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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Fog - Sore - Inches - Books

This morning, I woke up and it was the craziest fog, I have ever seen. Walking Alaska, was not fun, not only was it dark but the fog made it eerie. Like I was walking through my own personal horror movie. I swear, I was chanting "Lions, Tigers and Bears oh my" in my head. The fog didn't lift by time I had to drive to the Y, and it sure as heck didn't lift in time for my commute to work. You could barely see one car length ahead of you, no bueno, no fun, thankful I got to work without accident or injury.

I did wake up pretty sore though, my upper body is remembering it once had some tone, and it is really ANGRY that I let it go for so long. But, what was really funny, and has never happened before, even when I was really pushing my fitness limits - when I started my run, and then my tabata weight sessions - the sore, burning pain - went away. Completely Away. So, perhaps it's just the build up of lactic acid? Maybe exercising flushed it out? Thoughts?

I have done 12 of the 30 selfies, for my self-imposed Instagram challenge. And, I'm just about over it. I understand that I need to do all 30 - because the goal, for me is, to remember that I am beautiful no matter what I am wearing, how much makeup, how much time on my hair, glasses/no glasses. I'm beautiful regardless - because my inner beauty will always shine through. That's a big thing for me to say. And I truly believe it. I have made big baby steps this week. I'm feeling very proud of myself.

Yesterday, I had to go to the seamstress at my job, because I needed professional measurements of my body. I think the last time someone took my measurements, it was when I was getting fit for my wedding dress. So - it's been awhile. And, since then, well, obviously I've curved out a lot. Clearly you can see that I was completely freaking out about another person, a co-worker as it were, taking my measurements. And - I was pretty surprised. And it kind of blew my mind. So much so - that I'm going to share them with you -

Bust: 36"
Under Bust: 33"
Waist: 31"
Hip: 41"
Thigh: 24"

Even though I have gained a few (more than a few) pounds - my measurements haven't gone out of control. My waist and hips are only up 3 inches, and my thigh is up 4 inches. Once again - this blew my mind, because when I gained the weight I did - I felt like I had completely failed, royally screwed up, but, in actuality - it was all a perception thing. WHOA. It's amazing what our minds do - how mood and darkness twist the actuality of our bodies.

At lunchtime today - I am going to go to Barnes and Noble to pick up a few books - I know two of the three I need to get - but, I am still struggling to pick the third book. The books I am planning on getting are:

Raising Steam by Terry Pratchett
You by Caroline Kepnes

I am feeling like a good scary horror book, or an intense mystery. I put it out there on my personal facebook for suggestions - I know a lot of you read ALL THE TIME (looking at you Kerry and Stephanie) - Any suggestions???

Other than that - I need to get started on my blog reading, and then my actual work!
Happy Thursday


  1. I think measuring is SO important! I'm the same way, because of the number on the scale I thought I was sooo much bigger every time I looked in the mirror. Then when I measured I was like.. oh I actually don't look that different... Agreed on mood and darkness twisting the actuality of our bodies. Accurate way to put it!

  2. Cant wait to hear your reviews of the books!! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  3. Girl, you are a beautiful butterfly!!!! And I feel like we all get in our heads and make ourselves out to be worse than we are. I do it too.

    I cant wait to hear your thoughts on those books. I am a chicken shit and dont do scary, so I cant recommend anything in that genre for you.