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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Hashtag - Confession - Volume - Babysteps - Snow

So, I know you are all dying to know how my hair held up yesterday. I can honestly tell you that even though some of the volume calmed throughout the day - I STILL HAD WAY MORE VOLUME then I normally do. So much so, that when I pulled my hair up for TKD last night, that my pony looked FLAWLESS - not all limp, and sad-like. #hairsuccess #smallvictories

Today - I am trying beach waves - Also very simple to do. I do not like it as much as I liked yesterdays OOBER volume - but it is different. (check it out here) Making strides to actually learn how to do my hair. Who knows, I may get the hang of this girl thing... haha. #notagirlygirl #wanttobefabulous #notbornwithit

TKD last night was fine - class was only 6 people, so there was a lot of individual focus, and that is always appreciated. I am going to try and get there again tonight. The goal is to go 3 times a week, and on one of those nights do 2 classes. We'll see. #goals

Another goal is to get back into taking morning classes at the YMCA. I felt so much better after a 45minute structured workout -- but, baby steps. Baby steps back to fitness. #whataboutbob #babysteps #missthesweat

The past few mornings, Alaska and I have been taking our walk - to find a GAZILLION Bunny Rabbits. Spring has to be very close - - - because they total have multiplied. And she gets SO excited when she sees them. Her ears perk up, the tail raises and curly cues - and she trots towards them. The bounce away, and I think "What would you do with them, if you actually got close to them? Love them to death???" She's not an aggressive dog, protective, not aggressive - so I wonder. And while she trots towards them, I think - I'm going to love them, and hug them - - - -  #lenny #ofmiceandmen #capote #looneytunes #alaskathemoosepyr

But, this morning, she did not want to use the facilities - she wanted to let the gusts of wind pluff her coat - 25 degrees, and she wants to just STAND in it. 45 minutes of walking - no pee, no poop. So, I take her home. And I am getting ready for work, or at least starting to... Single bark, pause, Single bark... So, I go over to find her laying RIGHT BY THE FRONT DOOR. Oh, jeez, I'm thinking she's ready to go pee, so I figure, real quick, I'll take her around the front yard... NOPE - I love the wind mommy - LOVE LOVE LOVE. Grrrr Arrrrrrgggg... But, mommy I loves you.... Lucky she's such a cute dog.#alaskathemoosepyr #iswearilovemydog #gonewiththewindfabulous

I got ready for work, and when the sun was actually up - I put her on the lead outside... pain in the ass... hehehehe

This week is slowly ticking by, and I wonder - Am I going to have enough time to get everything done. I am trying to get all of the things for Emry's birthday party together, and be able to not kill myself the morning of - - - we'll see if that happens. #mamadrama

Oh - the other weird thing about this morning -
540a - second outside "walk" for Alaska = NO SNOW - ground is clear, I can see grass.
650a - letting Alaska out on the lead = GROUND COVERED IN SNOW - wth mother nature?

Oh, and I secretly confess that I had two helpings of Corned Beef last night - Made it in the crock pot, with a dark ale (called Killer Penguin) - and it tasted #dabombdotcom #beerisgoooooood

Happy Wednesday Friends!

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  1. I didn't get to have Corned Beef last night. That sounds fabulous. Baby steps are much easier to work into your everyday life and make a habit.

  2. I wish we saw baby bunnies on our walks! That's a funny thought of what would they actually do? I think Gunner would be more confused than anything. And the wind in her coat thing - hilarious! They never want to do there business when you need them to!

  3. yay babysteps! ANd yay for Mice and Men reference! So glad you're back!!


  4. Killer Penguin? That sounds fun! Haha! I think easing your way back in to working out is smart! You dont want to over kill it and get burned out :) Trust me from someone who has been there!!!

    I often wonder what Mac would do if he caught anything he barks at. He is 9 lbs of seriously?!