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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Lots of Thoughs - Price Vs. Rush - Bagels

Last night, I did not make it to TKD - I realized there were just too many things to do for Emry's birthday party. After I got home from work, I helped Emry with his HW, and I ran out to the grocery store. There were "potions" to label, goodie bags to decorate, and that just took FOREVER.

Thought of the evening - Am I going over board with this?
Answer to the thought of the evening - Of course you are, keep gluing.

I watched the remake of "House on the Haunted Hill" while I ate my Pasta Fagiole & Half Italian Combo dinner.

Thoughts during the movie - They really went a long way to use music from the original movie... And to make Geoffrey Rush really look like Vincent Price... Okay, so, same basic premise, but seriously, why remake a classic horror??? UGH. Pointless
Answers to myself during the movie - The house looks familiar too, so music and the house? Geoffrey Rush is barely acting in this, Vincent Price is rolling in his grave. They remake too many movies.....

Made the appointment to see my OB - in hopes of getting to the bottom of this 3 weeks late thing. I took a pregnancy test last night, and it came up negative. Again. So, it's not as if I am dying. My doctor told me to just treat myself as if I am pregnant, and we'll get to the bottom of it when I see her.. and then she gave me an appointment in 2 weeks.

Thought during the conversation - I have to wait to see you for 2 weeks? Seriously?????
Answer to the thought - Take a breather, this makes the gelato in the fridge fair game.... right?
Answer to the Answer - Duh, of course, pass me a spoon.

I downloaded a photo editor last night, and posted a photo to my selfie challenge this morning. Lots of Cool features... So, if you see a selfie with weird colors - well, it's because I got bored.

Thoughts about the app - I can slim my face WHOA...
Answer to thought - Cut that out, any smaller and you'll see your bones.

We have our department birthday party this afternoon - and I grabbed a veggie platter for it - - - So, I wasn't planning on really eating a big breakfast or lunch...... but, when I walked in the break room, there were bagels. I have not had a bagel (yet - as of 9:45a), but man, oh man are they tempting.

Thought about bagels - mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
Answer to bagels - STAY IN YOUR OFFICE

However, this morning, I woke up SUPER DUPER tired. I can't even tell you. I opted to lay in bed with Klay until the last minute. I grabbed my spin pin, and threw my hair up into a bun, grabbed my water bottle, kissed the kid goodbye and BOUNCED. Spin pin in my hair came loose.. Lucky I keep a hair brush at work... and oddly enough, it just laid down straight. WEIRD. I mean, it's pretty lifeless, but that is to be expected since the last two days I have tried hair styles that have BOOOSTED my volume.

Thoughts about my hair - Should I go buy the Bed Head Wave Iron?
Answer - Another piece of equipment you'll half assly use? Pfffft - yes, go buy it anyway.

What are you up to this Thursday?


  1. one of my cycles recently was 63 days or something stupid like that. Totally disheartening when trying to make a baby. In college though, I once was a full 6 weeks late and it wasn't for any particular reason other than stress. Turns out if you don't ovulate that month you may or may not get your period. Gee thanks Mother Nature!

  2. Waiting to see the doctor, especially about something possibly huge is the worst thing ever. Liiiiike you cant take five minutes out of your day to check me out sooner?!?! And bagels are so damn tempting. I can skip over most things...but bagels and cookies are my weaknesses.

  3. I had a few scenarios where I was late due to stress as well... a couple months late. But I also knew I was stressed and single so I knew it wasn't that. But it has to be so confusing for you because you have a husband! Hope you get it figured out soon.

    The pasta sounds delish! I like the sounds of that app you downloaded!