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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

#HashtagHumpday (12-17)

It's time for the #HASHTAGHUMPDAY LINKUP!!!!!!!! Lauren and Laura are going into their fourth week of #HashtagHumpDay !!!!! The rules are so simple and let's put it this way: #gottoloveit


#Hashtaghumpday @ Genuinely Lauren
I use this day for confessions, and maybe even a couple of rants...
So here we go #areyoureadyforthis never got back on track - - - - And honestly, I really didn't put forth good effort #lazybum . The truth of the matter is, I just have lost the zest I had for running and working out, and that makes me depressed. My clothes are getting pretty tight, and I know (seriously, I know) that I need to get back on track. But, finding that is really hard. #thestruggleisreal SO, I was reading that Heather was doing the Hansons Method to prepare for her half marathon. And I started doing a little "Running Research" - - - The schedule for the half marathon seems intense, but, I remember at my peak I was able to get close to most of these long runs.... SO, I'm going to do it. Starting Monday, I am training for my very first HALF MARATHON. I am going to pay for the race today, and then start training for it. If I pay for something, I will OD on preparing for it - - - because 1) I am an over achiever and 2) I do not give my money away and not commit to where it has gone #notsayingimcheapbutimcheap #herewego I write this, there are many bagels (from Panera) outside my door - - - along with not getting back on track - - - my food has been OUT of control. I have been eating whatever I want, whenever I want. My weight is crazy right now, I refuse to weigh myself - - REFUSE. All I know, is come Monday - Epic changes - Back to who I am - - not who I was. #Iwillfightmywayback have begun receiving my last minute Christmas Presents and I received Klay's birthday present last night! #lastminutenelly Okay, - - - I guess you have your shit together. But, I still have 4 books floating around somewhere and a CD - - - Let's get moving on this! #uspsatitsfinest #slowlikemolasses, I have never been really GREAT at wrapping Christmas presents - - I mean, I make it work, however, if present wrapping was a pro sport, my husband would be Captain of the team. This is also why, I believe, he is a better baker than I am... he is patient and finds his zen when doing things like this. He makes all other wrapped presents in the house look like they were wrapped by cats. #catscantwrappresents
My new office furniture comes in tomorrow and currently, I have 9 totes filled with all of my office crap - - - - So, tomorrow, all I plan on doing is watching the furniture be installed and walking around like a own the joint. #likeaboss #sofancy

That's all I got today - What's new with you?


  1. When I cleaned out my condo I brought all my books to my office and shoved them in every drawer/shelf/bookcase that I makes me look so much more smart and the crap is out of my win win! Totally like a boss girl work it!

  2. Girl, I hear you on needing to get back on track. Not that I haven't been trying to make an effort because I get my five work outs in every week and eat pretty well M-F....but I am loathing the work outs. It is brutal and I am not pushing like I should. Something has to give!

  3. I am in serious need of a food and exercise adjustment. Serious! After Christmas, it has to be go time.

    I hate wrapping gifts. I'm awful at it.