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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Hashtags & Confessions - Food fixes everything - Pinning! - this morning, I got a really exciting email about my blog, and in a few weeks, I will be able to share this exciting news with you all. #dontyouhatethesuspense #itsgoingtobeworththewait #epic

I confess that this morning, I spent a little longer than I intended on my hair and makeup. I still got to work practically on time, and I think I look phenomenal. If you saw the #selfiechallenge instagram pic this morning, I commented about an amazing pin that allowed me to really use my Urban Decay Naked 2 pallette. And then, I promised Jana, that I would share said pin on this very post. There you go girl - I delivered! #pinterestaddicted #makeupisfun #prettypretty

We had sparring at TKD last night, and I swear, if I could get an award for sweating, than it would be dripping and gold. Master Mike just kept us moving, and moving, and moving. #thoughtiwasdying #reallynotthatserious #defibrillatorneeded stayed for the next class, and I got Emry home and tried to get him to study while he ate a late night snack - actually, it was more like a second dinner. All I can say is, perhaps I should have him study this way more often. Aside from the fact he chewed with his mouth open - and talked with food in his mouth ( #totallygross ) he seemed to focus more than he does when he's just sitting in a chair. Have I discovered the key to unlocking his work ethic? #foodfixeseverything

After I walked #AlaskatheMoosePyr for her nightly walk, because Klay was really late coming home, I got my pajamas on - and basically just melted into the bed. #downforthecount Klay did get home, he rubbed my lower back and my shoulders.... All this exercise, all this burning muscle .... I LOVE IT and I can't tell you how much I have missed it. I know I have done something right, when at the end of the night I can feel the burn. EPIC. #unleashingmyfitnessfreak #feelingsomuchbetter #stillwantallthefoodthough

Other than that, I was able to get up this morning for the third time in a row and get to the gym. #callitacomeback

And now, I need to focus on some work. So - I'll be around to check out all your blogs soon!

Feeling Awesome! What about you?

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  1. I want to know what the email was about damnit! Dont leave me hanging! And umm that eye look is totally cute!!! I love those colors :)

    Food makes everything better, duh! :)

  2. Knowing that you had a really great workout that day makes me sleep that much better haha! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  3. I'm totally jealous about the burning muscle!! I'm gonna head over to IG to see your beauty this morning.

    I cannot wait to hear about the blog email!! Did you say E is ADD? I wonder if the combo if him doing something while studying made the difference or if it was just the food. LOL

  4. Glad to see your back! hope all is well and I can''t wait to hear the good news!!!

  5. And now I need to buy the Naked 2 palette. Thanks for sharing, though! Maybe I can use what I have and do something similar because it looked awesome!!!

    Looking forward to hearing what the email was about!