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Monday, December 1, 2014

Weekend Recap (12-1)

Hey remember how my goal was to post on Thanksgiving? And then on Friday? Yeah - totally didn't happen. How was your Thanksgiving? Are we all still full from it?

Here I am Recapping my LOOOOONG Weekend!

Thursday - Turkey Day

We woke up on Thanksgiving, early, prepared to go run a Turkey Trot - - - only thing, we woke up and it was STILL snowing over by us. The roads hadn't been addressed since Wednesday afternoon - and it just didn't look safe. Scrap that idea. We are going to make it up with a Jingle Jog. :) At least, we hope we are. (Looking at you Mother Nature!)

We were at Klay's parents house by noon, and were eating by 1p. My salad was AMAZING. I made a Spinach and Mixed Green Salad topped with a roasted butternut squash, pomegranate, gorgonzola and crushed walnut salad. I served this with a homemade Balsamic Honey Dressing.

I also made a chipotle roasted Sweet potato and Beet side dish, that in my opinion was the bomb diggity (yeah, I went there). My dad, Klay's dad, and Klay loved it - jury is still out with the other Turkey day attendees. Meh, I know it was tasty - Bobby Flay would agree, or at least in my head he would.

If you would like the recipes, let me know, I'll do a post on them!

Jan, a family friend, made this amazing Pumpkin Pecan Pie, and I had to have a slice of that. It was, in my most humble opinion, the best thing EVER pied (is that a word? it is now)

We watched the parade and the dog show - and when we got home that evening - all slipped into a food induced coma. Overall - it was an amazing day.

Friday - Black Friday (ominous music plays)

Klay left early that morning to do a day's worth of hiking, and this left Emry and I to our own devices. I spent the morning cleaning the house, the normal mom jobs, and then we built a snowman. (Did you sing the song in your head? I did too - it's okay). Now, if you haven't seen it, I would like to note he is vertically challenged, since we couldn't PACK the snow, but Emry had a blast making him... and he is a very healthy "snowperson" because he has a celery stick for a nose. (All we had was baby carrots, and it just didn't look right!) After that, we got warm, and made our way to A.C. Moore. We hit no crazed Black Friday Shoppers- and we both got activities that would take us through the weekend! On the way home, we stopped at the Italian Pork Store and picked up fresh Antipasto sides for dinner. We had the traditional cold seafood salad, meat and cheese antipasto salad, stuffed olives with provolone, fresh mozzarella in seasoned olive oil, and a loaf of prosciutto bread. I toasted the bread, and we basically had an appetizer filled dinner. Everyone loved it!

Saturday - Lazy Day

This is the best way to describe this day. Most of the day was spent crafting. I made homemade snow globes. A project that I found on Pinterest (of course)! was painting a Christmas Tree picture on a wood canvas. And, other than that, we watched movies and relaxed. The highlight of Emry's day was a "Date with Mama" to Chuck E. Cheese. I want to note, it is NOT my favorite place. And every time we go, I swear it is the last time. It obviously was on EVERY SINGLE PERSON'S AGENDA - - because it was grossly packed. The "highlight" (said with the utmost sarcasm) was the boy (who was at least 3 years older than my son) who had POOPED his pants (clearly from the stain on his dirty grey sweatpants) and was rocking it. Now, before you say he could have been mentally disabled - let me tell you, I am about 90% sure he wasn't. Based on the way he tapped one of the games and told us "I am waiting to use this, so finish up." I gave him the Seriously look - and then upon leaving the racing game with Emry, clearly found the poop smell was coming from his BACKSIDE. Disgusting, utterly disgusting. Emry had a really great time though. And he rocked it at skeeball. Just saying. After that, it was home, Pajama time, and hanging out with my hubby.

Sunday - The day that was supposed to be "Lazy Day: Part Deux"

I really had planned on finishing some crafting projects, eating, and binge watching some shows I've become addicted to and am honestly ashamed to admit it. The only thing in my way from this, was Emry practicing his Math Word Problems and Writing Prompts (the two areas we are having trouble with in school). It started at 9a, Emry asked if he could start the worksheets, I set them up, and all hell broke loose. He got frustrated, not because he couldn't do it, but because both worksheets required him to sit, and truly focus on what was being asked. He couldn't just fly through it - the math problems were multiple parts and the writing prompt was to look at a picture, and write a 5 sentence story about what was going on. He flipped out. When I told him to take a minute to himself, calm down, and go back to it - - - - - He Screamed at me. Like WAR CRY. resulted in his attempted locking in the bedroom... which didn't happen, and then he and the worksheets staying in that bedroom until he at least TRIED to do them. This is a synopsis of what happened. It was horrible. It took all of my strength and patience to parent the way I would have wanted to be parented. And not just, quite literally, beat and scream him into submission. 3pm - the worksheets were done. We were exhausted. All of us. To allow him to regain access to the rest of the house, and also accompany us on a trip to Home Depot, and other errands, I had him prove to me he was capable of focusing without freaking out. . . . and he studied the information for this Friday's Social Studies test - on Westward Expansion. Common Core is killing a kid's WANT to learn - They are forcing too much on them - I swear, we do the work, the way it is being taught - but it's too much. But, that's a post for another day. He studied his FLASH CARDS, I quizzed him - he got them all right - And just like that, the Linda Blair-esque child from the morning was gone, and my loving sweet boy was back. Did I mention how exhausted we all were? After errands, dinner turned out to be Chinese Take-Out - that I barely ate. And then I binged watched an episode or two or three of TLC's 90 Day Fiance. I fell asleep on most of this weeks episode. **SIGHS**

Monday Morning - fitness goal for December - one that I will reward myself with the shoe/boot purchase of my choice is:
To run, 30 minutes, 5 days a week. It does not need to be a concurrent 5 days. But, 5 days, nonetheless. I will still be doing the TKD and HPK twice a week. So, in my head, if I do this, and do not gorge myself with the endless amount of food at work - then I will make it through the holiday season without moving up a dress size. This morning - I started out strong. Run 1 of 5 for the week completed. 3.1 miles in 30 minutes 36 seconds.
Are any of you planning a way to stay on track during this holiday season?

So that's it - the Thanksgiving Weekend Recap!

Tell me - What did you get up to?



  1. I had to laugh at the poop pants boy from hell. (What I call Chuck E Cheese)Figures he would act like a little turd. Pun intended.

    And look at you and all the crafting! I really want a craft day with my mom. Maybe we can make it happen!

    Share dem recipes!

  2. I think we were all pretty much exhausted from this weekend lol!! That Spinach and Mixed Green Salad looked amazing!!

  3. "I am waiting to play this so finish up"?!!! Seriously?! AND he pooped his pants??!! What a little effer.

    Yes, post the damn recipes! Except for the homemade dressing because I won't actually take the time to do it. Although- it would really be delish, I know I won't do it. I am curious about squash on a salad.

    Snow globes? Man, that is pretty impressive!

    Not gonna lie. I took an algebra class for my bachelor's (required- obvi) and I'm pretty sure I made the dog and my bf want to leave the house a couple times. Sorry to hear about your home life and thanks for the awesome comment on my latest blog.... which was last week. LOL

  4. Those snowglobes are so fun! What a great idea to make them in a mason jar!

  5. I had so many things I wanted to get done over the holiday and mostly I just lounged.....I'm kicking myself now but at the time it felt so good!

  6. The salad looks really good. The snow globes came out really good, I am impressed. I am so sucked into 90 day fiance! They did a catch up show from last season and I was so happy that some of them were still together.

  7. Your snow globes look grand! Good job!

    UGH Chuck E. Cheese. UGH!