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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

My Tabata App - a little Tear - Shoes - Pixie Obsession

Guess what? I got up again and went to the gym! And, the 30 minutes just FLEW by - so quickly, that I wanted to do another 15. But, I didn't. I have TKD tonight, and I don't want to overdue my first week back to Loving Fitness... This week, I have decided that I would do 5 minute stints of cardio, paired with core/weight work.

I will do a 5 minute jog/run on the treadmill. Not quite ready to do a straight run, at all, so, I work my way up from a fast walk, to a jog, slow run, to a run. Every minute, I up the speed 0.5mph. It's working for me. And hopefully in a few weeks, I'll be able to run it again.
Find it here
After those 5 minutes, I break out my phone and my Tabata timer (free on any app store - called My Tabata), and I do a round of that (4 minutes). Today I started with bicep curls.

After that the Tabata round, I go back to the treadmill and start all over. So basically it's 3 sets of each. My second round of Tabata I did Russian Twists with a 6lb medicine ball, and the third I did clean and presses with a 15lb bar.

30 minutes has never gone by so quickly. I don't really take a breather between, just what it takes me to get from the treadmill to the weight station - -- truly less than a minute. So - fast paced, in and out - and I feel really GREAT after.

The one thing I didn't mention yesterday, since the post was mostly positive (sans sister portion), was that on Saturday - I started to spot. I know, this may be a TMI thing to type, however, it happens. Now, after having the realization that I, in fact, wanted to have another baby - and then very close after I was very late getting my cycle. thought that it was a sign - that it was just the time and it was going to happen. Spotting, and now transitioning into an actual period, well - it made me kind of sad. Not defeated, not "it's the end of the world"... just a little sad. I told Klay on Sunday, and well - it took him a day - but he told me he was a little sad, as well. Which we both smiled and laughed off.... It's so funny, how quickly our hearts went to the chance... the glimmer... that we might have made a baby. Where do we go from here? Well, we really didn't discuss it. But, I know if it ever does happen... We will both be happy, and maybe one day - we will actively try. As of right now, we are still in the mindset of, if it happens it will be wonderful.  

Today is supposed to be 45 degrees out - and I heard on the weather channel that next week... we may actually see (and more importantly feel) 60 degree weather. I know, Right?! I just want to dance around in the sun when that happens. I still have those silly handmade snowflakes on my office window, I think it's time to take them down, and tear them to shreds. Die Winter Die. Hehehehehe.

I have been oogling some shoes that forever 21 has. And I am definitely thinking about buying them this weekend. Do you want to SEE???? Of course you do, because, SHOES. 

Yes, I know, they are all mostly brown (or bronze) - But, I realized recently that my favorite brown boots are about to DIE, and that the only respectable pair of ballet flats I have, are just about worn out. And shoes don't judge, so neither should you! ;) *giggles*

The boots that are about to meet their cobbler, are combat styled brown boots, that come practically up to my knee. As much as I love them, it limits what I can wear them with. So, I'm thinking the high ankle/mid calf combat styled boot (bottom right) is a perfect replacement. The faux leather bootie (upper left) would be the more work appropriate choice, but, I'm thinking about getting them both. *squeals with delight*. The bronze oxfords, well, I'm not sure what I would wear them with - - but, they are so DIFFERENT and FUN! The black, rhinestone heeled loafer - well - That would be great for work, and the rhinestone studded heel - well - I think it's really kind of fun.

What do you think? If you had to pick 2 to buy, and 2 to buy later (because they are all totally coming home to mama) which ones would you buy right this minute?I am also not a shoe hoarder - I only buy shoes if I am replacing ones that I have one to death OR if I need a fancy shoe to go with a dress (ie: Lissa's wedding, any wedding, yada yada)
I also might replace all work pants, and heck my other jeans, with the Old Navy Pixie cut pants. (what did you think I meant by 'Pixie Obsession'?) I have never owned such a comfortable pair of pants. In my ENTIRE life. The only problem is - I definitely hate all of the neutral khaki colors - the clay is way too skin toned, I tried that color on and it just was not flattering... and they have a beige that is a little too light for me to wear. The pixie cut also comes in a chino-style. The traditional khaki in that, almost looks acceptable, well, at least the picture does. Thing is, at work, if it is slightly above my ankle, it is considered a crop pant, or a capri - And we are not allowed to sport those. SO, I have to try them on, and I have to see exactly where they sit on my 5'4 frame. They come in short and regular lengths. My hope is, the regulars will hit me at the ankle. A girl can dream. Right?

Well - I have to get some work done before my meeting at 11am - so, that is it for today.

Until next time!


  1. I love using the tabata makes working out go by so much faster! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  2. I like the top two shoes in your pictures the best. And I am going to have to check in to these pixie pants you speak so highly of! Though...Old Navy pants have never fit me right I doubt I will have much luck but one can hope!

    I will have to check in to the tabata timer. sounds like a good plan! Baby steps :)

  3. OH I have got to check out this tabata timer!

    Hoping for no spots next month (:

  4. I have never heard of the tabata timer. That sounds awesome!