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Monday, March 23, 2015

WEEKENDS HAPPEN: Party - Coffee - Exercise

Wowee - Happy Monday friends!

Friday was an intense day for us in Orange County NY. First day of spring, and the last (hopefully) snow storm off the year. I woke up, ready to go to work, and then the school sends out this automated message... The kids are going in on time, but will be dismissed 2 hours after arriving at school. What the WHAT the WHAT THE HELL? So, I decided that I would stay home, and prepare for Saturday's birthday EXPLOSION. Probably was a wasted day... I don't think I care all that much. Ha!
I made pulled chicken tacos for dinner, and just slowly picked up the house.

Saturday morning, bright and early, I am out the door with Alaska the Moose Pyrenees. Trying to make her do a long walk in under 2 hours... That girl sure does like to mosey... UGH! So, I get her inside, feed all the animals, and start the decorations for the Emry's birthday party. His party was a Minecraft and Rock N Roll Themed Party. He couldn't decide on one, so I did both. Minecraft decor, with Rock N Roll crafts during.

The kids decorated their own Rock N Roll T-shirts. I did Iron on transfers on the front and back. The front was 2 electric guitars in front of a graffiti-esque background, and the back said "I rocked out at 8th Birthday". The kids enjoyed scribbling on their t-shirts, and while they did that, I pulled one by one aside, and gave them TEMPORARY TATTOOS! I had stencils, and magic markers. This way, I was perfectly certain they would wash away, after the first try. Just in case some of the parents had a problem with me coloring on their children. 

There was pizza and chicken nuggets - and themed Hawaiian punch drinks. The red was a "potion of healing", blue was a "water breathing potion" and green was "creeper juice". I found .jpgs on google images, printed them out into label sized portions, and taped them around the Hawaiian punch drinks! Super Easy Lemon Squeezy!

I had a co-worker make this awesome Minecraft themed cake, made of Rice Krispie Treats, Brownies, and White cake. She made fondant characters, and really mind an edible minecraft world! The kids all LOVED it.

My sister did come to Emry's birthday party, and it was tense, for me at least. I don't know if you remember, but, she totally threw a hissy fit right before my wedding, and then dropped out a little under a month before my wedding... as my maid of honor. And then didn't even come to the wedding... But, my son really wanted her there. She is his aunt, his very favorite aunt. I am glad she came, but, she acted like nothing had happened, and basically sat down the entire time she was there, on the other side of the room. Nothing I can do about that, and I'm not going to hold any negativity from that. Her loss. Not mine.

Right before the kids left, I had each of them build their own Minecraft World Goodie Bag. Each item was labeled as something you would use to survive in the game, and I made the green bags look like creepers. I found a cutout on Google images, printed, cut and pasted.

If you can see in the decorations, I made a squid out of a black balloon and black streamers, a"Nether Portal" out of black streamers, and purple cellophane, a creeper out of napkins. All of these ideas either I found, or was inspired by Pinterest. It is amazing what you can find on there!

Emry had such an enjoyable time. And, all in all - I saved about $100 on having a small party at home! Which, if you are a mom on a budget, is a complete and utter WIN!

We winded up going out to dinner with my sister and her husband, because Emry insisted on it. I had an epic Cajun shrimp salad with honey mustard vinagerette... Light and Tasty, which made up for the pizza and mega-cake at the party.

The rest of the night was spent cleaning up, and dying of exhaustion. Totally worth it though.

Sunday, was really meant to be a rest day. The only thing I had to get through was going rehearsal dinner venue hopping with Lissa, since her wedding is about a month away. Crazy right?

First we stopped for coffee at this awesome place called Tin Kettle. Where they make coffee the old fashioned way, and each cup is brewed JUST for you. It was the best cup of coffee I have ever had. No milk, cream, or sugar needed. The owner also gave us a sample of this chilled coffee that had notes of nectarine and grapefruit in it. Also, unsweetened, with no cream... It was SO delicious. The decor was rustic/industrial... and I can't wait to see how the business grows.

I think we found an absolute perfect venue, and definitely a second runner up. Now, it's up for her fiance to decide which one is the one. The great thing was that we ate lunch at one of the places, and I ate a beet and goat cheese salad over a lightly dressed arugula salad. It was so epic.

After that I spent the day in SPRING CLEANING mode. I really delved into Emry's room, and removed a lot of clutter, and unnecessary crud from his room. To Emry, every piece of scrap paper he has touched, is a piece of art. And, you know what, most of it is. But,.... BUT.... I make a strict rule that the beautiful pieces of art I keep, come from school, and the only ones kept from home is something that he and I do TOGETHER. Thank goodness for that. I already have 6 memory boxes filled to the brim in the attic from birth - until now. I will run out of space REALLY quick. Hahaha.

 For dinner we went to Buffalo Wild Wings, and I had a chopped chicken salad. The place was really packed, and I was just really hungry. So, we ate and bounced as quickly as possible.

Then - my favorite part of the weekend happened... Ready.... ARE YOU READY????
I finally signed up for Netflix, and connected it to my television. I have never been so excited in my entire life. Well, that is not entirely true, but for that moment - - - and probably every time I sit down in front of the television - - I will be ecstatic. SO - what do you Netflix? What shows? What movies? HIT ME!
What did I watch? Oh, well, we watched "I, Frakenstein" for some cheese factor, and then because I was so OVERWHELMED with the choices, I started on Season 1 of "House", because of life, and because I finally feel ready. I woke up a half hour earlier this morning (cough cough 430a cough cough), walked Alaska  - and got my (plumper) butt into the YMCA. I have 18.6 lbs to lose, and that will put me back at 130lbs - and then, I think I will feel better. I have no intention of doing this quickly. It is the goal to get back to that weight. I alternated between cardio, weight and core for 30 minutes. I pushed myself through - and got out. Not going to lie, during my Russian Twists I really was breaking a sweat. But, right now, I feel fantastic. I am really ready to do this again. And I am so psyched about it.

There you go - my weekend that was. Tell me about yours!

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  1. The party sounds like a success! Well, minus the whole sister issue. Look at you and your crafty self. All of your salads sound delicious! Yum!!! The coffee place sounds really cool!!! I love trying different things!! And I am with you on getting up at too!! But I feel so much better getting that shit done before work. Have a great week!