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Friday, May 30, 2014

5 on Friday!

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Singular Sensation - Every Move that she makes!'s Friday, so that means it's rest day. It was nice to sleep in, a little, and actually take the time to do my makeup today. I don't really NEED to wear it, but, I do like the feeling as if I am pampering myself.

Because two is better than ONE! came home from work yesterday, and I drove up to Klay doing yard work, on a weekday. Now, this may not be a big deal to some of you; however, during the week, Klay and I both work ALL DAY. Usually he is beat, and just vegges in the house. He was raking, and weed wacking, and leveling out some of the front garden area. His dedication to making our home look beautiful on the outside is inspiring. And it makes me love him even more... and he looks hot while doing it! Hahaha!

 It's how many licks gets you to the center of a Tootsie Pop - 
but, the world will never really know. weekend, I have solemnly swore, not to give in to my cravings and weak weekend mindset. I have planned new workouts for this weekend, one being called the Dirty 30, and I intend to only, mildly indulge, at a birthday party we are attending on Saturday night. The promise I have made to myself is that I will (like normal) workout on both Saturday and Sunday. I will eat a healthy breakfast and lunch, and Dinner will be in an appropriate portion size. If there is dessert.. IF... I am going to share or get the smallest serving possible. This will not be another weekend, that requires me to FIGHT to get back to where I was the week before. I do not want to do that anymore.

Because 4pm is the best time on Friday! am excited to get out of here at 4p, and clean the house/weekly cooking. I know that sounds absolutely crazy, but I did this last week, and the relief of not having anything "house related" to do. We actually were able to enjoy each others company, and have a decent amount of family time.  So, this intense cleaning and cooking spree is SO cathartic and totally worth it.

A hero is no braver than an ordinary man, but he is brave five minutes longer. Wednesday, I made a point of referencing that I got Emry into the "Shower"... not the "Bath". That's right friends, my little man is too big for BATHS! And that is a very big deal. Emry has always hated water in his face.. He felt safe in the bathtub, because, if we washed his hair, he was able to arch his back enough so his face would never get near the water. He does have an unusual fear to the water. But, it is seeming to go away... and this seems to be made possible by the concurrent swim lessons he's been taking this past few weeks. He is even taking more pride in getting the shower done quickly and getting squeaky clean. He's even washing his hair by himself. I call that being Brave. I think I may reward him with watching Frozen... and giving him some cookies... the cookies I will stare at and drool over... **SIGHS** I'm a hot mess.

So, what are your Friday 5's?

I wish everyone a happy and fulfilling weekend! 

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Tabata Thursday! The SAGA continues!

It seems that I have made Tabata a habit.. not just a habit.. it's kind of a love affair.
I keep going back to see what we're doing! And it makes me just.. SO STINKING EXCITED. 
All levels of Fitness Geek go to this class, and I love how we all inspire each other to keep going!
Once again Tabta is a HIIT class (High Intensity Interval Training). Participants go through 7 different stations, 2 exercises per station. Each exercise is 20 seconds long, with 10 second breaks. Each station gets 4 repetitions of the 2 exercises. It's about 4 minutes for each station, and then you get a 2 minute break between stations. 
Once again, there needed to be a little extra explaining, to new students, and people who just didn't understand the initial explanation of each station. .. so we ran out of time and couldn't do the last station. I'll tell you what it was supposed to be, and I was wicked excited to try it again.. Perhaps, next week, I will try to get to the hard station FIRST... so I can at least say I did it.

I still got an amazing workout in. And I love how I feel after class.

Station 1: Ropes
Alternating Lunge Swing
Knee Down Double Swing like last week we did the alternating lunge swing, and I got to tell you, I get more and more confident on the ropes every week. This is not to say that they do not kick my butt, but it's a happy sort of butt kicking, does that make sense?

The One Knee Down Double Swing, I swear, by the second set, I had my eyes closed tight, and I was pushing through it like nobodies business. Nothing was stopping me from giving my all today!

Station 2: Climbing Ropes
Floor to Feet Climbers
Back Row

This was super cool. You start on your butt, and then using your arms, NO LEGS LADIES, you lift yourself up to your FEET. And then, using only your arms, lower yourself back down. THIS WAS WICKED COOL. I saw this, and I thought, "YES!".. and I think I verbally and physically may have done a Yippee Skippee dance. I am getting way to excited over this class. the same rope, we did back rows, and I can feel my muscles getting stronger in this area. And I find that I can lean back more, each time we do this. 

Station 3: Barbell
Clean and Press
Pulsing Squat like I promised, this week I upped the weight on my barbell. 30 lbs.. and it felt AMAZING. if I can do little steps, I'm sure I can be to a forty pound barbell soon enough. Not going to lie, the pulsing squats weren't the MOST fun I've ever hard, but I felt the burn, and the burn is good. So you just got to keep pushing... The pulsing squat kept you in the squat down position, with little pulses up and down. So you never really go back up to full leg extension. Total whoa... Total Awesome. Total SWEAT FEST! 

Station 4: Kettlebell

Now, I've seen JERKS done, and in concept they seem pretty easy. And then, you get a 10lb kettlebell in your hands... not so easy. There is a coordination thing that comes with ALL of these exercises. Arm goes up, Legs go into Squat. Arm goes back to shoulder level, you extend your legs again. Our instructor basically wanted us doing jumps between the two moves, and I swear the jumps are what throw me off... Not sure why... Just a little blonde coming out I suppose :P woodchoppers are fun, no lie. I used a 15lb kettlebell, and I felt it the whole way through each motion. My obliques cried out, and there was a little stretch as you bring it up towards your head... If you've never done a woodchopper, imagine you have an ax, and you are attempting to cut through a block of wood... Apply that motion with a kettlebell.. Done and Done.

Station 5: Abs
Leg Raised Punches
Boat Presses couldn't find a good picture for the Leg Raised Punches. The below picture shows half of this. Instead of your head being on the floor, raise it, so that you have your back off the floor. Keep your arms in front of you, in a guard position, then using the dumbbells: PUNCH. Keep your legs up, and keep punching. This burns... from the first second you start it. Your body isn't sure what muscle to yell about first. Keep doing it... Your abs will thank you later! I know mine are! 

Boat presses, from last week, but this time, I was prepared. I added Boat Presses into my core workout, and have the motion down. That was the only thing holding me back, was the coordination. 

Station 6: Cardio
Side Burpees
Standing Mountain Climbers Burpees - no explanation - only tears. No one likes these.. but we all love them...
Am I right? Mountain Climbers suck butt, they are hard, your body doesn't want to do them, and I did 4 sets of them... and let me tell you.. I had to close my eyes again and just breathe through it. I don't care how I looked. I don't care about my facial contortions.. What I care about is that I gave this my all, even though every thing in my mind said STOP STOP STOP. 

Station 7: Pool Tubing
Get Ups
Canoe Row you remember, a few weeks back our instructor brought these bad boys in, filled them with sand (2 were 40 lbs and 2 were 20 lbs) The drawback is that you have to keep them level, or the sand weighs you down. I did not make it to this station, and I contemplated doing it after class... risk being late for work.. just because.. I really want to CONQUER this activity. 
We did 1/2 gets up the first time with this Tubes.. this time, we used two arms.. It seemed the majority of the class liked this better, and there were better results. It's probably easier to keep the sand level... I'll never know **SIGHS** I'm feeling regret... Next time.. NEXT TIME! canoe row looked interesting, in this exercise you want the sand to come to ONE side of the tube, so you can propel it to the other side.. like you are rowing a canoe. I yearned to do this. Canoeing is something that I used to LOVE. I did it one entire summer... when I was a teen. And it was... JUST AMAZING. But, add weight to it? Sounds like a plan to me! 

That was the class, and the cool down was once again rushed... but, I think the drive in to work cools me down pretty good too. I'll probably stretch more later. 

Today is the last day of the Bod4God Work Challenge. I got to say I'm relieved.. not because I didn't enjoy the program... But, the personal dynamics were starting to get to me, and if you're going to do something, you shouldn't feel uncomfortable the entire time! 

I am going to find something else to keep me accountable during the week...
I saw a blog link up called Weigh In Wednesdays... And, I think I may join that.. Does anyone else do this? Anyone know where the Link Up starts from? Help a sister out.

Thursday Exercise FUELING me to Friday Rest Day!

Be awesome. Be Active. Be You!


Wednesday, May 28, 2014


Hey Mike.. Guess what day it is?!?!?! HUMP DAY!!!

Liz @ Fitness BlondieToday, is Wednesday and you all know what that means! It means that it's Hump Day, and about a month ago, I became part of the "Hump Day Blog Hop". This is done by Fitness Blondie, a new blog I am following! I found a bunch of great new blogs to read, and a lot of new positive bloggers! This is my seventh week doing this, and each week I find a few new blogs to stalk follow. 
Go check it out.. and Join in!
This is also the day for Wednesday Confessions! So, since I think this is very cleansing, and fun therapeutic.. I'm going to continue doing it!

  • I must confess that I committed a cardinal sin yesterday. It was Tuesday, a weekday, and we went out to eat with Klay's brother, sister in law and baby Maggie. And I didn't even try to eat healthy. Spanikopita, Greek Salad, a piece of Klay's whole wheat buffalo chicken pizza (best pizza in town, is found at a greek restaurant, I know.. weird, RIGHT?).
  • I must confess that I had that, I ruined the day moment, and while getting gas at Stewart's I got a kiddie cone with Peach Cobbler Ice cream. I know this was wrong. I knew this was wrong as I pumped gas while eating the cone. 
  • I must confess when I got home, after I got Emry into the shower (more on that later), I had a candy bar... Cookie Dough Flavored Dark Chocolate, and two lorna doons with pb smothered on them.
  • I must confess that I didn't even try to work out last night, to counteract all the wrong, I know I did.. I consciously knew I did. 
  • I must confess this morning, I had that you're a fricking moron moment, and decided that today was the day I was going to make myself pay for my Tuesday cardinal sin.
    • My 5k is in 2 weeks. So, I've decided to change up how I do my running days. I normally will run for 70 minutes straight and do a 10 minute cool down. Today I broke it up into two 35 minute sets. I wanted to see how fast I could do a 5k, and then the rest would be a cool down phase. The first round of this, I did a 5k in 28 minutes 24 seconds, and by 35 minutes I had gone 3.62 miles. The second round of this, I did a 5k in 28 minutes 11 seconds, and by 35 minutes I had gone 3.64 miles. THAT'S A GRAND TOTAL OF 7.26 miles in 70 minutes. AND THAT IS PRETTY DARN AWESOME. That's right, fat careless girl inside of me, pay for your weak binging of doom. 
    • After each 35 minute running set, I did 20 minute core workouts. The first round, I did leg lifts, shovels, russian twists (w/ 10lb weight), and boat presses (with 10lb weights in each hand). I grabbed the exercise ball and using the crossfit machine did 2 sets of forward crunches and 2 sets of side to side crunches (1 set @ 22.5 pounds and 1 set @ 17.5 pounds). I then used the exercise ball to do 2 sets of regular crunches and side crunches (a set is 36 crunches). The second round, I used the exercise ball and passed it from my hands to my feet (2 sets) and then I "threaded the needle", did side V-ups, 2 minute plank, and then while in a plank position, I tried to recreate the rope workout from last week's Tabata class. Instead of ropes I used 10 pound weights, and while in the plank position, I alternated picking up one weight to the level of my shoulder and putting it down, then going to the next arm... I did that for roughly a minute or so.  
  • I must confess, I am going to probably do another killer ab workout when I get home... Just to make myself remember, that during the week.. we do NOT deviate from the prepared foods or scheduled meal plan. I know this sounds totally extreme, and I'm not even a little embarrassed about it. I was FAT, and I got that way, by making excuses and allowing myself to indulge WAY too much WAY too often. That girl is fricking gone, am I right?
  • I also confess, that this weekend, since I am so angry with myself, I am going to do some type of 3 day challenge, and not eat any crap at all. Sorry Emry, I know Mama said that "we could build a snowman" (read: watch Frozen) with Pizza and Ice cream.. but, Mama was really BAD yesterday and that can't happen again.

This is also the point of the week where I go over the foods we will be eating for the next week. For those who don't know, during the week I make what I call a "Bulk Meal". One meal portioned out to a gazillion servings, so that the four of us can eat Lunch or Dinner from Monday to Friday.
From Broke & Bougie - 2 ingredient Crok Pot Chicken - I need say no more
From Eat Yourself Skinny - Summer Quinoa Salad - looks tasty, and I still have quinoa left from last week!
Not going to lie, I picked Broke & Bougie's main dish, because the prep is super easy, and I have one of the two ingredients in my freezer. Just saying... Awesome sauce. I plan on pairing this with side salads, and the amazing Quinoa Salad as well. 

What I loved about the Quinoa Salad (other than the fact I have most of the ingredients in my home), is that the balsamic, lemon and olive oil makes a dressing for it, and it would also go great on top of a Kale salad. 

I love being able to mix and match these things.. Makes the week less boring. Well, I really don't find it boring.. the men on the other hand.. They do. 

Now, on the weekends, I like to make a bulk breakfast. I find this helps the men to eat a breakfast, and it encourages me to do so as well. The overnight oats last week were great, but I'm sure a different texture would be appreciated this week. What I have chosen is:

From Fitness Blondie - Clean Chocolate Protein Cake

8 ingredients, and I have all of them in the pantry and fridge. DONE and DONE. I love how in the picture she tops it with some nice Strawberries. YUM! I know that cake for breakfast will go over really well with everyone. So why not give it a try! Am I right? 

So that's where I am at...

So: Anyone want to weigh in as to why I went totally off the reservation yesterday?
Anyone have any advice that might stick. Please remember I am completely conscious that I am doing a bad thing, and I still can't stop. I really am a Social Binge Eater. **SIGHS**

My workout will kick in eventually, but for right now I feel super good. And I know that my killer core workout this evening is going to really make me remember WHY I AM DOING WHAT I AM DOING. Am I right?

ALSO: Anyone have any cool weekend Challenges (Preferably a Friday to Sunday thing) that I can do this weekend?

Happy Wednesday People!


Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Happy Tuesday - Weekend Recap with PICTURES!

Happy Tuesday all! I hope you all had a marvelous Memorial Day Weekend. And I hope that you spent some of this weekend reminding yourself why we do, in fact, celebrate this day. 

I got out of work at 2:30p on Friday, and I ran to Midas to get my oil changed. By 4:30p that afternoon I was home with Emry, prepping the food for the next week, and the weekend foods. 

I made Lentil Quinoa Cakes, and Roasted Eggplant with Basil. The Quinoa cakes almost didn't stay together during the cooking process.. but, I got them to firm up by keeping them in the broiler longer. I'm sure I didn't mix it correctly, or that my lentils were too water saturated. Meh, They still tasted amazing! The Roasted Eggplant was an amazing dish. From Start to Finish, easy and smelling awesome. 

For the weekend, I made the Chunky Monkey Overnight Oats, and Emry ACTUALLY LIKED IT. All I had to say, "There is chocolate in this breakfast" and I had a winner. No, I did not tell him that I used a portion of a chocolate bunny (Leftover from Easter - over a month ago - not even sorry) to give it that CHOCOLATE FLARE! 

And then, on Sunday I made STROMBOLI! Stuffed with Sauteed Onions, Garlic and Spinach, then tossed with a Marscapone Parmesan Sauce. It was delicious, and looked like a picture.

Saturday was DRESS day. It was the day of my fitting. I had this amazing feeling when I woke up and realized TODAY was the DAY I got to put my dress on AGAIN!!!!! 

We took Emry to his swim lesson, and I managed to get a really great strength workout in before my fitting, which was amazing. I'd post pictures here.. but, for fear Klay happens to wander over. So, let's just say....


Now, there were some "interesting" points to my fitting...
  1. Upon getting the dress on, the consultant that was zipping up the back, said I had "BACK FAT"... Not something ANYONE wants to here when putting on their dress. My sister gave me this weird look, because as this woman said this.. my dress fell into the exact place it was supposed to be, and my back completely smoothed out. "what back fat?" The consultant blushed. What a bitch? Right?
  2. The alteration woman was over worked. Clearly. She first starts in, that I need a slip.. even though the dress has 3 layers of tulle-ing. This woman would not let up. That it needed to be there, and all I heard in the back of my head was "You need to BUY THIS... you NEED to BUY THIS."... So finally I was like whatever, get the fricking slip and let's get this alteration actually started.
  3. THEN: She asks me about the cap sleeves, if I want them higher... So, I told her, if she thought that would look nicer and she could do it.. go for it. THEN SHE GRABS ME BY MY DARN ARM AND SAYS "Well, you can't do that. See? Try and lift your arm, if I do it.. TRY AND LIFT YOUR ARM!" Cheezus Crust woman, get off of me. I told her I got her point, but she brought it up.
  4. THEN: she asks me about how much I want taken off the bottom, and how high I want the bustle... And I looked at her, and said, "This is your expertise. Please alter this the way that you think it will make me look best and fit best." I didn't feel like getting trapped into another TRAP. She begins to tell us (more on US later) how they only give her an hour, and brides are lining up. 1) not my fault that they don't give you enough time and over book you. 2) if you weren't picking on the slip and sleeve issue.. we wouldn't have had a problem. This woman was the worst, and I'm not going to lie, I'm afraid to see what happens to my dress.. but, believe you me, I'm not taking anything back but a PERFECT product. Just saying. a $200 alteration turned into a $325 alteration.. PLUS the $80 slip and the Bustier that I had to buy... $445.. yup.. That wasn't a planned expense.
  5. Now - the US... I had invited, My sister, my future MIL, my bridesmaid and bff Lissa, my friend (and mother of the flower girl) Rosalie, friend Julie... and 6 other people that have shown increased interest in my wedding, the crafting, and what not. So of the 11 people, I got 4 assured Yes replies (Sister, MIL, Lissa, Julianna), 3 maybes (Rosalie being one of them because it was Memorial Day weekend AND they may go to NH - more on this later) and the rest were completely quiet. Not a peep came. Day of, since I knew Rosalie did not go to NH, I was almost certain she was coming to my fitting. I expected 5 people to be there for me. The five people who I honestly love the most. Who showed up? My sister, my MIL, and Julianna. What about Lissa you ask? No show.. even though, when I passed by her apartment 20 minutes earlier, she was definitely home.. and there was no EMERGENCY text that came in... at all. No Rosalie... I happened to notice that she checked in from a friends BBQ ... really close to her house. REALLY fucking (sorry for the cursing) nice. But.. the people who were there.. WANTED to be there.. And LOVED having the experience with me. Not going to lie, I am not happy with Lissa or Rosalie... And I'm not going to hide it either. But, I'm also not going over the top with it. I'm going to keep to myself... I am hurt. And that's what I do when I am hurt.
  6. After the fitting we went for FROYO at a place called HOOPLA.. and oh my goodness was that utterly SINFUL.. and AWESOME... AND SO AMAZING AFTER A DRESS FITTING!
 That night, my friend Angel, who was one of the maybes, but had to work... took me out for dinner at an amazing BBQ place. There was live Blues music, amazing food... and we had an amazing time laughing and just... hanging out. She came back after dinner, and we played Mortal Kombat vs. DC comics on the XBOX.. I know.. we are so REFINED AND MATURE! It was the perfect end to an interesting day!

Sunday morning, I woke up SUPER early, and ran 6.2 miles. It was a beautiful morning, and I wanted to start the day off right!

I got Emry up shortly after my run, and we went down to Phillipsburg, NJ.. for a SECRET SURPRISE TRAIN RIDE.

The travel down was about 2 hours, and we only got lost about 10 minutes from the station. This was due to a Memorial Day Parade, that took over major streets in Phillipsburg.... But, I managed to get around it.. eventually. 

The train departed the station at about 12:30p, and we took a 45 minute ride on an amazing locomotive. The scenery was beautiful. And Emry was just about DYING the entire time.

On the way back, we got off the train at the Susquehanna Mine, which is a little tourist stop on the train line... Here is where you can "mine and pan" for gemstones... and fossils. Emry's bag was FILLED with little gemstones and larger stones. I obviously got a cruddy bag.. However, mine had a few nice sized Gemstones. It was fun just to hang out and do something together. Being a working mama, it's hard to schedule time just for fun...

We had a picnic while waiting for the next train to pick us up at the Mine. And of course had time for silly pictures. 

The train took about 20 minutes to get back to the station, and then we made our way home. Emry was so amazing all day.. I wanted to keep the fun going, so we went for Frozen Yogurt... yup, I went out for FROYO AGAIN.

Only ate half of it.. not going to lie.. I know it was a bad decision.

I woke up on Monday.. Feeling utterly gross, obviously from the Stromboli Dinner, and crazy FROYO dessert.

But, it was Memorial Day, and we had a BBQ to go to. And I had to make DESSERT for it! I made 3 dozen sugar cookies, because I had a package of mix in the house.. and my stomach was not allowing me to do much else. 

Made the cookies, got ready, tried to look like I wasn't going to puke my brains out... and Delivered the cookies to the BBQ location. With enough time left, to get a decent spot on the parade route to see EVERYTHING!
The parade ended with a beautiful ceremony, commemorating the day... and the kids got Ice cream after! How nice is that?
We walked back to the BBQ, had some really kick butt food... tasty desserts... 

Klay's brother made it to the BBQ a little late, but the baby was there, and I got to snuggle her and love her.. That was my favorite part of Memorial Day.. Seriously... My favorite part. 

We ended up a Klay's parents... hung around and enjoyed the beautiful day.. and my beautiful niece.

We were home by 5p.. and I managed to clean up, and prepare for today... 

Watched "We are the Millers" on Showtime.. and actually ENJOYED  IT. I haven't really been in to comedies recently.. too much... gross humor. Not enough... ACTUAL humor. But, this was enjoyable.

Then I attempted to watch "The World's End"... but, I fell asleep on it.

Woke up.. this morning... went to the gym... Tuesday Weight/Strength training felt so GOOD!

But, now, Tuesday has set in.. I am at my desk, and the work pile is getting more and more dense...

Better get to it.

Happy Tuesday People!

Friday, May 23, 2014

The Countdown Begins!

Hello All! It's Friday, and that means it is REST DAY. Oh man, how excited am I for Rest Day.. LIKE SUPER FREAKING EXCITED. Like jump up in the air and click my heels excited. 

Also... the additional excitement could possibly (read: probably) be from the fact that it is 8:30am and I only have to be in this building until 2:30p.. That's right.. It's like a pseudo half day.. it's like a 3/4 day really.. but still.. I'll be out of work.. and able to get my oil change BEFORE 5p. 

I'll be able to get home, and get all the housework done.. so I will have NOTHING TO DO BUT FUN THIS WEEKEND! 

What type of fun, you ask?

Well Let's do it this WAY:
THE GOOD LIFE BLOG 1 - My dress fitting is tomorrow.. That means, that I will have (Hopefully) some lovely friends around me, while I try on the dress.. that in 134 days, will be worn when I marry the most wonderful man I have ever known.. other than my dad of course.

2 - It's Memorial Day weekend, that means I have Monday OFF! And I will be able to see my baby niece for the second time. We are planning on going to a parade and then a BBQ. I am SO stinking excited to see her. I even bought her a little pink outfit! - On Sunday, I am secretly taking Emry to ride a REAL STEAM ENGINE, and take a Mine Train. He has a sick obsession love affair deep appreciation of Steam Engines, and all trains for that matter. So, this should be fun, watching him orbit into space when we pull into the station.

4 - Hoopla Froyo - Need I say more? - Morning Runs OUTSIDE and Long Weight Training Workouts at the "Y". 

So that's the plan.. for the weekend. We all know how hard it is for me to keep on track on LONG WEEKENDS. But, my goal for Monday, is to pretend that I am going to work. I am going to pack my food the same way, and eat as normal as I can.. Even though we are going to a BBQ.. and a PARADE. I figure if I keep my water bottle full... and have a protein shake in the morning.. and an apple before the BBQ... I should be okay. **Fingers Crossed** I should be too immersed in my baby niece to even notice food. 

I did make a positive step today. It's Friday.. It's REST DAY... How do you reward yourself on Rest Day? NOT WITH FOOD. Right? So what did I do.. I slept in later, and then, I got super pretty for work. I mean, MAKE UP AND EVERYTHING. I rewarded myself with looking like a rock star. I packed healthy food options.. and strutted my stuff into the building this morning. Can I get an Amen... Hold on.. LET ME GO TAKE A SELFIE.. no seriously.. I'm going to do it RIGHT NOW.


Don't mind the awful picture.. I had to prop the phone up on a tissue box in the powder room!  But as you can see.. FABULOUSNESS IS THE NAME OF TODAY'S GAME! Total Power Outfit? No? I feel awesome. Just saying.

So with that.. Go on Friends.. OUT into the Great Blue Yonder.. Enjoy your weekend!

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Tabata Thursday - The class I needed!

It seems that I have made Tabata a habit.. not just a habit.. it's kind of a love affair.
I keep going back to see what we're doing! And it makes me just.. SO STINKING EXCITED
Once again Tabta is a HIIT class (High Intensity Interval Training). Participants go through 7 different stations, 2 exercises per station. Each exercise is 20 seconds long, with 10 second breaks. Each station gets 4 repetitions of the 2 exercises. It's about 4 minutes for each station, and then you get a 2 minute break between stations. 
The only bad thing today, is that one of the exercises was a little hard on everyone, and needed extra explaining each cycle change... so we ran out of time on the last station and could only do half. 
Major Bummer.. not super sad though.. I was sweating in places I didn't know could sweat.

Station 1 - Ropes
Alternate Swing and Reverse Lunge
Hip Toss Alternating Swing is getting easier each week. I really do not hate the ropes at all.. it requires me to work.. REALLY HARD... to get the rope to move, and that means I am burning SOMETHING. Right? Am I right? Hip Toss was kind of fun. Why do you ask? Well, my goal was to try and knock down the over sized water bottle someone placed TOO close to my station. So with every right hip swing, I was aiming for that water bottle. This is from the woman who wouldn't let me pair with her.. because "She was waiting for her friend".. Suck it up buttercup, friendsywendsy should have been there on freaking time. The instructor caught on to what I was doing, laughed, and then moved it a little further away from my ropes. See.. motivation is motivation!

Station 2 - TRX
Hamstring Runners
Reverse Crunch w/ Pullover hated TRX today.. and this was the station that people were having trouble with. It was really quite something.  The Hamstring runners look easy. Pick your butt up and then run your legs back and forth. Is that what happened? Nope. The TRX holds felt awkward behind my heel. It didn't feel natural, and I think that is what got me tripped up. reverse crunch with pullover is only half shown by this picture. As you pull your legs toward you, you are lifting a dumbbell over your head towards your knees. It was not fun, and put my body in uncomfortable angles... I did it. It hurt, and I hated it.. but I did it.

Station 3 - Barbell
Forward lunge w/ Rotation
Squat upright row this exercise, I had a 20 pound barbell on my shoulders, and it really felt awesome, no sarcasm I swear, to get down into the lunge and just twist a little. It stretched and burned at the same time. And, for me.. it was... sort of relaxing! Squat Upright Row also wasn't a hard thing. I think next week, I'm going to up the barbell to 30 or 40.. I need a challenge.

Station 4- Kettlebell
Arm Swing
Jack Press used a 15lb kettlebell for the arm swing, and I think I could have gone to 20lb. I felt the workout, I felt the sweat pooling.. I just wanted MORE of it? Does anyone ever feel like that? I think the only thing holding me back, is the fear I'm going to hurt myself. NO FEAR MORE KETTLEBELL! The jack press I used a 10lb kettlebell, as instructed by the teacher. And understandably so, because you have no idea how much your body doesn't want to do this. Also, there is the fear you are going to smack yourself in the face with the bell. Ha!


Station 5- Abs
Side V-up
Boat Press Ab Exercises? Why THANK YOU! I'm going to practice this Side V-up more often. It seemed to work the same areas that "threading the needle did" but, I kind of liked being on the floor! (Ha.. that's what she said)... hardest part about a boat press.. is your coordination. If you cannot rub your belly and pat your head.. you will not be able to do this. It's a chewing gum and walking type of exercise. Really.. It's just getting the motion, and then it's a great workout. 

Station 6 - Cardio
Burpee with sliders
Jumping Lunge require no formal explanation.. the meme will suffice. You're welcome. Only thing that made them interesting was that we had little sliders on our feet.. kind of like speed skating burpees... It was enjoyable. lunges SUCK BUTT. Just saying. Hated these. WHOLE HEARTEDLY HATED THEM. But, that means I should focus on them... Hate it til you Make it. Booyah...

Station 7- Ropes
Rope Pull
Rope Plank Rope pull is so gratifying. I imagine someone I totally hate on the other end of the rope.. and I am pulling them in to punch them. Total Mortal Kombat Status... COME HERE! Inspiration and Motivation can be evil too. hahahaha!, you are looking at a picture of a man, in a plank position, making the heavy rope go in waves. Yes that is what we were expected to do.. I had ripples more than waves... but I did it. One hand Ripple.. change hands Ripple... It was interesting. It was fun. ROPES... I love you!

The cool down was quick. I wish it were longer, but we had run over on time, and I had to really RUN home and barely had time to get gas before getting on the highway.
It was the workout I needed. It was the workout I wanted.

But, Now, I'm pretty beat.. not from the Tabata.. but more so from the running I had to do to get here.
I hope everyone gets a little active today!