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Monday, December 15, 2014

Weekend Recap (12-15)

Well - Can you believe it's Monday the 15th? That Christmas Morning is 10 - - - TEN - - - days away. I mean, seriously, this month just keeps flying and flying and flying. But, now is not the time to focus on the Yule Tide Speed Race - but to recap the weekend. I hope yours was WONDERFUL! Let's begin - Shall we?

Friday night - Was the end of our busy week at TKD/HPK. It was the dojang's annual Christmas Party. There were games for the kids, and music (thanks to me and the fact that I have more Kidz Bop music than ACTUAL music at the moment) - and everyone made SUCH delicious food. For the first time in months, my friend Ro and I were able to sit down and actually spend time together. Between her daughters very ACTIVE schedule, and our schedule - - - we never have time to sit and chat. Silly Kids - taking away our social lives. The coat drive was an epic success - we overfilled my trunk with such generous donations. We were there all night - and when we got home (way after 10p) all of us basically hit the pillow.

Saturday - Saturday was a very VERY intense day. I had to pack all of the chores and to-do's missed because of the hectic week into this weekend. So, I woke up, ate a little something something, and then it was time to finish decorating our tree. I love to take out the ornaments and just look at them. Remember when I got them - or who they originally belonged too. It was such a nice couple of hours.  Then got my butt to the grocery store. Let me tell you, I hate going grocery shopping on the weekends, our stores are always packed, and it takes me 3 hours to do something that normally takes me a little over an hour. **SIGHS** I got through the grocery shopping as quickly as I could.
And when I got home, it was time to unpack the bags - and quickly drive to our favorite Christmas ornaments shop. Every year we take our time, look at each ornament, and at their epic train w/ village set up. Our pics this year were totally predictable (at least for Emry and I).... We walked around the attached shop - - - looked at all the amazing items. They had different marinades and dips - - - old school toys - - beautiful jewelry and warm fuzzy coats, sweaters, socks, and hats. It took all of my restraint not to buy frivilous things... I mean - - - - how many arm warmers can one girl have??? (I don't think there is a limit, but that's just me).
Anyway - We got home and then it was time to flex my cooking muscles. We were really in the mood for a fantastic dinner... and I haven't cooked like this in a long time. Our menu consisted of Grilled Porterhouse Steaks, with marinated pan-fried shrimp. The shrimp were marinated in a Honey-Red Curry- Olive oil mixture, and they came out spectacular. I paired this with Southwestern Chicken Stuffed Potato Skins and Sauteed Green Beans. I can't even begin to tell you how amazing it tasted. And there were clean plates all around. YUMMMM!!!!! Saturday night was also the peak of the Geminids (aka: really cool meteor shower) - - but it was super cloudy, and we couldn't see a thing. BOO!
Klay and I opted to rent a horror movie, and watch "As Above, So Below" - -- up until the very end, we were on the edge of our seats. And it was shot in a way where you felt tense the entire time. The end was left to be desired, and I honestly found the end scene a tad confusing. But - - - you know, that's the breaks. We watched our movie with some Red Wine, Goat Cheese and Baked Mini Toast Crostinis. Such a nice relaxing evening.

Sunday - I woke up very early, and had to get my car in for it's monthly oil change. This happens just about every month since I commute about 45 minutes (one way) to work. We left my car there, and when I got home the chores started. I vacuumed the entire house, cleaned the bathroom and mopped the Kitchen and the Bathroom floors. Once that was done, I prepped the food for the week. This week, I made MONSTER meatballs (monster because of their size, not because of their filling - monster is out of season, duh!). I baked them until they had a nice crust on the outside, and then I placed them in the crock pot with my homemade sauce, and let it slow cook for 5 hours on low.  The house smelled like heaven.
Once I was done with getting the meatballs practically done, and in the crock pot, it was time to go pick up my car from the mechanic, and then drop off the coat drive items to the church. And, I plan to keep collecting warm weather stuff, and any items really. The assistant says they are in desperate need. And, I think that it is important to give back as much as possible.After I got back from the church - - - I was practically done, and so was Klay. He was finishing up the lights outside, and when I hit the driveway, he was just as done as I was. I started one of 4 loads of laundry, helped Emry weed through his old toys - So they could be donated or thrown out (depending on how used they were), and then.....
PEACE. We popped in the Polar Express dvd and then watched straight through to the National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. 4 hours on the couch... snacking, laughing - - I took a brief nap in the middle of the Polar Express (Shhhh)....While we were watching NL's Christmas Vacation - - - I realized we hadn't thought about dinner. Klay ordered wings from Buffalo Wild Wings - - - and we had a quick and tasty dinner. Klay attemped to look for the Geminids last night - with no success. And, I was in bed before 10p.

Overall - a normal, busy, but clearly not spectacular blog post, weekend.

Here I am today - at my desk - and I am so excited, because I have a full week - followed by a 9 day vacation from work. I couldn't be HAPPIER. I just need to get all of this work done.

Hence the late post.

What did you do this weekend?
Do you get a new ornament every year?
10 days - - - -Christmas - - - Thoughts? You're freaking out too right?


  1. The meal you cooked Saturday sounds fabulous!!! Yum!!! I would say that I probably buy one ornament every year but I have so many that were bought for me throughout my life and a few that were given to me that were passed down that we don't need any new ones.

  2. Homemade sauce cooking for 5 hours sounds amazing!! Woo hoo for one more full week at work and then vacation!! Hope you're having a great Monday!!

  3. Awesome on the coat drive! Movie night is awesome and Polar Express is a required movie. I do try to add an ornament every year.