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Monday, December 8, 2014

Weekend Recap (12/8)

So long time no see - - -

Thursday Morning, I awoke with the worst headache I have ever had. It was so bad, in fact, that I called out of work all together, with the hopes that rest, and a few minutes away from a screen would rectify the situation. Oh boy, was I wrong.
Friday, 4am, I awoke with KNIVES just going through my skull. I was hysterical, the only thing I could do was cry. Klay had no idea what to do... We called the doctor, and I had a visit with her mid-morning. Upon hearing my symptoms, and the fact that I have no history of Migraines before - - the very nice Nurse Practitioner decided that I should go, by ambulance, to the emergency room. Her reasoning: I may have a brain bleed. I'll let that sink in just a minute. You can giggle a little, I thought it crazy and annoying all at once. I had a CT scan, only to discover, that my brain is completely fine. The ER doctor, who thought the Nurse Practitioner was CRAY CRAY (she said it, I swear), has decided that I have Occipital Neuralgia, and that I should see a Neurologist. FUN! *Sarcasm* My little stay in the emergency room basically ate up a huge chunk of my day, and when I arrived home at 5p - - - it was all we could do other than just eat dinner, and watch a family movie. We opted to watch the NBC Live production of "Peter Pan" and we laughed and laughed and laughed. It was pretty bad - - - but so enjoyable to watch.

Saturday - I was really pleased to have slept throughout the night, and I only woke with a mild headache. As you can tell, the headache hasn't gone away - it just decreases (or increases) the intensity - - - depending on time of day, and what I am doing at that time. Emry and I had a hair appointment, and I am sad to say, that after my horrendous Thursday and Friday, that I did not have the bravery to try a new style. A little trim, and I was done. I am PLEASED to say that Emry got a major haircut. We no longer have a mop of hair, he has this cute little haircut, and looks quite handsome. On the way home, we picked up the proof CD from the Wedding Photographer - and then I dropped Emry off at home. had a coupon to Victoria's Secret and I wanted to get a couple new shirts from Forever21. Due to the Christmas Craziness I was only able to get to those stores. The lines were horrendous - and I was on each of them at least 45 minutes at a shot. However, while at Victoria's Secret, I was convinced into getting an Angel Credit Card - - - I know, Right? I couldn't help it, I know credit cards are the devil, but it seemed like such a good deal! It basically took 50% off my purchase, and I will get a free pair of undies each month! I mean, how could I say NO?!?!?! We'll see how it goes though, but, in my humble opinion, how much trouble can I get into at Victoria's Secret? Right? Forever 21 was a lot of fun - I got 2 new shirts and a really beautiful statement necklace.
When I got home, Klay and I got ready to go out to dinner and to see his favorite band. Not such a smart idea with a headache, but, I knew he would be super disappointed if we did not go. We had a lovely dinner, and I had this AMAZING salad. Blackened Salmon over mixed greens with sliced apples, craisins and walnuts, with a little bit of blue cheese. SO YUM. SOOOO SOOO YUM. After that the band began to play so we moved into the bar. I had a little Orange Juice and Vodka - - and a couple shots of Fireball. I probably shouldn't - - but, I didn't over do it. I made sure that my head wasn't hurting any more than it had been. And overall had a really good time.

Sunday, we woke up around 9a, and the day was lighting fast from that moment on. Klay and my dad had to get all of our Outdoor furniture in our shed, and started decorating the outside for the Holidays. I had to run to Christmas Tree shop and pick up a big red bow, for the antique wooden sled that I picked up at auction, plus I found this really great light-up burlap angel there! Emry and I got his picture taken with Santa, and it came out JUST wonderful. So, if it does turn out that this is his last year - - - at least I'll have an epic picture to end it with! After the picture, we all piled into Klay's car and went to get our Christmas tree. In my opinion, we found the best tree ever. It is the right height, shape, thickness. The color is absolutely beautiful, and I really couldn't ask for a better tree. We got it into the house, and let it open up a little. We were able to get the lights on, and of course, all of Emry's Lionel Christmas Balls. Still so much to put on it --- but it was so nice to have it in the house. We had such a busy day, my father took us out for a really wonderful Italian dinner - in which I had a Portobello, Arugula and Goat Cheese Flatbread drizzled with Truffle oil. I mean, OH MY YUM! We went home, and then - - even though it was super late, we built Emry's Gingerbread Train - - and had a lot of fun doing it.


Today has been an eventful day - I had 2 days of work to make up, I had to make the appointment with the Neurologist, and try and get real medicine from the Cray Cray Nurse Practitioner. And thus, the late post.

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!!!


  1. Girl even the thought of a brain bleed is terrifying - I'm so sorry you had to go through that...I hope the headache goes away soon for you!! Your Christmas tree looks great!! :)

  2. All of the Christmas decor!!!!!!!!! :) I need to get a haircut BADDDD. And I love getting free panties at VS, so totally worth it :) Hope that headache has gone away!

  3. Victorias Secret is my kryptonite, I can't resist. Hope you find out what is going on with the headaches. The tree looks great!