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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Blood Sugar - Sun glare - House - SALAD!

This morning I had another amazing workout, however, for some reason my blood sugar is all over the place, and thus, I feel super wired - and then this is followed by utterly sluggish. UGH, Hypoglycemia at it's worst people. I'm just going to keep drinking water, and hope I stabilize soon. I ate my breakfast this morning, and am hoping the protein helps aid in the process.

With the above disclaimer - please forgive me if any of my rants make absolutely no sense.

Commuting this morning was so much fun *sarcasm*. The sun was shining, it is so beautiful outside. Blue skies, birds chirping, sunglasses broken.... *screeches to a halt* Sunglasses broken? How? What? When? Grar!!!!! I am not sure how it happened, but the right ocular side snapped. And boy oh boy was it bright outside today. Mother Nature with all the practical jokes - - Well played, Well played.

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Yesterday afternoon, I ran some errands with Emry, and then relaxed at home for the evening. Emry has discovered that on the Kids section of Netflix, he can watch ALL of the Magic School Bus episodes, and that is what he did last night. Yes, two hours of television - but, MSB? How could I even be upset about that? I have been binge watching old episodes of House! Can't get enough of Hugh Laurie, and I totally miss the show!

Last week, I wrote about how I had the most amazing Taco Salad from our local diner, well, since then I have been on a kick with their salads. They are legit HUGE, and are definitely worth two meals. On Sunday, we went to dinner at the diner, and I ordered their Cobb Salad. Grilled Chicken, Roasted Red Peppers, Bacon, Blue Cheese crumbles, Shredded Carrots, a Hard Boiled egg, and Avocado over a huge bed of Iceberg Lettuce. I could only eat half on Sunday, and since I didn't put dressing all over it, I was able to take the other half home and eat it for dinner last night. So yum, So worth it. Klay laughed at me and said that no one could love salad more than me right now. And it's true - - - Loves the salads. The diner is going to be seeing a lot of me during this fad eating!

Tonight we have TKD and HKD, but that is the only class we will have this week, because the dojang is closing for "spring break". SO, I really need to get in there and pick up the slack from last week. I am truly excited, my body is feeling really great, and I am starting to slowly see my tone returning - and I know that will help with my martial arts training.

Over the weekend, I made this really great green bean, tomato, pesto salad. Come back tomorrow, and I'll share the recipe with you! 

That's all for today - Happy Tuesday!!!

Monday, March 30, 2015

Commuting Stinks - Check Check Check - Spring Break: Adult Style - Getting to work on time today - Totally didn't happen. I hit not 1, not 2, but 3 accidents on my way to work today. And do you want to know whyyyyyyy???? Because Mother Nature decided to pay us an early April Fools' Joke. It snowed this morning. Yes, you read that correctly, at 5am this morning, the skies opened up and snow hit the ground. This made the roads slick (duhhhh) and people decided they could still SPEEEEEEEEEEED. The first accident, knocked out the power in my house, so here I am finishing up my hair, with the hot waver on - DARKNESS - at least it was mostly done. Ugh. 2nd accident happened 5 minutes into my commute, and lasted for 45 minutes. I break free of that, determined to make it to work on time, if I avoid all other cars, I could do this. Nope, WHAM - another accident. This one kept me in traffic for another 45 minutes. So, once I broke free of that it was already 9am. And I flew to get to work at 9:15am. SO - yes... I have a case of the Mondays.

This weekend went really quickly. Did I do everything I set out to do? Well, yes, and no.
Oil change: Check!
Get Hair did: Check! 
Emry's Playdate: Check!
Going out with Husband: Check!
Lissa's Wedding Crafting: Check!
All other Lissa planned Activities: Postponed
Clean House: Check!
Prepare Meals: Check!
Exercise: Nope Nope Nope.

So overall - I did pretty good this weekend. And, I need to note that last week, I worked out M-F, and today I went back and started the week out strong. I was also able to maintain the weight I had lost last week, throughout the weekend (give or take 0.2lbs: but does that really count?) and I think that is really amazing. is a short work week for me, and cannot wait for the 3 day weekend. God bless Good Friday - - - quite literally, actually.  However, in the next 2 days I need to finish a lot of work, so that when I leave the office on Thursday, I can do the well deserved back flips of Joy.

Emry is also on Spring Break, so he is at camp all week, and that means there will be no homework to deal with allllllllll week. And that, my friends, is epic. He'll get a break, I'll get a break - We'll be able to take our time before going to TKD and HKD in the evenings. Blissful. Absolutely blissful. brings me to this thought of the day - I never did the huge spring break party thing. Ever. Not once. And, I don't know if that makes me sad or not. It just occurred to me that I am excited for Emry's Spring Break because it means relief of a normally hectic weekday schedule. Wow - alert the media - I am old and boring. Slap an "A" on my chest - not for Adultery - - - but for Adult.
I am so not ready to Adult!

But, that is me - and I can't wait to catch up with the rest of you.

Happy Monday!

Friday, March 27, 2015

Shopping - "Salad" - Weekend!

This needs to be said FIRST. Today only - ONLINE - if you go to - All of their skirts, dresses and scarves are up to 40% off. Also, if you use Promo code ENJOY you get another 35% off. I just got a skirt and a dress for $21, with tax and shipping it came out to $29. Plus, I qualified for $10 in OldNavy bucks. SO - if you need a spring dress, or a work skirt or a FUN skirt - GO TODAY!!!

These are what I bought. How cute, right?? Together, at their original prices would have been $48. So, basically with all of the discounts, before tax and shipping, I saved 55%!!! And you cannot go wrong with that., then, I also see in my email - that I have a 10% discount from Forever21, for making an account with them (wishlist - I swear, I just wanted to make a wishlist). So I go on there to see if I can get 1 of my 4 shoe picks... come to find out the combat boots I wanted, are on their B1G150OFF (that's the promo code) deal. SO, I start feverishly looking for something else to go with these boots. None of my other shoe picks were available. So, I started looking at blazers, and tops - but, nothing that I was SO over the top with. So, I opted only for my 10% discount (because clearly you cannot combine discounts with F21 - I tried, anyone know how to get around that? SO - The boots were 24.99, on sale from $34.80 - and with shipping, they came out just under $30. I call that a win.  I wonder if I shop like this - if I can get all of my shoe picks super cheap... A girl can dream, a girl can dream.

Okay - now that I have spent $60 before noon (yikes!) - I think I should move on to other things!
I think it's safe if I just come out and tell you the truth about last night.... I had a taco "salad". That was a 80% taco filling and 20% salad. Not going to lie, and I feel so much better for getting it out there. Friday has become our food shopping day, so Thursday nights can be a little (read: very) sparse. Also, these turn out to be the nights we get takeout. It was still pouring out, and foggy, so we stayed home (instead of going to HKD - oops), and got takeout from the diner. We watched Mr. Peabody and Sherman with Emry on Netflix - and really had a nice evening. And I do not regret it in the slightest. The taco "salad" came with a huge amount of a ground beef and bean chili, with melted cheddar on top. This was in a taco bowl (which I only ate half of - because, who could resist?) and there was greens, avacado, tomatos, and I think some red onion. I call it a major protein packed salad. I only ate about  75% of the "salad", and yes air quotes are needed for the word salad - because it was 80/20. We also got a veggie quesadilla, and I only had one triangle of that... mostly because my "salad" was so large that it couldn't fit into a normal styrofoam container - and had to be sealed with foil. It also weighed about 3 lbs. I swear. So worth it. So tasty. Protein is important... right? 

This weekend, looks to be kind of packed - you know, my favorite *sarcasm*. I have, absolutely have to, get my car in for an oil change on Saturday. I have a hair appointment Saturday at noon, which should end with me having a different style and color.... One hopes. I may chicken out - again. But we'll see. If you follow me on Pinterest, you can see that I started a board just about hair color, and styles... I know what I want, and I know I can't get it - my job will fire me SO fast, I won't even make it out of my driveway. Sighs - I don't know - maybe my hair stylist Samantha can figure something out. really wants to get together with his friend who lives down the street, so that will probably take up my Saturday afternoon as well. That night we are hoping to get a sitter, so we can go see a band play. This is the group that played at our wedding, and the cover is super cheap - so - - - I could get dressed up and dance around? Sure!!!! But, we will see if we can get a sitter. 

Sunday, I have to go to a wedding crafting thing at Lissa's, and then she totally wants to go shopping at this vintage shop in our town - and go to a jewelry store that just opened up in the mall - and then for more coffee at the Tin Kettle. 

Not to mention, I need to clean the house, and prepare my meals for next week. Am I going to be able to breathe and sleep? No, I don't think so. Another thought, I should try and exercise at least ONE of these weekend days. So, that's going to have to happen too. 

But - still - Friends, it is Friday - so, do as little work as possible today, and make sure you strut your shit out of work like this today:

And this too:

Happy Weekend to All!

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Fog - Sore - Inches - Books

This morning, I woke up and it was the craziest fog, I have ever seen. Walking Alaska, was not fun, not only was it dark but the fog made it eerie. Like I was walking through my own personal horror movie. I swear, I was chanting "Lions, Tigers and Bears oh my" in my head. The fog didn't lift by time I had to drive to the Y, and it sure as heck didn't lift in time for my commute to work. You could barely see one car length ahead of you, no bueno, no fun, thankful I got to work without accident or injury.

I did wake up pretty sore though, my upper body is remembering it once had some tone, and it is really ANGRY that I let it go for so long. But, what was really funny, and has never happened before, even when I was really pushing my fitness limits - when I started my run, and then my tabata weight sessions - the sore, burning pain - went away. Completely Away. So, perhaps it's just the build up of lactic acid? Maybe exercising flushed it out? Thoughts?

I have done 12 of the 30 selfies, for my self-imposed Instagram challenge. And, I'm just about over it. I understand that I need to do all 30 - because the goal, for me is, to remember that I am beautiful no matter what I am wearing, how much makeup, how much time on my hair, glasses/no glasses. I'm beautiful regardless - because my inner beauty will always shine through. That's a big thing for me to say. And I truly believe it. I have made big baby steps this week. I'm feeling very proud of myself.

Yesterday, I had to go to the seamstress at my job, because I needed professional measurements of my body. I think the last time someone took my measurements, it was when I was getting fit for my wedding dress. So - it's been awhile. And, since then, well, obviously I've curved out a lot. Clearly you can see that I was completely freaking out about another person, a co-worker as it were, taking my measurements. And - I was pretty surprised. And it kind of blew my mind. So much so - that I'm going to share them with you -

Bust: 36"
Under Bust: 33"
Waist: 31"
Hip: 41"
Thigh: 24"

Even though I have gained a few (more than a few) pounds - my measurements haven't gone out of control. My waist and hips are only up 3 inches, and my thigh is up 4 inches. Once again - this blew my mind, because when I gained the weight I did - I felt like I had completely failed, royally screwed up, but, in actuality - it was all a perception thing. WHOA. It's amazing what our minds do - how mood and darkness twist the actuality of our bodies.

At lunchtime today - I am going to go to Barnes and Noble to pick up a few books - I know two of the three I need to get - but, I am still struggling to pick the third book. The books I am planning on getting are:

Raising Steam by Terry Pratchett
You by Caroline Kepnes

I am feeling like a good scary horror book, or an intense mystery. I put it out there on my personal facebook for suggestions - I know a lot of you read ALL THE TIME (looking at you Kerry and Stephanie) - Any suggestions???

Other than that - I need to get started on my blog reading, and then my actual work!
Happy Thursday

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Hashtags & Confessions - Food fixes everything - Pinning! - this morning, I got a really exciting email about my blog, and in a few weeks, I will be able to share this exciting news with you all. #dontyouhatethesuspense #itsgoingtobeworththewait #epic

I confess that this morning, I spent a little longer than I intended on my hair and makeup. I still got to work practically on time, and I think I look phenomenal. If you saw the #selfiechallenge instagram pic this morning, I commented about an amazing pin that allowed me to really use my Urban Decay Naked 2 pallette. And then, I promised Jana, that I would share said pin on this very post. There you go girl - I delivered! #pinterestaddicted #makeupisfun #prettypretty

We had sparring at TKD last night, and I swear, if I could get an award for sweating, than it would be dripping and gold. Master Mike just kept us moving, and moving, and moving. #thoughtiwasdying #reallynotthatserious #defibrillatorneeded stayed for the next class, and I got Emry home and tried to get him to study while he ate a late night snack - actually, it was more like a second dinner. All I can say is, perhaps I should have him study this way more often. Aside from the fact he chewed with his mouth open - and talked with food in his mouth ( #totallygross ) he seemed to focus more than he does when he's just sitting in a chair. Have I discovered the key to unlocking his work ethic? #foodfixeseverything

After I walked #AlaskatheMoosePyr for her nightly walk, because Klay was really late coming home, I got my pajamas on - and basically just melted into the bed. #downforthecount Klay did get home, he rubbed my lower back and my shoulders.... All this exercise, all this burning muscle .... I LOVE IT and I can't tell you how much I have missed it. I know I have done something right, when at the end of the night I can feel the burn. EPIC. #unleashingmyfitnessfreak #feelingsomuchbetter #stillwantallthefoodthough

Other than that, I was able to get up this morning for the third time in a row and get to the gym. #callitacomeback

And now, I need to focus on some work. So - I'll be around to check out all your blogs soon!

Feeling Awesome! What about you?

#Hashtaghumpday @ Life with Lolo

Making Melissa
Link up here

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

My Tabata App - a little Tear - Shoes - Pixie Obsession

Guess what? I got up again and went to the gym! And, the 30 minutes just FLEW by - so quickly, that I wanted to do another 15. But, I didn't. I have TKD tonight, and I don't want to overdue my first week back to Loving Fitness... This week, I have decided that I would do 5 minute stints of cardio, paired with core/weight work.

I will do a 5 minute jog/run on the treadmill. Not quite ready to do a straight run, at all, so, I work my way up from a fast walk, to a jog, slow run, to a run. Every minute, I up the speed 0.5mph. It's working for me. And hopefully in a few weeks, I'll be able to run it again.
Find it here
After those 5 minutes, I break out my phone and my Tabata timer (free on any app store - called My Tabata), and I do a round of that (4 minutes). Today I started with bicep curls.

After that the Tabata round, I go back to the treadmill and start all over. So basically it's 3 sets of each. My second round of Tabata I did Russian Twists with a 6lb medicine ball, and the third I did clean and presses with a 15lb bar.

30 minutes has never gone by so quickly. I don't really take a breather between, just what it takes me to get from the treadmill to the weight station - -- truly less than a minute. So - fast paced, in and out - and I feel really GREAT after.

The one thing I didn't mention yesterday, since the post was mostly positive (sans sister portion), was that on Saturday - I started to spot. I know, this may be a TMI thing to type, however, it happens. Now, after having the realization that I, in fact, wanted to have another baby - and then very close after I was very late getting my cycle. thought that it was a sign - that it was just the time and it was going to happen. Spotting, and now transitioning into an actual period, well - it made me kind of sad. Not defeated, not "it's the end of the world"... just a little sad. I told Klay on Sunday, and well - it took him a day - but he told me he was a little sad, as well. Which we both smiled and laughed off.... It's so funny, how quickly our hearts went to the chance... the glimmer... that we might have made a baby. Where do we go from here? Well, we really didn't discuss it. But, I know if it ever does happen... We will both be happy, and maybe one day - we will actively try. As of right now, we are still in the mindset of, if it happens it will be wonderful.  

Today is supposed to be 45 degrees out - and I heard on the weather channel that next week... we may actually see (and more importantly feel) 60 degree weather. I know, Right?! I just want to dance around in the sun when that happens. I still have those silly handmade snowflakes on my office window, I think it's time to take them down, and tear them to shreds. Die Winter Die. Hehehehehe.

I have been oogling some shoes that forever 21 has. And I am definitely thinking about buying them this weekend. Do you want to SEE???? Of course you do, because, SHOES. 

Yes, I know, they are all mostly brown (or bronze) - But, I realized recently that my favorite brown boots are about to DIE, and that the only respectable pair of ballet flats I have, are just about worn out. And shoes don't judge, so neither should you! ;) *giggles*

The boots that are about to meet their cobbler, are combat styled brown boots, that come practically up to my knee. As much as I love them, it limits what I can wear them with. So, I'm thinking the high ankle/mid calf combat styled boot (bottom right) is a perfect replacement. The faux leather bootie (upper left) would be the more work appropriate choice, but, I'm thinking about getting them both. *squeals with delight*. The bronze oxfords, well, I'm not sure what I would wear them with - - but, they are so DIFFERENT and FUN! The black, rhinestone heeled loafer - well - That would be great for work, and the rhinestone studded heel - well - I think it's really kind of fun.

What do you think? If you had to pick 2 to buy, and 2 to buy later (because they are all totally coming home to mama) which ones would you buy right this minute?I am also not a shoe hoarder - I only buy shoes if I am replacing ones that I have one to death OR if I need a fancy shoe to go with a dress (ie: Lissa's wedding, any wedding, yada yada)
I also might replace all work pants, and heck my other jeans, with the Old Navy Pixie cut pants. (what did you think I meant by 'Pixie Obsession'?) I have never owned such a comfortable pair of pants. In my ENTIRE life. The only problem is - I definitely hate all of the neutral khaki colors - the clay is way too skin toned, I tried that color on and it just was not flattering... and they have a beige that is a little too light for me to wear. The pixie cut also comes in a chino-style. The traditional khaki in that, almost looks acceptable, well, at least the picture does. Thing is, at work, if it is slightly above my ankle, it is considered a crop pant, or a capri - And we are not allowed to sport those. SO, I have to try them on, and I have to see exactly where they sit on my 5'4 frame. They come in short and regular lengths. My hope is, the regulars will hit me at the ankle. A girl can dream. Right?

Well - I have to get some work done before my meeting at 11am - so, that is it for today.

Until next time!

Monday, March 23, 2015

WEEKENDS HAPPEN: Party - Coffee - Exercise

Wowee - Happy Monday friends!

Friday was an intense day for us in Orange County NY. First day of spring, and the last (hopefully) snow storm off the year. I woke up, ready to go to work, and then the school sends out this automated message... The kids are going in on time, but will be dismissed 2 hours after arriving at school. What the WHAT the WHAT THE HELL? So, I decided that I would stay home, and prepare for Saturday's birthday EXPLOSION. Probably was a wasted day... I don't think I care all that much. Ha!
I made pulled chicken tacos for dinner, and just slowly picked up the house.

Saturday morning, bright and early, I am out the door with Alaska the Moose Pyrenees. Trying to make her do a long walk in under 2 hours... That girl sure does like to mosey... UGH! So, I get her inside, feed all the animals, and start the decorations for the Emry's birthday party. His party was a Minecraft and Rock N Roll Themed Party. He couldn't decide on one, so I did both. Minecraft decor, with Rock N Roll crafts during.

The kids decorated their own Rock N Roll T-shirts. I did Iron on transfers on the front and back. The front was 2 electric guitars in front of a graffiti-esque background, and the back said "I rocked out at 8th Birthday". The kids enjoyed scribbling on their t-shirts, and while they did that, I pulled one by one aside, and gave them TEMPORARY TATTOOS! I had stencils, and magic markers. This way, I was perfectly certain they would wash away, after the first try. Just in case some of the parents had a problem with me coloring on their children. 

There was pizza and chicken nuggets - and themed Hawaiian punch drinks. The red was a "potion of healing", blue was a "water breathing potion" and green was "creeper juice". I found .jpgs on google images, printed them out into label sized portions, and taped them around the Hawaiian punch drinks! Super Easy Lemon Squeezy!

I had a co-worker make this awesome Minecraft themed cake, made of Rice Krispie Treats, Brownies, and White cake. She made fondant characters, and really mind an edible minecraft world! The kids all LOVED it.

My sister did come to Emry's birthday party, and it was tense, for me at least. I don't know if you remember, but, she totally threw a hissy fit right before my wedding, and then dropped out a little under a month before my wedding... as my maid of honor. And then didn't even come to the wedding... But, my son really wanted her there. She is his aunt, his very favorite aunt. I am glad she came, but, she acted like nothing had happened, and basically sat down the entire time she was there, on the other side of the room. Nothing I can do about that, and I'm not going to hold any negativity from that. Her loss. Not mine.

Right before the kids left, I had each of them build their own Minecraft World Goodie Bag. Each item was labeled as something you would use to survive in the game, and I made the green bags look like creepers. I found a cutout on Google images, printed, cut and pasted.

If you can see in the decorations, I made a squid out of a black balloon and black streamers, a"Nether Portal" out of black streamers, and purple cellophane, a creeper out of napkins. All of these ideas either I found, or was inspired by Pinterest. It is amazing what you can find on there!

Emry had such an enjoyable time. And, all in all - I saved about $100 on having a small party at home! Which, if you are a mom on a budget, is a complete and utter WIN!

We winded up going out to dinner with my sister and her husband, because Emry insisted on it. I had an epic Cajun shrimp salad with honey mustard vinagerette... Light and Tasty, which made up for the pizza and mega-cake at the party.

The rest of the night was spent cleaning up, and dying of exhaustion. Totally worth it though.

Sunday, was really meant to be a rest day. The only thing I had to get through was going rehearsal dinner venue hopping with Lissa, since her wedding is about a month away. Crazy right?

First we stopped for coffee at this awesome place called Tin Kettle. Where they make coffee the old fashioned way, and each cup is brewed JUST for you. It was the best cup of coffee I have ever had. No milk, cream, or sugar needed. The owner also gave us a sample of this chilled coffee that had notes of nectarine and grapefruit in it. Also, unsweetened, with no cream... It was SO delicious. The decor was rustic/industrial... and I can't wait to see how the business grows.

I think we found an absolute perfect venue, and definitely a second runner up. Now, it's up for her fiance to decide which one is the one. The great thing was that we ate lunch at one of the places, and I ate a beet and goat cheese salad over a lightly dressed arugula salad. It was so epic.

After that I spent the day in SPRING CLEANING mode. I really delved into Emry's room, and removed a lot of clutter, and unnecessary crud from his room. To Emry, every piece of scrap paper he has touched, is a piece of art. And, you know what, most of it is. But,.... BUT.... I make a strict rule that the beautiful pieces of art I keep, come from school, and the only ones kept from home is something that he and I do TOGETHER. Thank goodness for that. I already have 6 memory boxes filled to the brim in the attic from birth - until now. I will run out of space REALLY quick. Hahaha.

 For dinner we went to Buffalo Wild Wings, and I had a chopped chicken salad. The place was really packed, and I was just really hungry. So, we ate and bounced as quickly as possible.

Then - my favorite part of the weekend happened... Ready.... ARE YOU READY????
I finally signed up for Netflix, and connected it to my television. I have never been so excited in my entire life. Well, that is not entirely true, but for that moment - - - and probably every time I sit down in front of the television - - I will be ecstatic. SO - what do you Netflix? What shows? What movies? HIT ME!
What did I watch? Oh, well, we watched "I, Frakenstein" for some cheese factor, and then because I was so OVERWHELMED with the choices, I started on Season 1 of "House", because of life, and because I finally feel ready. I woke up a half hour earlier this morning (cough cough 430a cough cough), walked Alaska  - and got my (plumper) butt into the YMCA. I have 18.6 lbs to lose, and that will put me back at 130lbs - and then, I think I will feel better. I have no intention of doing this quickly. It is the goal to get back to that weight. I alternated between cardio, weight and core for 30 minutes. I pushed myself through - and got out. Not going to lie, during my Russian Twists I really was breaking a sweat. But, right now, I feel fantastic. I am really ready to do this again. And I am so psyched about it.

There you go - my weekend that was. Tell me about yours!

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Lots of Thoughs - Price Vs. Rush - Bagels

Last night, I did not make it to TKD - I realized there were just too many things to do for Emry's birthday party. After I got home from work, I helped Emry with his HW, and I ran out to the grocery store. There were "potions" to label, goodie bags to decorate, and that just took FOREVER.

Thought of the evening - Am I going over board with this?
Answer to the thought of the evening - Of course you are, keep gluing.

I watched the remake of "House on the Haunted Hill" while I ate my Pasta Fagiole & Half Italian Combo dinner.

Thoughts during the movie - They really went a long way to use music from the original movie... And to make Geoffrey Rush really look like Vincent Price... Okay, so, same basic premise, but seriously, why remake a classic horror??? UGH. Pointless
Answers to myself during the movie - The house looks familiar too, so music and the house? Geoffrey Rush is barely acting in this, Vincent Price is rolling in his grave. They remake too many movies.....

Made the appointment to see my OB - in hopes of getting to the bottom of this 3 weeks late thing. I took a pregnancy test last night, and it came up negative. Again. So, it's not as if I am dying. My doctor told me to just treat myself as if I am pregnant, and we'll get to the bottom of it when I see her.. and then she gave me an appointment in 2 weeks.

Thought during the conversation - I have to wait to see you for 2 weeks? Seriously?????
Answer to the thought - Take a breather, this makes the gelato in the fridge fair game.... right?
Answer to the Answer - Duh, of course, pass me a spoon.

I downloaded a photo editor last night, and posted a photo to my selfie challenge this morning. Lots of Cool features... So, if you see a selfie with weird colors - well, it's because I got bored.

Thoughts about the app - I can slim my face WHOA...
Answer to thought - Cut that out, any smaller and you'll see your bones.

We have our department birthday party this afternoon - and I grabbed a veggie platter for it - - - So, I wasn't planning on really eating a big breakfast or lunch...... but, when I walked in the break room, there were bagels. I have not had a bagel (yet - as of 9:45a), but man, oh man are they tempting.

Thought about bagels - mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
Answer to bagels - STAY IN YOUR OFFICE

However, this morning, I woke up SUPER DUPER tired. I can't even tell you. I opted to lay in bed with Klay until the last minute. I grabbed my spin pin, and threw my hair up into a bun, grabbed my water bottle, kissed the kid goodbye and BOUNCED. Spin pin in my hair came loose.. Lucky I keep a hair brush at work... and oddly enough, it just laid down straight. WEIRD. I mean, it's pretty lifeless, but that is to be expected since the last two days I have tried hair styles that have BOOOSTED my volume.

Thoughts about my hair - Should I go buy the Bed Head Wave Iron?
Answer - Another piece of equipment you'll half assly use? Pfffft - yes, go buy it anyway.

What are you up to this Thursday?

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Hashtag - Confession - Volume - Babysteps - Snow

So, I know you are all dying to know how my hair held up yesterday. I can honestly tell you that even though some of the volume calmed throughout the day - I STILL HAD WAY MORE VOLUME then I normally do. So much so, that when I pulled my hair up for TKD last night, that my pony looked FLAWLESS - not all limp, and sad-like. #hairsuccess #smallvictories

Today - I am trying beach waves - Also very simple to do. I do not like it as much as I liked yesterdays OOBER volume - but it is different. (check it out here) Making strides to actually learn how to do my hair. Who knows, I may get the hang of this girl thing... haha. #notagirlygirl #wanttobefabulous #notbornwithit

TKD last night was fine - class was only 6 people, so there was a lot of individual focus, and that is always appreciated. I am going to try and get there again tonight. The goal is to go 3 times a week, and on one of those nights do 2 classes. We'll see. #goals

Another goal is to get back into taking morning classes at the YMCA. I felt so much better after a 45minute structured workout -- but, baby steps. Baby steps back to fitness. #whataboutbob #babysteps #missthesweat

The past few mornings, Alaska and I have been taking our walk - to find a GAZILLION Bunny Rabbits. Spring has to be very close - - - because they total have multiplied. And she gets SO excited when she sees them. Her ears perk up, the tail raises and curly cues - and she trots towards them. The bounce away, and I think "What would you do with them, if you actually got close to them? Love them to death???" She's not an aggressive dog, protective, not aggressive - so I wonder. And while she trots towards them, I think - I'm going to love them, and hug them - - - -  #lenny #ofmiceandmen #capote #looneytunes #alaskathemoosepyr

But, this morning, she did not want to use the facilities - she wanted to let the gusts of wind pluff her coat - 25 degrees, and she wants to just STAND in it. 45 minutes of walking - no pee, no poop. So, I take her home. And I am getting ready for work, or at least starting to... Single bark, pause, Single bark... So, I go over to find her laying RIGHT BY THE FRONT DOOR. Oh, jeez, I'm thinking she's ready to go pee, so I figure, real quick, I'll take her around the front yard... NOPE - I love the wind mommy - LOVE LOVE LOVE. Grrrr Arrrrrrgggg... But, mommy I loves you.... Lucky she's such a cute dog.#alaskathemoosepyr #iswearilovemydog #gonewiththewindfabulous

I got ready for work, and when the sun was actually up - I put her on the lead outside... pain in the ass... hehehehe

This week is slowly ticking by, and I wonder - Am I going to have enough time to get everything done. I am trying to get all of the things for Emry's birthday party together, and be able to not kill myself the morning of - - - we'll see if that happens. #mamadrama

Oh - the other weird thing about this morning -
540a - second outside "walk" for Alaska = NO SNOW - ground is clear, I can see grass.
650a - letting Alaska out on the lead = GROUND COVERED IN SNOW - wth mother nature?

Oh, and I secretly confess that I had two helpings of Corned Beef last night - Made it in the crock pot, with a dark ale (called Killer Penguin) - and it tasted #dabombdotcom #beerisgoooooood

Happy Wednesday Friends!

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