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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Blood Sugar - Sun glare - House - SALAD!

This morning I had another amazing workout, however, for some reason my blood sugar is all over the place, and thus, I feel super wired - and then this is followed by utterly sluggish. UGH, Hypoglycemia at it's worst people. I'm just going to keep drinking water, and hope I stabilize soon. I ate my breakfast this morning, and am hoping the protein helps aid in the process.

With the above disclaimer - please forgive me if any of my rants make absolutely no sense.

Commuting this morning was so much fun *sarcasm*. The sun was shining, it is so beautiful outside. Blue skies, birds chirping, sunglasses broken.... *screeches to a halt* Sunglasses broken? How? What? When? Grar!!!!! I am not sure how it happened, but the right ocular side snapped. And boy oh boy was it bright outside today. Mother Nature with all the practical jokes - - Well played, Well played.

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Yesterday afternoon, I ran some errands with Emry, and then relaxed at home for the evening. Emry has discovered that on the Kids section of Netflix, he can watch ALL of the Magic School Bus episodes, and that is what he did last night. Yes, two hours of television - but, MSB? How could I even be upset about that? I have been binge watching old episodes of House! Can't get enough of Hugh Laurie, and I totally miss the show!

Last week, I wrote about how I had the most amazing Taco Salad from our local diner, well, since then I have been on a kick with their salads. They are legit HUGE, and are definitely worth two meals. On Sunday, we went to dinner at the diner, and I ordered their Cobb Salad. Grilled Chicken, Roasted Red Peppers, Bacon, Blue Cheese crumbles, Shredded Carrots, a Hard Boiled egg, and Avocado over a huge bed of Iceberg Lettuce. I could only eat half on Sunday, and since I didn't put dressing all over it, I was able to take the other half home and eat it for dinner last night. So yum, So worth it. Klay laughed at me and said that no one could love salad more than me right now. And it's true - - - Loves the salads. The diner is going to be seeing a lot of me during this fad eating!

Tonight we have TKD and HKD, but that is the only class we will have this week, because the dojang is closing for "spring break". SO, I really need to get in there and pick up the slack from last week. I am truly excited, my body is feeling really great, and I am starting to slowly see my tone returning - and I know that will help with my martial arts training.

Over the weekend, I made this really great green bean, tomato, pesto salad. Come back tomorrow, and I'll share the recipe with you! 

That's all for today - Happy Tuesday!!!


  1. I love diner salads. Especially diner Greek salads. YUM.

    Sorry about the sunglasses. I hate when that happens, especially to a pair I love.

  2. I love when a salad is so big that I can make two meals out of it!! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  3. I have literally been on a salad kick too! I ate them most of last week and am back at it this week! I got this gorgonzola that is a little more sour than usual - not sure why but maybe i'll add some dried fruit to tone it down.

    hope the hypoglycemia gets under control my friend!

  4. Oh man, that stinks about the sunglasses!!!! I love salads out at restaurants. They taste so much better than ones I made at home. I hate when I buy some great bagged lettuce mixes on Sunday and when I go to make the salad on Tuesday or Wednesday....half the bag is gross. UGH! That is why salad is better out!

  5. Magic School Bus! What a great show, I wouldn't be mad about 2 hours of TV either.

  6. That cat video is definitely one of my all time favorites! Made me smile!

  7. YES I love giant salads. We have a salad place here whose salads cost $9 and I was always like - NO way! but then I caved and got one and realized it made at least 2 meals. and OMG magic school bus!!! that was my jam!