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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Hey Mike.. Guess what day it is?!?!?! HUMP DAY!!!

Liz @ Fitness BlondieToday, is Wednesday and you all know what that means! It means that it's Hump Day, and starting a few weeks back, I became part of the "Hump Day Blog Hop". This is done by Fitness Blondie, a new blog I am following! I found a bunch of great new blogs to read, and a lot of new positive bloggers! This is my fourth week doing this, and each week I find a few new blogs to stalk follow.
Go check it out.. and Join in!
This is also the day for Wednesday Confessions! So, since I think this is very cleansing, and fun therapeutic.. Going to give it another SHOT!


  • I didn't run today, even though it's Wednesday. My normal 6.75 miles (in 70 minutes) didn't happen at all. My feet were unhappy with me... and I couldn't imagine running... So, I walked on the treadmill for an hour of Hill training. I used the highest resistance/incline (which is a 20) at a speed of 4.3mph. I did a 10 minute cool down.. and managed to get 4.95 miles in at 70 minutes. At least my butt will thank me later... The hills help to lift it up!
  • I have a pint of Stewart's Brand "Salted Caramel Macchiatto" sitting in my freezer... and I'm pretty sure I'm going to eat most of it on Friday.
  • Instead of being social, and sitting down with Klay and/or my dad to watch a little TV at night.. I've just gone straight to bed... If I'm going to fall asleep anyway.. it might as well be in my bed.
  • I've wanted nothing more than to stay in my pajamas every day this week.
  • I keep a "In Case of Emergencies" candy stash in my desk at work.
 Now wasn't that fun? No? I thought it was.. moving along...

For the second (or third) Thursday in a row, I have to go food shopping. I try to do this on Friday nights, so that I can stay out later, take my time, and just pass out when I get home... without the worry of work the next day.

That can't happen.. not for at least the next month. Stupid MAY schedule...oh, by the way, can we believe that MAY is TOMORROW? When did that happen?

So, I'm looking into recipes for next weeks food, and the weekend.

I never made the clean calzones, and I still have the ingredients, I am thinking of making them tonight... after I get Emry home from Karate. I do not let food go to waste. EVER.

So I've been stalking other blogs.. looking for other recipes... for the week..
My thoughts for this week ARE!

Over at Life by Nadine Lynn, she has a recipe for Skinny Cajun Chicken Pasta. It's very basic and easy! She has the calorie count at 324 calories per serving, and for a dinner, that ain't bad!

I may use almond milk, instead of skim milk... and I may add a couple extra spices in there.. But overall, this looks like a seemingly healthy, an d easy weekly meal to make!

Heck, I may even by some whole wheat pasta for this one. Even though, I should finish out the white pasta we have in the cupboard... SIGHS... I can't just throw it away... Can I?

So that takes care of the week... and then, I have this ingenious idea for the weekend breakfast!

1I found this recipe over at "Eat Yourself Skinny", it is a batter for Whole Wheat Banana Waffles! Now, what I'm thinking is, turning that batter into Pancake Poppers. Does anyone know what Babycakes are? It's a brand of cake pop maker.. but you can also use it to make doughnut holes or Pancake Poppers. And who doesn't like to pop some yummy pancakes?

The recipe calls for skim milk, and I don't do that.. so Almond milk will be swapped. It also calls for Stevia... and I also don't do that.. so I will opted for the regular sugar. Other than that.. seems like an AWESOME idea for breakfast. Serve it with a smoothie, or with some fruit! Maybe even a little syrup? Oh man... Sounds totally tasty.. doesn't it?

Then there is the weekend dinners... which, once again I am coming up blank with... There are so many great options that I could prepare... But, honestly, you guys... I got to clean out some of the meat in the freezer.. and I know I have a pre-marinated rack of BBQ ribs in the fridge. I know.. GASP!!!... I'm thinking about preparing those, with a nice large SALAD... Easy peasy Lemon Squeezy...

And then just work with what is in the fridge for the rest of the weekend.

OH, another confession - I am wicked exhausted, and my motivation to be SUPER MOM.. is just not shiny as it usually is!

But, it is HUMP DAY, and I just got the kick in the pants that tomorrow will be another ROUND OF TABATA....

Do you know why? Because I got an email alerting me that the work fitness center will be closed tomorrow and Friday due to repairs of the flooring. That's the universe telling me.. GO TO TABATA... LOVE TABATA!!!!

How's your week going? 

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Wedding Post #5 - Cake Toppers

I never knew how hard it would be to choose a Wedding Cake Topper. I had no concept of the different options there were online... 

Someone should have prepared me for this.

Klay and I have been going back and forth for about two months, about what type of cake topper we want. Our theme is Rustic/Woodsy/Antique Store Chic... And our cake is going to look something like THIS: 

But instead of flowers being used, the bakery is going to make vine like tree limbs with tri-colored leaves. 

So, we were thinking of anything that would go with that theme... So, I went to I mean seriously... you can find ANYTHING on Etsy. 

Rustic Cake Toppers - 5,685 items (136 pages of returns)

That was too many too look at. It overwhelmed me just after the third page. 

So we had to go back to the drawing board... we had to narrow down our ideas.

I love penguins, but they aren't really "rustic" animals...
I was also thinking of something Steampunk or Renaissance-esque.. But all of the ones I looked for were just... cheesy... Or overpriced and GORGEOUS.

I looked at ones with Trees on them, Birds... Finally... Klay and I thought that THIS, was the cake topper:

Owl Wedding Cake Topper  Mr & Mrs -  Rustic Country Chic Wedding
find it here!

It was simple, It was us.. it went with the theme... I thought we were SOLD...
The price was right, so I held off on buying it for a couple of weeks.

Fast forward to the Wedding Tasting... Klay asks me, as we are sampling the wedding cake... 

"Did you order those owls"
"No... not yet."
"Don't. I don't think I like them anymore"

So, I told him we needed to figure it out... and it came down to this:

Some were too PLAIN and SIMPLE
Some were too FLASHY and OUT THERE.

So, what do I do?
I'm a thinker and a doer.


I swear, once I got a glue gun, my mind told me that I had a cape on, and endless amounts of time.
That is what I think happened... because, even though I do not have the time to do this.. I am going to.

Let me show you what I'm working with...

  1. Wooden Crafting Owls - $5/piece
  2.  Sparkly Tulle - $3/roll 
  3. Oak Crafting Rounds - $2/piece (got two)
  4. Floral Bendable Hair Sprig - It's got silver mirrored leaves... the picture is the closest thing I could find online.
  5. Tuxedo Wine Bottle Cover

Now the plan is to give one a little tuxedo, and give the other a veil. Then glue them to the oak bases.

I'm not afraid to do this, I think I can actually do a great job with them... **FINGERS CROSSED JUST IN CASE THOUGH**

Klay loved the idea... and he is confident in my abilities...

Plus, it is those UNIQUE touches that truly make a Wedding!

What do you guys think?

Monday, April 28, 2014

4-day weekend recap.. WAIT? ANOTHER ONE?

We all know I was off on Thursday, so I could sit with the Lemon Car at the dealership...
There is no news there... But then.. THIS MIRACULOUS THING HAPPENED!

Klay's Brother and Sister-in-Law, WENT IN TO LABOR and 10:35p that night.. THERE WAS BABY MARGARET ROSE!!!!!

So, of course, with them living in Virginia.. we had to go... but, you know.. had to take another day!

I cleaned the entire upstairs of the house, and then left my dad a nice note asking him to vacuum downstairs and take care of our kitties.

We packed a cooler of healthy snacks, for our 5.5 hour drive.... From Fruits/Veggies to Protein Bars and Nuts... Bottled Waters, a couple of yogurts that we froze to keep them cold, and 3 seminary muffins (for breakfast on Saturday)...

Some Easter Candy to bribe Emry with....

We picked Emry up from school around noon, and then began the journey to Virginia.

Our 5.5 hour trip, winded up taking about 7 hours. We hit 2 accidents, 3 construction zones, 2 bumper to bumper NONSENSES! And it was awful.
About half way through, our butts were numb, and there was the definite need for a pee break. Unfortunately the only thing on our side of the road, with a bathroom that we were certain would be clean.. was an Arby's. 

Hi, my name is Kat, and I eat junk food when I'm stressed out.

One pee break, One smokehouse brisket sandwich, Two Orange Creme Shakes (one for me, one for Emry) and a Jalapeno Popper Bites (for Klay) later... and we were back on the highway.

And oh.. how good did that grossly high calorie sandwich and shake taste? Amazing. Not going to lie... It made sitting in bumper to bumper traffic a little more bearable.

Emry was perfect. He had his Nintendo DS... some activity books.. and a National Geographic 400 fun facts book (which he read to us for about an hour of the trip). 

my hair is pulled back, I did not cut it off!
We finally got to the hospital around 8p that evening.. and we met her.. The cute and adorable Margaret Rose... She was perfect in every way.. Not going to lie.

We spent a couple hours there, and then around 11:30p we headed toward Klay's brothers house, where we stayed... and then it hit us... WE WERE ALL STARVING.

Only thing opened was an IHop. SIGHS.. I ordered some french toast thing, that turned out to be nasty.. so I winded up eating half of it...

Finally we got to sleep... and were up at 7:30a the next morning, ate breakfast, straightened up... Re-packed our stuff.. and were back at the hospital. 

We needed some more baby loving before we left. Emry got to hold her twice, once Friday night and once on Saturday. He is in love with his new baby cousin. 

We were on the road by 11:45a... and we were home by 5:40p. 
We hit very little traffic, and the ride was an overall success... even though we had to stop for gas... at SHEETZ... and there was another fatty sandwich consumed... **SIGHS**.. When will I learn?

So Friday is normally rest day, but Saturday turned into one as well....

Sunday, was also another INTENSE day. We had Emry's swimming class at 10:15a (I swear, he is going to learn how to swim before the end of this summer, he's too old to need a bubble)... 

The plan was to get to the Y at 8:30'ish, so that Emry could go to Child Watch... this way Klay and I could get a decent workout in. Which, as you can read from above, I totally needed! I ran, and did some leg exercises, especially this amazing lunge I found out about from 

After that we watched the Swim class (sorry no pictures, trying REALLY hard not to be the millionth mom snapping away at the YMCA POOL), and then quickly ran home, showered, and got on the road for the:


I can't begin to tell you.. how amazing it was. 
And I'm confused why they call it a tasting.. since it seemed like a 12 course meal. I have no pictures of it.. because I was just THAT overwhelmed with the amount of food being brought out to us... but, it was kind of like this:

We had to answer a bunch of questions about what we'll want during the ceremony and reception.. If people will be using the hotel at the venue the night before or night of... A lot of questions, that honestly, we should have thought of.. But, didn't... no big deal.. we still have:

160 days 36 minutes 10 seconds until the wedding.

I'm sure we'll figure all these questions in time.. Right? Possibly? Oh god I hope so.

We walked around the grounds and scouted out the 2 locations where our ceremony will take place...

And then, drove home...

Bath time for Emry.. then bed time. 

Before I got to bed, I had to finish up the RSVP cards, so we can send out the invitations on May 1st. (More on the later this week... I'm actually going to do a WEDDING post)

Then I had to pack my lunch for today, and get all my stuff ready for my work week. 

I was asleep on the couch by 9p... It was like running a dang marathon!!!!

But, totally worth it.. All of the circus.. All worth it.


Thursday, April 24, 2014

The amazing trip to the Dentist!

My monkey, Emry, is not a fan of the dentist... and for a while, I was sure he was going to rot all of his baby teeth out of his face. 

He "brushes" his teeth twice a day, and "rinses"... there is also twice a day "flossing".. Notice how the actual activities are in quotation marks? That is not on accident. If you watch Emry, he will brush, rinse, and floss... If you do not, it's an iffy situation... He sucks on the toothbrush, rather than brushing those pearly little white chicklets. The rinse is 10 seconds long.. and the flossing... well, the floss wand barely makes it past his lips.. How do I know? My super Mama hearing skills can tell... and also... the night time routine take 1/18th of the time it should... months ago, at his last appointment, there was the FEAR that one of his back teeth was forming a cavity... That we needed to pay extra special attention when brushing... THIS DROVE ME UP THE WALL. My mom spider sense went NUTS. I never had any cavities when I was a kid... And I only got 2 after I gave birth to Emry... 

I think it's insane when small children get cavities.. I mean, if there is a genetic thing, or your teeth are overcrowded, or there's some type of medical reason... FINE.. but, otherwise.. Those baby teeth should NOT have cavities, and there should not be a FILLING EVER... At least not until your 18, and not my financial responsibility.

I'm sorry.... did that sound too harsh? Yeah... I re-read what I wrote.. It does.. But, seriously man... EMRY BRUSH YOUR TEETH OR MOMMY WILL NEVER LET YOU LOOK AT SUGAR AGAIN!

Yeah, I"m that mom.

After that visit, we really started checking is teeth.. smelling his breath... making him re-do the whole tooth brushing thing... 

And thank God.. I think it paid off.


He sat, they checked his teeth... they did the special deep cleaning...

Then they put sealant on two of his molars, to protect them from decaying, or stuff getting stuck in them... 

And they took a panoramic x-ray of his mouth. Do you know what that revealed?

FINALLY.. SOME MOVEMENT WITH HIS ADULT TEETH! And that means that the TOOTH FAIRY is going to making an appearance in our home, VERY SOON... and that makes this mom SUPER excited., yes, I know, he is 7... and he should have been losing teeth much earlier. I started losing them at 4... and a bunch of his friends have holes in their faces... But, his teeth just took their time.

The dentist says it's normal, and that everything is moving the way it should. And sometimes it's just a BOY thing...

Yes, another reason why GIRLS are BETTER than BOYS... Yeah, I said it... I meant it...

BOYS ARE SLOW WITH EVERYTHING... Even pushing out those baby teeth!
not my kid.. but still funny
And he was happy. Yes, Emry enjoyed the dentist. More so than ever before... and it was because he saw that he did the work, and it paid off... He, in a very childlike way, asked if a reward for his good visit could be a piece of his chocolate Easter bunny...

I laughed really hard, and then said SURE!!!! As long as you super brush your teeth after!!!

It's all about moderation.. I suppose!

I know it's unexciting.. but, it's the little things! Especially when you have kids... The little accomplishments!!!

Did I go to the Full Body Circuit Today?

If you were here yesterday, you will remember during my hump day post, that I was talking about feeling scared to go to the Full Body Circuit class, that was going to challenge you and push you past your limits.


No.. no I did not.. because, today was TABATA day at the YMCA... this means that I need to read my class schedule more closely.. but, oh man, did I love this class....

Tabata is a form of High Intensity Interval Training, where you work for 20 seconds and rest for 10 seconds for a series of 8 intervals (4 minutes of work per exercise). You rest for a minute.. then you start up on a different exercise. This was a 45 minute class... we did this for 14 different exercises. 

With a warm up and a cool down included... this class was AMAZING... and guess what? Not only did I keep up.. but I was doing pretty DANG good.

The warm up consisted of different types of "jacks".. Jumping Jacks, Lateral Jacks, Jumping Squat Jacks, and others I never heard of. Lunges and Stretching!

The cool down was lots of stretching and lunges... and then some yoga like balancing. Very nice!!!! exercises we did were: - Using the heavy ropes we "whipped" them for 20 seconds, and then after a 10 second cool down we then held on to the ropes and did jumping jacks with them. We did 8 intervals of these two exercises. - TRX is a new class that is taught at the YMCA, you use the suspension ropes that are hung from the ceiling. We used these, and hooked the suspension ropes on our shoes and then did push ups and bringing our legs to our chest for 20 seconds, after the 10 second cool down, we then went to our forearms and rocked back and forth (called a "sew grinder") for 20 seconds. All with our bodies suspended in the air slighlty. Another 8 intervals of these two exercises. - Weighted Barbell Squats (you know I loved this) and then we did Squat presses...8 intervals of these 2 exercises.
4 - Kettle Bell Lifts and something called the surfer dead lift (I couldn't find a picture for this. But, you for into the starting position in the picture on the left, bring the kettle straight up to your hip level, and then jump 180 degrees, and do it again)... with a 15 pound kettle bell, I was sweating by the end of the 8 intervals of these two!!! - Pilates Crunches - where you lay flat, hands over your head, and then you bring your legs up and your arms up.. meeting (hopefully) in the middle to do a crunch.. this was paired with bicycle crunches. I felt like a rock star during these.... And the woman I paired up with, was in amazing shape, and she was commenting how well I was doing for my first class. - Dips and Ski Jumps. We used the stepping block and did tricep dips... and then we used the stepping block to jump over for the Ski Jumps (self explanatory and really hard to find a picture of.. BAFFLED!) - Pushing a heavy weighted box from one side of the room to the other and then we had those heavy ropes that were weighted with a sand bag... we had to pull those to ourselves.. and then run across the room to pull it back. This was the very end.. and I was REALLY feeling it. 

I was sweating... and so was everyone else... 
But, I did it.. I did it without having to mod the exercise to be easier... 
I felt good.. and as I sit here in the Car dealership, while they diagnose my car problem...


Now, the question is, can I do this on the regular? My work day begins at 8/830a... and I work about 45 minutes from home... The class let out at 6:30a... I helped clean up a little bit (I helped set up too)... I was home by 6:50.... and was able to get out of the house shortly after 7a to get to the car dealership... Was it a race? YES... but, could I do it once a week? Hmmmm... It would give me 1.5 hours to get a 45 minute distance, and if there's traffic... I think I could still make it in on time... 

Tomorrow is rest day, and after checking the schedule (because, you know, I can be TAUGHT!) at the YMCA for tomorrow.. TOMORROW is the full body circuit... Perhaps a trial run? Can I do a class and make it to work on time.. while looking presentable, and not like a DROWNED RAT??? 

But, that would defeat the purpose of REST DAY... AGAIN.... Hmmm.... Anybody have any advice for this? Should I give it a go tomorrow? Or should I try it next Thursday?

Also: yesterday, I was reading a post from one of the new blogs I am following (Thanks Liz @ Fitness Blondie for getting me connected with and I found a great Leg Day workout.. that I can totally do!!! I am officially calling Saturday "LEG DAY"

Very positive, and active morning... Helps with the lack of movement I am doing now.. sitting at the car dealership.. with the LEMON car.... grar... 

Stay tuned.. later, I am going to do a "mommy post"... about our trip to the DENTIST!

Yeah, I'm a corn ball.. Come on back!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Hump Day Blog Hop... With some Confessions & Recipes...

Liz @ Fitness BlondieToday, is Wednesday and you all know what that means! It means that it's Hump Day, and starting last week, I became part of the "Hump Day Blog Hop". This is done by Fitness Blondie, a new blog I am following! I found a bunch of great new blogs to read, and a lot of new positive bloggers! This is my third week doing this, and each week I find a few new blogs to stalk follow.
Go check it out.. and Join in!
I've noticed that most of the blogs that are on this link up, also cross "link" (does that make sense, my techno-stupidity is showing) with "Hump Day Confessions".... 
So I thought I would cover some Hump Day Confessions... 
  • I didn't eat dinner last night. I mean, I really wanted to... and I managed to snack on an apple after 7p... but, oh man, did Emry's karate night really take a lot out of me.
  • I held on to the treadmill for a little bit today... I know that doesn't really count towards my running, but, at one point, I needed a minute or two just to find the pace with my feet.
  • Even though today was Running/Core day.. I still did some weighted squats... Because, I am seriously becoming addicted to the results!
  • I considered bringing a pint of ice cream with me to work, and eating it all day... I'm hormonal, and it sounded like a GREAT IDEA. I didn't do it though, but I am regretting that decision every time I feel my stomach cramping.
  • I keep intending to take this "Full Body Circuit" at the YMCA @ 5:30a.. but, my motivation and fear is keeping me from doing it. What if I look like a dork? What if I can't do it? WHY can't I convince my mind to suck it up buttercup?!?!?!?! Thinking about doing it tomorrow... since, I have to take my car into the dealership... again.... **SIGHS**
  • Sometimes I can't get over how many calories are in "healthy" snacks. Like energy/protein bars... Man.... They sound so tasty... but... I just can't physically get myself to eat a 300 calorie energy bar..... The calorie counter of the past SCREAMS at me whenever I think about it.
Since, tomorrow I will not be at work, because of the on going car debacle;
I am going to borrow Klay's car, and do the grocery shopping on Thursday morning.. so today is going to be spent examining decent recipes for next week... and a few weekend recipes... Not sure if the idea of planning ahead is working... but, it is nice not to wonder about what is available to eat. 

I started perusing recipes yesterday, and I had an INSTANT favorite for the weekly meal... I just need to probably make two trays worth so everyone has enough.

Vegetarian Mexican ManicottiI found this over at Little Leopard Book, and it's a Mexican Manicotti.
The only changes I am thinking about making is, that I already have a bunch of canned beans in my cupboard, I was thinking of cooking them, and then using the food processor to make them "refried bean" consistency. 
I'm pretty sure I have lentils and black beans, maybe I'll do a little of both!
And, instead of the queso fresco... I may just use the last of the marscapone I have... 

One other note: I am thinking of either getting WHOLE WHEAT or VEGETABLE pasta for this.... Thoughts?
Other than that.... the recipe will be followed exactly.

This makes about 3-4 servings... so I will have to triple it to make it worth it for the week. I'm pretty sure I have a giant baking dish I can use... I'll let you know how it goes!

And then, for the weekend, I found this recipe over at Broke & Bougie, and it's a Cauliflower Crust Calzone!

I'm not going to lie, the idea of a Cauliflower "dough" kind of freaks me out.. and makes me question my cooking abilities.. but, it sounds super simple, and I actually have ALL but ONE of these ingredients at home (Cauliflower doesn't really enter our doors THAT often). 

And for a weekend meal, with probably no left overs, I think the men can suck it up and give it a try! Either that... or start cooking for themselves... 

HA! I control all the power! Mwa-hahahahaha

The only thing to worry about is the weekend breakfast... as I said the Oatmeal Bars were good, but, could have been cooked a little longer.. next time next time... But, Emry didn't like the look of them, so that wasn't a win there... So now, I am searching for the answer to a healthy BULK weekend breakfast option... 

And this one looks like something I can do, and that I have most of the ingredients in my cupboard (which in my world is a BIG deal). This comes from and is called "Seminary Muffins".

The only thing I think I have to buy, is the semi sweet chocolate chips... Or, maybe I'll just throw a little unsweetened cocoa powder into it... Hmmm... I wonder what that would do to the structural stability of the muffin... 

But, the appearance of chocolate chips would make Emry more keen to eat it. Decisions... Decisions...

Do you plan your meals ahead? Or do you cook every night?
Do you have any blogs, websites or books that you turn to for easy and healthy recipes?

Please.. Join the Blog Hop... Share some confessions! Have a great Day People!!!!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Weekend Recap - 4 days weekends both ROCK and STINK

So, I've been MIA since the long weekend... I thought I would have to write and write and write to keep myself straight... Well... For the most part, I didn't need to... And I will not lie.. I did indulge more than I should have... But, I did exercise ... CRAZY EXERCISE... all days but Sunday.

I decided that Friday's Rest Day, should merely be a rest day from my normal workout routine. I slept in until 6:30am and then made it to the YMCA by 7a. If this doesn't sound like sleeping in to you, remind yourself, this chick, wakes up at 4:30a and is in the gym before the sun considers rising. So... 6:30/7am is like sleeping until NOON in my world. used different machines... like the ROWING machine. There was GAMES on it.. and RACES... and I did that for a good 15 minutes... It was undoubtedly FUN!
dude, you can lift your leg higher than that
I then moved on to the Stair Climber... Which, was not my favorite, and I only lasted 5 minutes on it. Not because it was hard.. but because I got bored... and FUN was the object of Rest Day Workout... 

I then tried different weighted machines, and discovered a leg adduction machine that has helped me with my Side kicks. Let me see if I can find a picture of it... Anyway.. Needless to say, IN LOVE WITH THAT MACHINE. 

I attempted pull ups/chin ups with only 30 pounds of assistance weight.. and managed to do 5! I am getting closer to not needing the weights AT ALL. And that, my friends, will be a happy day. 

I upped the treadmill as fast as I could run.. and managed an 8 minute 47 second mile... And that was that! 

I think between reps and sets.. I did 1.5 hours of exercise.. and felt INVIGORATED! It was SO nice!

Friday, then became my day to do WHATEVER I wanted. Klay took Emry hiking for the ENTIRE day. THE ENTIRE DAY MEANING: they left around 9:30a and didn't come home until roughly 7p. I chose my time wisely... I went to an Estate Sale with a friend, and bought the items to build Emry's Easter Basket.... Took myself out to lunch.... Had a Chocolate Cherry Bomb Stout with Lunch... Came home and spray painted the hutch that will go in my bathroom (needless to say, it's going to need a few more coats before it is done)... Did the cooking for the week and made the "Chips" for the Easter Dessert.

  1. The Banana Raspberry Oatmeal bars: I could have cooked them a little longer than the recipe called for.. BUT THEY WERE SUPER YUMMY! Will try these again!
  2. The Spaghetti Squasher Quasi Chicken Parm meal I invented... TURNED OUT FANTASTIC... Please, give it a try!!!!
  3. The Fruit Salsa I made for Easter... Was.. Bleh... It wasn't BAD.. but, honestly, I don't think I'll try it again... Fresh fruit would have been better.... 
  4. The "chips": DO NOT MAKE THESE A COUPLE OF DAYS BEFORE... MAKE THEM THE DAY OF IF POSSIBLE. They went from crispy awesome to tough cardboard in 36 hours. So, they are AWESOME for the SAME DAY and SUCKTASTIC if made in ADVANCE. Got it? Good... don't make the same mistake I did. 
Saturday was a day spent with the YMCA in the morning, in which I ran like I was being chased by zombies... 27 minute 45 second 5k time... Treadmills are fun... but holy cow, was I sweating from every pour on my body. Then, I did the house work, in which I got significant help from the men folk.. IT WAS AN EASTER MIRACLE. Klay, Emry and I then went to Loew's and purchased an outdoor patio set... and some Adirondack chairs... We are anticipating a lovely Summer in our backyard with BBQ's and Friends and Fire pit time... We needed to have a better set up! And then we watched TV together... Really.. quite a boring day... Oh, and I prepared the Fruit Salsa somewhere around 9p on Saturday... Still.. it really was MEH.... I bet more sugar and cinnamon would have given it something.. but that was going against my morals.. Seriously.. FRUIT SALAD... Ugh moving on...

Sunday... Easter... I was up at 445a to hide the Easter Eggs outside... Quipped with a flashlight, and Klay standing lookout... I managed to get everything hidden... And do you know my luck? Emry didn't wake up until 7a... WHAT A NOOB! 46 eggs were discovered in about 15 minutes, and then we proceeded to go through our AWESOME Easter Basket.. Breakfast was had... candy was ignored (by his choice) until about 10a... He watched Frozen, and played by himself... The adults watched the news.. and had coffee (or a protein drink in my case)....

We went to Easter Dinner at his parents... The food was great... Did I adhere to the ONE PLATE rule? I did... I had ONE salad plate.. with little dressing, but as much greens as I could pack in it. I had HALF a dinner plate of: Pork Loin, Apple Sauce, Green Beans. I did have 2 pieces of bread. One dinner roll... and then... She announces that the FRESH BAKED GARLIC HERB BREAD is done.. so, of course I had another (Bread is my weakness.. it really is). 

Truth time, the second piece of bread is where this day got away from me. And, I totally gave in to the "Fat girl" in my head. I am not ashamed, I feel guilty.. but... I have to remember the following statement:

So.. here we go... This is wear it gets ugly.. LOOK AWAY... 

Dessert came out... and the one plate rule went out the damn window. I had 2 small pieces of the BUNNY cake... 2 large helpings of the underwhelming fruit salsa, and chewy "chips".. I swear they were crunch right after I made them... 

I knew I was losing control, so I cleared the plates... I thought that my idea of getting the plates away from me would be a good idea.. THERE WAS A GLITCH IN THIS LOGIC... This sent me to the kitchen.. where the food that wasn't placed on the table was LEFT.. So, the slices of pork loin... the BREAD.. the copious amounts of bread... the drippings in the pan from the pork loin, right next to the bread.... Sonuvabeech.... Slice of bread.. dunked in the drippings.. and in my mouth... Oooh, a small piece of pork loin... Don't mind if I do.... **SIGHS**

We took home a little pork, the remaining fruit salsa, and NONE of the cake.. Because it would have all been eaten.... So, I count that as a victory.. that I said NO... 

We got home, Klay began working on the Mead he is making for the Wedding Party... 
Emry went and played with his Lionel stuff in the basement... my dad went outside and sat in one of the Adirondack chairs... he took a nap. I... I had a little ice cream and watched a movie... 

I stole a couple jelly beans... 

I watched Survivor with Emry... put him to bed... and then... We watched Game of Thrones... Dad got hungry so I went out to grab him something from Wendy's... AND... I stopped at taco bell...

Yah.. when I go off the reservation.. I really go off the reservation.... 

I'm not proud.. .But, I'm honest... and I need to write this, because SOMEONE ELSE has to understand they are NOT alone....

I woke up on Monday morning, and I did not weigh myself. I knew it was bad... And I didn't care... I got my workout clothes on.. and I was in the gym by 630a... I ran... I lifted... I did a FULL body workout. 

When I say I ran... I need to note that I did 6.74 miles... in 70 minutes. 

I did weighted squats... I did tortuous core exercises... I basically was mentally telling myself that I was NOT okay with what I did yesterday...

I did NOT over do it... I did make myself PAY for what I had previously done though.

AND THEN... I cooled down.. went home... Got reasonably clean.. AND WE WENT HIKING... 
We hiked for 4 hours... And most of it was Rock Scrambles on "Copes Lookout Path" at Mohonk. You may have read about it in my questionnaire this morning.

It was an intense hike. We must have in hiked 5 miles.. Possibly more... But, the rock scrambling made me Climb and use my weight to descend.. and my hands to grip... It was epic.. and I loved it...


We went out for Turkish food, and I had a Vegetarian Okra Stew with Bulgur. It was fantastic. 

We then, went for a little walk.. and Klay NEEDED to go for a beer... (He does love his beer)... 
And I had a hard apple cider... and we had a little dessert...

That was a major meal for me... between the Stew and the Cider/Dessert.. I was not hungry for the rest of the day.... Seriously.. no dinner was eaten.. I was just FULL.

We picked Emry up from School, and we did the evening Karate Routine.. and that was that.
Literally.. after Emry went to bed, I took a bath, Klay trimmed my ends (yes, he cuts my hair... I'm growing out a lot of old dye, and can't afford regular trips to the salon).. and I went to BED... 

I woke up this morning, had an amazing weight/strength training session... I MENTION THAT WEIGHTED SQUATS WERE MY NEW FAVORITE THING? My legs are getting a definition that I just can't deny! 


Oooh, I bet you're wondering, how I stacked up on the scale this morning.

I woke up... 4 pounds up from where I was on Thursday. Yup. However, a lot of that is bloat from eating unhealthy foods... And I know I'll wake up tomorrow with most of that off... It is that UGLY WEEK FOR ME... so, the bloat is normal. 

I'm not freaked out by it at all.. and I know come this weekend, I'll be exactly where I was... last Thursday.

It's about CONSISTENCY...

Tell me, how was your Easter Weekend? 
Did you stay on track?
Tell me.. HOW DO YOU DO IT?

See y'all tomorrow.

10 questions about running and other things.

I was catching up on my blogs, since I was away since Thursday.. GASP.. I KNOW!
And I came across this questionnaire over at "Life, Love and The Webers" - written by Meg!  
She is a  new runner, and even though I've been running for about a year now, I kind of feel like a new runner myself. Her posts are positive and witty... She's super fun. You should check her out.

If you like the questionnaire, go post one on your blog, and tag the post in the comments! I'll read yours if you read mine! Who was your biggest role model as you first started running?

Wow.. I think what got me on the treadmill, was this guy at work David. I would be using the elliptical.. and he would get on the treadmill and just FLY.. he looked so free... When the elliptical was no longer effective... I started running, and never looked back. And, then he was so motivational when he heard I signed up for my first 5k.. and he continues to be the best "gym buddy" in the entire world.

2. What is your best running memory? 5k was a big deal for me... It really was. But, was it the best memory? Hmmm... No. It wasn't. The best running memory for me, was after I had run outside (at 5a) a couple of times.. I think I had this epiphany that I was actually a runner... I was chasing a garbage truck (with considerable distance between us) from house to house.. and then.. there was a break in the neighborhood, and he started to creep farther and farther away.. and I didn't want that.. I wanted to keep up.. I wanted to be able to read his license plate... So I charged it.. And I pushed it.... And that was the best memory... The darkness of the early morning hours, and trailing a speeding garbage truck... Odd.. but funny.. and if you're a runner, you know what I'm talking about. time you now spend running; what was it filled with before you started running?
Eating everything in site. Sleeping. Being lazy. Becoming a drone. Did I mention eating? 

4. What is your favorite TV Show? man, there are so many right now. I'm in HUGE love with Game of Thrones... but, also I have a thing for Face Off and Jim Henson's Creature shop. AND THEN there are all the Tattoo "Reality" shows... I watch a lot of TV on Demand, and the same episode multiple times (I usually fall asleep on a lot). What is one habit you won't give up, even though you know it's not the healthiest?

Habit? Junk Food. I love junk. Candy, Cookies, ICE CREAM (my current major problem)... It's all in moderation, and as long as I don't eat it too often, and I continue working out... I think I'll be fine.. .Or is that denial?

6. If you could have lunch with someone famous, who would you pick?

That's a big question, and in my mind, I can think of 20 famous people that I would have lunch with. But, honestly, I think I would have to go BIG with this one... I'd probably pick Vin Diesel. Now don't judge, it's not just because he is amazingly beautiful and ripped. But, he's also a REAL PERSON. He is a positive person, that believes in projecting your future... He's a father... and a husband. 
I would love to pick his brain and see how he manages to stay so focused and down to earth in an industry that picks at your self esteem... Maybe, my little stressors would disappear if I could hear that sort of wisdom.

7. What is your favorite season for running? 
Late Summer, Early Fall... When the humidity is low, and the mornings are balmy... I had my best outdoor runs in August/September.

8. Describe the one route you would be okay with running over and over for the rest of your life. don't really have a favorite yet.. But, I am thinking the Rail Trail. It is flat, and paved and goes through a number of our local towns.. you can just run straight for MILES.. no cars, no stop lights... No traffic.... No debris on the road... It's going to be my favorite thing to do this spring/summer/fall. If time and money were not an object, where would you go on vacation?

I want to go someplace TROPICAL.. Antigua ... or Haiwaii... Some place all inclusive, with beaches and sun... Little drinks with umbrellas... and me all prepared with a bikini body. Which, I need to note, I have been in ALL winter... And that's a MAJOR accomplishment. 

10. What is your favorite past time, other than lacing up the running shoes?

I love to cook. I love finding new healthy recipes and making them for my family. I've also become a major HIKER (read more about that later today!)....
This is Copes Lookout Path, at Mohonk Mountain House. If you zoom the picture there is a gentleman in a RED sweatshirt (Find the center of the picture and move your finger up and to the left a little. He's a BLIP in this picture).. THAT IS THE TRAIL. You go down and do rock scrambles.. until you get the the ground... Not easy.. But Super Fun.

So there we have it! Thanks to Meg for sharing a questionnaire that I really enjoyed doing!