fun.

    Don't worry, we all need a good venting session every once in a while. It's good for the soul! That's what I tell myself anyways, ha.

    Thanks for linking up with us! :) You're a star!