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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Tabata Thursday! (7-31)

It seems that I have made Tabata a habit.. not just a habit.. it's kind of a love affair.
I keep going back to see what we're doing! And it makes me just.. SO STINKING EXCITED.
All levels of Fitness Geek go to this class, and I love how we all inspire each other to keep going!
 Once again Tabta is a HIIT class (High Intensity Interval Training). Participants go through 7 different stations, 2 exercises per station. Each exercise is 20 seconds long, with 10 second breaks. Each station gets 4 repetitions of the 2 exercises. It's about 4 minutes for each station, and then you get a 2 minute break between stations.

Upper Cuts
Jumping Jack Press

With the ropes today, I just kind of did them... it wasn't like, any amp up.. It was just, get it done... Push hard... Just do it... Maybe I was tired, maybe I was sore... I did it, I wasn't a wimp about it.. I pushed and dug deep.

Plank Punch
Plank Hold

Now this was a partnered exercise. The person holding the normal plank was also holding a punching bag in front of them, this was for their pair, who would be doing the plank punches. This was a lot of fun.. but, oh did you feel it after a while.

Ski Hops
Up, UP & Down, down Planks

Like you were going down a ski slope.. but on your hands. Not my favorite thing.. my shirt kept slipping up... But, it did make me sweat... and it did make the Up, UP & Down down planks all the more grueling.

Jumping Lunges
Squat Pulses

I really don't need to explain this. The title of the station says it all.. Lunges and Squats.. BURN BURN BURN BURN BURN. And I bet Day 4 of the Ab & Squat challenge is going to feel AWESOME.

Pull up progression
Pushup Jack

Usually when I do the pull up progression, I am on an elevated bench, so I can get above the bar easier.. but today.. no bench.. I am all the more closer to an actual pull up.. Just got to commit and DO it. Push up Jacks were interesting, and a total endurance, mind over matter thing... They burn.. but I'm sure they work... ;)

Zig Zag Jump
Slip & Jab Walk

Side to Side jumping, over benches to the end of the room, and on the way back, don't stop because we are going to Slip & Jab walk all the way back.. And keep going because this is the continuous death station... and keep going until everyone else is done with their station. Grrrr... Feel the burn!!!

Bulgarian T Lunge
Crossover Lunge

Lunges are hard for me when I am on level ground.. Bulgarians are murder, but, they work.. and the better I get at them.. the more fantasmic my legs/ass will look. Just had to do them. For extra "fun" (read: torture), we had to hold dumbbells in our hands and extend are arms into a T-shape. FUN? Right?  Then using the same bench, we did cross over lunges.. because One type of lunge isn't enough for a station... HA!

And that was the workout. I really feel strong this week. Between the cycling class, full body insanity circuit, and Tabata today... paired with my runs... I feel really good this week.. Even if the scale doesn't agree with me. So.. (forgive the crass) FUCK YOU SCALE. I'm keeping it real.. and this is what I'm supposed to feel like. So stick your # where the sun doesn't shine.

How about you?
Did you do anything Active this morning?
What's on your exercise agenda today?

Keep the look out today for:
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Being Your Best You: Total Package
Twit Thursday

Being your Best You: Total Package 

 This link-up is a chance to join, motivate and share with one another all things health, fitness and lifestyle to be the best version you.  Embrace the journey, one link-up at a time.

With this being the end of the month and the last day of the link-up, 
share with us how you define being the BEST version of you. 
Get creative; anything is fair game here!

Best Version of me?

Now, there is a very self centered answer that comes to mind... and that is to look like this: 

A supermodel... The best version of me would be..a... supermodel? No.. That's wrong.. That wouldn't be the BEST VERSION of me...

Because, Even if I dyed my hair blonde, figured out how to walk in 5 inch heels, I would still never live up to this standard.

Why? Because there is a lot of make up, tanning, airbrushing, and tricks that come with this look.. And that is FAKE... And the best version of me is certainly not fake.

Happy... the best version of me would be universally happy, in all aspects of her existence.
She would have finally found a place in her mind, body and soul where food was not a coping mechanism. Where food was not the enemy, where food was not a fear. Where food could make her happy, and healthy... without fail, without doubt. She would find happiness in the strengths around her. Her family... Her true friends... Her accomplishments.. All of these are strengths, and they would be used to fuel her forward, when the path got dark.. or hard... or sad...  She would smile, all the time, because even in the darkest moments, she would know that tomorrow would always be a brighter day.

She would have a six pack... oh shut up.. I can dream can't I? It's another goal.. right? 
But, I digress...

She wouldn't fear the unknown, and would be able to let go a little more. The schedules would be a wonderful guideline to the working of a week.. but, not the mandatory... and it wouldn't bother her, when the schedule was off... even if it was completely changed.

The best version of me...
Is who I am striving to be...
Every day...

She'd be the mother she wants to be.. on the inside... Who is less critical... and more loving...
Who can figure out how to use her words better...Who allows for some frivolity ... from time to time...Who doesn't see the checkbook in her mind, when asked if they can "go do something fun"

I'd still be the rock, and the hard place... The fighter... the one who perseveres.. Those are qualities I never want to lose. I just would love for the "best version of me" to be more well rounded... The rock, and the Warmth.

That's who.. the Best Version of me.. Would be.

This was a wonderful experiment... It made me reflect... and I am so glad I took this journey this month.

There's still time for you to... Go write a post for today.. or go through, and just do these for yourself.
What have you got to lose?

Keep the look out today for:
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Twit Thursday 

Twit Thusday (7-31)



  • Healthy Portions, Healthy Meals, 
  • No cheating this week... just to make sure I can still do that!
  • Run with Emry 3x
  • Continue with the 12 lb dumbbells 

How did I do on these goals this week?
I did really REALLY good.

I did not cheat at all this week. There was no meal or snack that wasn't planned, and wasn't within a healthy portion. I even got through Wednesday night without the WANT to binge eat. And that is a big accomplishment. A BIG accomplishment.

I maintained healthy portions, healthy meals and healthy sizes all week. And I honestly feel wonderful. My body is really not feeling deprived. I am sore, I mean... I've done a crazy amount of exercise this week. But, I feel as if I could do more.. so, that's a major improvement and shows what proper nutrition can do.

This evening, Emry and I will run for the THIRD time this week. We ran 2 miles on Monday, 2.75 miles on Wednesday, and we will do pre-race training today (with a whopping 4 miles). If you add in the 5.22 miles I did on Monday... that's a (so far) weekly total of: 13.97 miles. I will definitely run Saturday morning.. and that run will be probably 3-5 miles.. so, that's an amazing weeking running total!

12 lb dumbbells, don't you know it... I incorporated them more and more this week. :) And I'm very Very proud of that. 

I did weigh myself today and the number on the scale is: 130.6lbs. I'm not going to lie.. being as strict as I've been... as disciplined with the food and the workouts... I'm discouraged. And I know I shouldn't be. But, I know that I am doing the right thing... and that my body is adapting to the type of workouts I am doing, along with the added nutrition... I'm sure my metabolism will catch up eventually.

Just got to keep doing what I'm doing. I have to work back to where I was, and this is the price that needs to be paid, for slacking and overeating. This is a lesson that needs to be learned, the hard way.

I have also completed Day 3, of the Ab & Squat Challenge (pic in this post): Who's DOING it with me? How are you feeling? Last night, Reverse crunches.. UGH.. am I right?  But Keep Going! 3 Down 27 to GO!!!!

  • Keep Running w/ Emry 3x a week
  • More sets with 12lb dumbbells
  • Allow myself 1 cheat meal.. and don't go overboard with it. (It's about Balance right?)
  • Sleep is important, try and get enough SLEEP!

What did you do to be healthy this week?

Things to look out for today:
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Foodie Pen pal - July!

FPP post Foodie Penpals

This has to be one of the coolest ideas known to the blogging world. It combines 2 of the things I love... BLOGGING and FOOD. Plus, you get actually MAIL (instead of those dreaded bills and far worse advertisement yada yadas).

I discovered this fantasmogorical program while reading Pretty Little Grub and I was UTTERLY intrigued!

So, what did I do? Well, I signed up, of course!

This is put on by the Lean Green Bean and here is how it works:
  1. On the 5th of the month, you will receive your penpal pairing via email. It will be your responsibility to contact your penpal and get their mailing address and any other information you might need like allergies or dietary restrictions.
  2. You will have until the 15th of the month to put your box of goodies in the mail. On the last day of the month, you will post about the goodies you received from your penpal!
  3. The boxes are to be filled with fun foodie things, local food items or even homemade treatsThe spending limit is $15The box must also include something written. This can be anything from a note explaining what’s in the box, to a fun recipe…use your imagination!
  4. You are responsible for figuring out the best way to ship your items depending on their size and how fragile they are. (Don’t forget about flat rate boxes!)
  5. Foodie Penpals is open to blog readers as well as bloggers. If you’re a reader and you get paired with a blogger, you can choose to write a short guest post for your penpal to post on their blog about what you received. If two readers are paired together, neither needs to worry about writing a post for that month.
  6. Foodie Penpals is open to US, Canadian residents & European residents.  Please note, Canadian Residents will be paired with other Canadians only. We’ve determined things might get too slow and backed up if we’re trying to send foods through customs across the border from US to Canada and vice versa. So, I’m going to keep two separate lists and match US w/ US and Canada w/ Canada! 

So, this month I was paired with a Gal named Ari (HI ARI!!!). She is not a blogger, but she's been thinking of starting one!!! And, THIS is what she sent me!

Her letter reads:

Hi Jillian!

Sorry about the awkward paper - I didn't think about how I'd need to write a note on something until I got to the post office, so you're stuck with the last page of my latest rough draft. oops
Hopefully these goodies make up for my noob mistake! Inside you will find:
  1. Purple Rice Spice - I love this for flavoring a simple rice dish or DIY sushi.
  2. Mung Bean Candy! I love these, though they're definitely an unusual treat.
  3. Ginger Milk Tea! I'm so obsessed with ginger tea, especially after an over indulgent foodie outing
  4. Mapo Tofu Suace! This is my favorite dish in China. You just add tofu and ground pork (personally I skip the pork, but my friends tell me I'm missing out!)
  5. White Rabbit Candy! The quintessential Chinatown treat!
As you can see Chinatown is my favorite place to explore, try new things & splurge on treats!
Hope you enjoy them

Totally Cute? Right? 

So... I haven't used all of these products but let me tell you about what I have tried!!! Bean Candy - yes, Ari, it is an unusual treat. And the texture is WEIRD AS ANYTHING. But the overall flavor is something like a cookie... you just need to get it off the roof of your mouth! Guys, if you like to try new and interesting things.. Start with this. I thought it was tasty and weird! Tofu Sauce - Now, I didn't use it with Tofu. It is Sezechuan Flavored, so I figured it be good with Fish. So I paired it with Tilapia, and sauteed some onions in it! It was REALLY tasty. And, just the other night, I sauteed Green Beans and Mushrooms with it! The flavor is really good, I just add 1/3 cup of water into it.. so it becomes more of a sauce.. the oil is a little thick and doesn't break down the way I would like for it too!
White Rabbit Candy - now, this looks like taffy, and I'm sure it was supposed to BE taffy.. but, I think it was an old package and it was HARD as a rock.. break your teeth. So, I didn't really get to TRY it. *Total unhappy face* And unfortunately the whole bag seemed just as "shattering" so we threw it out. Sorry Ari ~

The Ginger Milk Tea was an interesting concoction. It is a powdered Tea, and you just add it to boiling water. I'm used to tea bags or even stuffing loose tea into one of my tea balls.. so "fake" tea was a little hard for me... *I sound like such a SNOB right now* Anyway, I drank it, and it IS utterly delightful.. Settling and warm.. just nummy. I paired it with a teeny tiny dark chocolate coconut krispie treat.. and OH BOY was it worth it!
 The Purple Rice Spice... Well, it's in my cabinet yelling at me to use it.

Also, if anyone is interested, the last page of her rough draft is definitely a bibliography page, with articles and writings about regulatory cell populations, class switching in B cells and something about T follicular cells.

I'm thinking Ari is a college student studying immunology.. Are you going to be a doctor someday? hehehe.

This was too fun!

Now, Ari never mentioned anything about wanting to write a guest post about what I sent her. So, I think I'll let everyone know what I sent her and why.

I figure the summertime is one of those times of the year when I am the most SNACK HAPPY. So, I sent her different type of snacks, that are good for different reasons. Dazzle Peanut Butter - Cocoa Nibs and Raspberry Preserves in Chunky Peanut Butter. There is no need to elaborate any further.

Coco Cafe - Coconut Water: It's coffee flavored coconut water. It gives you that, I had a fancy coffee taste, without all the fatty nonsense. Olives - I cannot for the life of my remember which ones I sent her. I am pretty sure they were the Garlic Stuffed Green Olives... The salt and the tang.. It's great with fish or on a salad.. or just for a quick salty snack fix! And one or two... will take away that NEED for salty something.
Chile infused Dark Chocolate - This is something weird.. but, it's a weird treat that you need to have at least once. The chile pepper adds a spice but added something to the already bittersweet dark chocolate. I never knew I liked it until I tried it... Plus, if you wanted to cook with it.. KILLER MOLE SAUCE. just saying. Master Nacho Cheese Triangles - 200 calories for 60 chips and GLUTEN FREE. This is another one I don't need to elaborate on any further.


I don't think I left anything out... maybe I did miss one thing.. I should have taken a picture for memory purposes! DUH!

Anyway, I highly recommend you joining in for Augusts Foodie Pen Pal. I had so much fun shopping for Ari, decorating the package, and then in turn waiting for mine!

And hey, who knows, maybe we'll get paired together one day!

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Wednesday Camel Confessions!

Liz @ Fitness BlondieToday, is Wednesday and you all know what that means! It means that it's Hump Day, and the "Hump Day Blog Hop". This is hosted by Fitness Blondie, an amazing and positive blog I stalk follow. I found a bunch of great new blogs to read, and a lot of new positive bloggers! I have been doing this for a while now and each weel, the new bloggers I follow become like new friends... We are a support system of awesome sauce... Are we not?
OH ALSO: Liz's birthday is coming up! HAPPY BIRTHDAY GIRLY!!!!!
Go check it out.. and Join in!
Vodka and Soda
I also, ususally link up with Vodka and Soda... I found her through the Hump Day Blog Hop over at the Fitness Blondie! However, today, the websense at my job has dictated her BANNED, and the reason being SEX. Seriously, Kathy, what did you POST today? Oh well, maybe I'll be able to get in tomorrow. However, Vodka and Soda was an instant "I MUST ADD THIS BLOG TO MY FEED"... I recommend you heading over and linking up with her too.. as long as your work firewall allows you too (stupid job).
So without further ado... 

My Wednesday Confessional! you've been reading with me for awhile, you know that Mondays and Wednesdays are my RUN days. However, I confess, today I did not run... My butt still hurts from CYCLING yesterday. Oh man does it. But, I got my gym clothes on, and thought, "Perhaps I'll lift." I dreaded that thought the entire drive to the YMCA.. and then I remembered, John is subbing in for the Full Body Insanity Circuit... And even though I was sore.. I did it. Going to a class keeps me focused and accountable.. I don't have time to think about how much my derriere hurts. I just do it. It was a great class, lots of upper body today.. which was really wonderful. confess that I have a coworker who I mentally punch in the face... multiple times a day. She has no INSIDE VOICE.. and is constantly making sure EVERYONE knows whats going on in her world.. even people on the floor below us. And, there are times she speaks to me, and just starts OVER explaining EVERYTHING. Don't tell me why you need this tiny piece of information.. we're in the same department, I konw you need it... don't give me the SAME dissertation every time you ask for something...I keep my cool, but it's hard for me not to roll my eyes during EVERY interaction. There are moments when I feel completely and totally defeated by my healthy journey. There are weeks I can drop 6 pounds, and other weeks, that I lose (nor gain) basically anything. I need to lose a little and tighten a little, to ensure the wedding dress is going to fit. And this week, I've been REALLY responsible with my workouts and food intake. I know this... but, I stepped on the scale today (even though I should have done it tomorrow) and I wasn't pleased with what I had done... Even though I know I'm on point with everything... Why is this so hard?

I, secretly and selfishly, do not want to go to the Rennaissance Faire the first two weekends, until I am in full control of what I put in my body... so many temptations there.. *SIGHS* really REALLY want one of those GPS running watches.. like, so badly that I'm about THIS close to asking Klay if we can charge it on the credit card. Even though, we're not supposed to be FRIVOLOUSLY SPENDING... and even though I feel it's ESSENTIAL for my running... I know that I can figure out the calorie burn, miles ran, steps, and elevations.. OTHER ways.. But, it's so much easier with the watch. may have over microwaved my oatmeal this morning, and it may have turned into a hockey puck... I still ate it though... CRUNCH CRUNCH CRUNCH .. it's a cookie now.. CRUNCH CRUNCH CRUNCH.... anyone seen the commercial that you can hire a PERSONAL GROCERY SHOPPER? Holy crap.. Sign me up for that.. HOW MUCH COULD THAT BE? Oh, wait, frivolous spending... SHITCAKES! But, I mean, I am really picky about the vegetables I pick.. and the ripeness.. how would I trust a stranger to do these things? Perhaps a training session... This is the most absurd thing I have ever typed. boss made BBQ chicken legs for our department.. and a cake... In my mind, I'm swimming in BBQ SAUCE and SPRINKLES... I hate that I love food so much.
Last night, after I did Day 2 of the Ab & Squat Challenge, I took a bath and discovered that I needed some TEA... So I made some Ginger Milk Tea (more about this tomorrow) and I had the teeniest tiniest dark chocolate coconut krispie treat ever (I didn't make them... Klay brought them home from was too die for). and I are basically only communicating through Funny Memes and Animal pictures on facebook. And, I'm not even sorry about it. I'm really tired of her selfish behavior, that she has rationalized into being OKAY.
There you have it, all of my confessions since last week! 
What do you confess?


Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Tuesday Cycling Trial

On Saturday, John had subbed in for the Tabata work out, which I always love... and he mentioned that during this entire week, he would be subbing M-F for the other 545a classes. On Monday,  Wednesday, Friday it is a Full Body Circuit - Insanity class and on Tuesday it was a Cycling/Spinning class 

Try spinning he said to me.
It will be fun.
You will like it he said. me just jump to the end... I feel like I've been riding Hidalgo across the desert for MONTHS... My ass hurts and feels like jelly all at the same time.. as does my quads and my hams and for crying out loud EVERYTHING from the waist down.

Fun, he said.
John is a mean mean MEAN man.

I have my heating pack on the back of my legs... and I am alternating it onto the tops as well.. It feels nice... I like nice.

Unlike cycling class.. which was NOT nice. that you know the end... you want to know the beginning? I mean, I know I took the climax out.. and completely revealed the ending. . . I'm that bad friend who tells you all about a movie you've never seen... WHILE you are watching it for the first time.
And, oh, by the way.. She's the killer.. but, she's really a HE.. I KNOW RIGHT?

So.. the beginning? Are you still with me?

Let's start with LAST NIGHT... I know, you're confused, why does a Tuesday workout start on a Monday night.. I need to get you to why this was just UTTERLY a BAD idea.

Monday night, Emry and I ran 2 miles around the track... That would put my daily total of miles run at 7.22 .... THEN, I sat in a cold COLD dojang, in uncomfortable seats.. and watched Emry kick butt and take names at Karate. 

We went home, I made dinner.. I put away some laundry... I then started the 30 day Ab & Squat Challenge (The jpg. is in this post)

DAY 1: 
10 Sit ups
15 Bicycle Crunches
30 Squats banged these out super quick.. not thinking of the miles I had run.. Not thinking that perhaps I should be stretching before and after I do ANY exercise... because I'm a moron. OH, I am a bigger moron, because I had seen a woman doing THIS ab exercise at the gym (only thing she went up ALL the way)... and well, I wanted to see if I could at least do 10 of them. I can.. I'm regretting it now.

Then I took a bath.. a nice HOT bath.. and honestly, I did something smart. I threw a huge handful of epsom salt into the water and I soaked for just a few minutes. Doing this made me realize.. that I really should stretch, and have Klay help me stretch.... So he helped open up my hips... and helped push me lower into some of my other stretches. It definitely did help... but... I think it was a little too late? You know what I mean?

I went to sleep super late, and I knew that I was going to wake up UTTERLY exhausted... so, no surprise there when the alarm went off at 4:50a. I got my workout clothes on.. made sure that my teeth were brushed, and my bandana was covering up the mess that is my bed head... 

And I went to CYCLING... with that jerk face.. JOHN.

I got there early, as always, and he helped me set up my bike. So, now I know exactly where it should be, if I ever decide to do this again... which, honestly, if I'm every feeling suicidal... I'll probably do. Otherwise, probably not.. Just saying.. This HURTS. had us moving the intensity around ALL over the place.
And then Standing and power pedaling. 
I swear to all that is holy, that I wanted to die.

I was able to keep the pace, for the most part... I would keep within the RPM range he wanted us in.. and I was able to push it higher when he wanted us too.. But, keeping track of the RPM, plus which way I was supposed to turn the resistance dial... Well, I was getting confused... Not going to lie, lack of sleep makes me not coordinated! Was that a quarter turn LEFT or RIGHT? Wait... have I've been upping the resistance the ENTIRE time. *Slaps Forehead* I still did it though.

And then... 630a hit.. and I tried to RUN out of class to my car...
That didn't happen.
The "Horse Riding Shuffle" happened.

And now.. I am HERE.
At my desk.
Heating pad.. and Acetominophen at the ready... and Green Tea is comforting my soul.

What did you do to be active today?
Are you doing the Ab & Squat Challenge with me?
How did you do?


Monday, July 28, 2014

Monday Weekend Recap!

Where should I begin...

Friday Night:
Oh, the dress wouldn't zip up all the way... And I think I balled my eyes out., could it have? Yes, I'm pretty sure, but the lady at the bridal store (cough cough David's Bridal cough cough alteration ladies are jerkfaces cough cough) could tell I had gained a little weight, and refused to attempt to zip it. I assured her it would fit in time for the wedding, and the lady had the nerve to tell me, that I had to call her in two weeks, and assure her that it fit THEN.. because another alteration (ie: letting it out) would take some time. Which I get.. but lady... Give it a rest. It's going to fit...

I mean, think of the added pressure that was just added to my plate. I admitted I had gained weight... And, I know I can lose it.. and I'm pretty sure if I tried this dress on this Friday.. It probably fit just fine... But.. the lady had to stick it to me. I'm sure she was trying to make sure my dress would fit the day of, and I would enjoy my wedding... but, the way it was phrased.. Completely heart breaking.

I went home and I couldn't look at Klay. And, he knew why... I put my head down, and I just did all the housework I normally have to do. I did all the food prep for this week, and a lot of cleaning. I ate a healthy dinner... and then I went and hung out with my bridesmaid and friend, Angel. We played some EXTREME BEAN BAG TOSS and just gabbed it up. Which was nice, I needed to laugh.. I needed to move past the anti-zip issue.

And the way Angel phrased it to me.. "Yeah, because you looked SOOOO fat in your size 4 dress!" I love her sarcasm, and she's completely correct.. and we aren't talking that the dress wouldn't zip past my hips or my stomach.. It was like 2 inches from the top of the dress.. You see what I mean?

It isn't the end of the world. It's a little bump. And Angel has promised that in 2 weeks, she will personally zip me up in the dress... take a picture of it zipped... Take a picture of me SITTING in the dress.. and then we are walking those bad boy pictures down to David's Bridals and SHOWING the little turd woman that it does fit.

I woke up, and I got my butt into the gym... I ran 4.26 miles (in 41 min 37 sec) and then I did the Tabata Saturday workout. I felt sweaty and awesome all at the same time.

I had to race home, grab Klay and Emry because we had to meet with our Minister... to discuss exactly what we want from a ceremony. We did that, and then we stopped at the cutest little farm stand, and picked up ORGANIC produce. OH MAN OH MAN.
We got:
  • 3 different types of KALE (did you know there were different types?)
  • a bunch of beets
  • a MONSTER zucchini (like.. it was huge...)
  • 2 lbs of green beans
  • a huge head of Garlic
  • + Emry and Klay wanted this Apple, Kale, Banana Muffin... Gluten free don' ya know.
All the produce ran us $20 and the muffin was $3... But, we have enough produce to REALLY intensify our week! I love FARM FRESH VEGGIES!.

When we got home, we decided that we were going to BBQ for lunch. I had previously prepared some stuffed Portobellos and they just needed to be warmed. But, given the fact that we had so much FRESH produce, I decided.. Let's VEGGIE it up. I got my fancy BBQ pan, and I tossed the Green Beans in some Coconut oil and added the garlic... Then placed it on the grill! And I had bought corn during our regular food shopping.. so I brushed those with a little coconut oil, seasoned them with S&P and Cajun seasoning + a little parmesean cheese, then wrapped them in foil and DROPPED them on the grill. Warmed up the stuffed shrooms... oh wait, did I not tell you what they were stuffed with? I browned some ground turkey, and added sauteed onions, then topped with half a slice of pepperjack cheese. I know.. sounds awesome.. It was... and before I realized anything, it was gone, and I had no picture of the awesome...Emry ate everything. So, if you do the math he ate a 90% vegetarian meal. And I'm SO STINKING HAPPY ABOUT THAT!

Chocolate Chip Cookie in a CupWe all got comfy... and we spent the rest of the day in the house... basically lounging around. Which was super nice. Had dinner together as a family, nothing fancy... And, later on that evening.. I really was craving SWEET. And that's so bad, right? I mean... Why does THAT happen? But, I have a rule... if you can make ONE serving of something bad.. without leaving your house.. then the work is worth the calories. So, I made a Chocolate Chip Cookie Mug Cake. Super easy from prep to "cooking" it was 5 minutes.. and I had the perfect one serving cookie.. It hit the spot!

I woke up wicked sore on Sunday... to the point where I couldn't go out and run... So, I laid on the couch and prayed for the Acetominophen to kick in. It did, and then, well... It was the Renaissance Faire final dress rehearsal (It opens next week!) and we were invited to come and check it out... and then go to our guild meeting at noon. We had to wear our garb.... and the three of us had a fantabulous time. We were even able to finally buy Emry some official garb.. since he is tall enough to wear the men's pants (if we roll them)... He will fit in these pants for YEARS AND YEARS AND YEARS... I am so stinking excited. We got him a shirt as well... And I'm pretty sure it will at least fit until next year. I can't wait to take pictures of him in it... Teal pants, and a sunset orange shirt. My little man! went home after the guild meeting... oh wait, what's a guild? Klay, Emry and I volunteer at the NYRF.. and this year the volunteer group we normally assist was disbanded (sounds very medieval, right?) and they gave a select few the option of being part of a guild and doing the same thing. This basically takes us a couple steps up, from being a volunteer... to basically an unpaid (but, compensated with other things) employee of the faire. We are truly lucky. We do crowd control, help the cast and assist any patron that may need assistance through the faire. It is a blast! My dad usually volunteers with us, but this year.. He is an ACTOR at the faire, and will be one of the Queen's Guards. How stinking CUTE is that?

Anyway.. we went home after the meeting... I had some laundry to do, checkbooks to balance.... TV to zone out on... Couches to make my impression in... Around 5p, we decided to run to Gander Mountain to get Emry some faire appropriate shoes... so they blend in with his costume, and will wear well the entire season. And then, we went to Ruby Tuesday's for dinner. We all got the mini burger combination meals. Emry and Klay got Bacon Cheeseburgers w/ Salad bar... and I had the Turkey & Swiss Minis (that I topped with copious amounts of HOT SAUCE) w/ Salad Bar. And, the God's honest truth... Emry had a full plate of Spinach, Hard boiled egg pieces, Ham, and Ranch... plus 1 of his minis and half of his fries. Sounds pretty balanced right? Two days with VEGGIES involved? SUPER! And I, well, I had both of my minis... most of my fries... and two nice plates of salad.
I couldn't get enough of the first salad concoction.. so I got another plate!
  • Mixed Greens
  • Green Pepper
  • Red Onion
  • Cherry Tomato Slices
  • Diced Roasted Red Peppers
  • Apple/Grape Salad (think of how chicken salad is sometimes made, without the chicken)
  • Sunflower Seeds
  • a small amount of Honey Mustard Dressing.
Oh man oh man.. it was a tasty salad. So nice, I had to make it TWICE!

Now, this was a pure power play.. Two plates of salad.. plus the 2 minis ... well, that made it really hard for me to want, even look, at the dessert menu... And when Emry asked, I was so happy to remind him that he had his own container of chocolate gelato at home.

Then it was home... and Emry had his Gelato... I packed the lunches for the next day. Emry showered...
And then it was basically bed time for all of us...
I fell asleep on the couch.
Emry fell asleep in his bed...
Klay fell asleep reading...

When I woke up (a couple hours later)... I realized I was starving like MARVIN... so, I made myself a snack. Chocolate Rice cake, 1 Tsp of Peanut Butter, 1/2 a banana (sliced), and a tiny dollop of Sugar Free Cool whip, topped with ground cinammon. was heaven.. Just saying.

Klay and I watched the Rob Zombie Halloween reboot.. and I was in bed around 10:15p.

Monday Morning:

I woke up this morning, and pushed my run on the treadmill... I did 4 miles in 37 minutes and 14 seconds. That's an average speed of 6.45 mph and that means I was doing a mile every 9 minutes and 18 seconds. I did a cool down (speed) walk for another 17 minutes, and accomplished another 1.22 miles... SO, basically 5.22 miles in 54 minutes and 14 seconds. Not bad not bad. got Emry to camp... And I got to work.. and here I sit. Looking at the couple pieces of work I have to do... and typing this post instead. I know... I'm procrastinating... Aren't you?

Tonight, Emry has karate at 6p.. and that will give us an hour to kill between picking him up and when his class starts. Luckily, there is a high school track right next to his dojang. If it isn't pouring.. Emry and I will do some laps.. So we can keep training for our 4 mile race!

And then, we will finish out our day with Karate and Dinner and... well... PASSING OUT!

I almost forgot.
Today, I start a 30 day challenge, which I found through 

Does Anyone want to do this with me? I think I want to report on it weekly, tell everyone how it's going.. what I love, what I hate... Stuff like that. Is anyone else down to do this! No equipment needed.. and honestly... It looks kind of fun. Right? Right? *cricket noises*

I can't wait to read how everyones weekend went!