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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Hobby Lobby Treasure Hunting - Decorating my house

We bought our home almost 2 years ago. We did move with a lot of belongings, and were able to have the house decorated (mostly) upon our move. But, you know, new home - new decorating possibilities - - right?

I am very picky about decor items I pick. I can't pick something unless I am sure that I will be able to live with it for a long time. I don't want to put something on my wall, or coffee table and think a month later - I do not love this.

So - finally, last Saturday Klay and I were walking through Hobby Lobby - and I found not one, but two pieces that I just adored.

The first thing was the Wall Plaque - it has a distressed red finish, two iron baskets, five hooks across the bottom, and two hooks on the sides. We have put this in our kitchen on the wall adjacent to the island. Our kitchen island became the burial ground for paperwork - I had a pile of mail and things that I needed to keep an eye on - and then Emry gets a million things home a day - some of which I need to keep. I just couldn't deal anymore. Also - Our car keys needed a home. The cute little hooks on the bottom have ensured that I have not lost my keys all week. If you have cats, you know how it is - the love the jingle sound - and my keys go missing quite often.

The second thing I found was the Chalkboard Ad - it is also distressed and has a turquoise and white frame with faux black and white chalkboard-style artwork. I love the chalkboard look, I think it is classy and vintage. It also is a great way to remind Emry of the bathroom rules. Little boys - boy oh boy - do they purposely forget the bathroom rules!

Both of these were on super sale - and I couldn't have been more happy about it!

And now - I feel I have broken the seal on new decor purchases - However, I did pass up one thing at Hobby Lobby - and I am still kind of reeling from it.  

This was on sale from 34.99 - It stood about 3ft (at most) high, and the drawers were of decent depth. I loved it - I coveted it - however, I couldn't see where I would use such a thing. I mean - It was too large to sit on a coffee table, and too short to be a side table. And I'm still disappointed that I didn't buy it. It has such charm. Meh - it's still there when I go back, it's meant to be... But, I still can't imagine where I would put it!  

What about you? Do you have a love/hate relationship with Hobby Lobby - as in: you love to be there, but hate how much stuff you want to buy?

Wednesday, April 29, 2015


10 Confessions for the week:

  1. People who chew with their mouths open make me want to scream
  2. Sometimes I am so lazy, that I bite my nails, instead of walking across the house to grab my manicure set.
  3. This entire week I feel a cold coming on - so have decided the only way to combat it - is to eat Girl Scout Cookies - Samoas are my medicine of choice.
  4.  I brought Frozen to work with me today, and I plan on jamming out to the songs after lunch
  5. I do not give a rat's ass about Bruce Jenner's interview - and I care even less that he feels like he has been a woman (on the inside) for his entire life. The reason I don't care - is because it's none of my business. But, if I hear someone else's opinion (or judgements) on this - I'm going to lose my mind, and start ranting.
  6. My corset story order just landed in customs from Great Britain - and I totally squealed... People heard me do this. 
  7. I totally cried while watching the series finale of Smallville.
  8. I totally cried during the end scene of Furious 7
  9. I saw another Great Pyrenees in a local shelter - and I really considered going and adopting him. What stopped me was the 115 lbs of MOOSE that stared back at me from the floor. 
  10. People who create a mess in the breakroom and walk away deserve to be shot - and I almost want to go to their homes and mess up their kitchens, just because

Funny Confession Ecards:

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Slow Cooker Corned Beef Marinade

Every since St. Patrick's Day - Emry and Klay have been asking for corned beef. I mean, can you blame them? I always need a second week of corned beef - it's just so good.

I didn't want to be as traditional as I usually am though - And, it's easier to make it in a crock pot, so I wanted a sauce/gravy/marinade that would help to tenderize the meat, while adding lots of yummy yummy flavor.

I used a particular stout for this marinade/gravy - But, I believe any dark beer will really do the trick. I wanted the sweetness for the cherries, and the slight bitter from the Chocolate... But, an oatmeal stout could also add a nice flavor.

And, I know, you are seeing a SEASONING PACKET, but, quite honestly - It really binds it together, and was a quick and easy thing to pick up. You could also get some cornstarch, powdered beef bouillon and your own seasoning concoctions - this was just easier for me.

Do you feel the away about certain Holiday Meals? Ones that need to be recreated multiple times a year?

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, April 27, 2015

Weekend - Speed Shopping - Lazy Sunday - Burn Makeup

This weekend was really quite uneventful - -well, at least it was to me!

Friday Night - was B4G, and I was able to tell my story, or as they call it "my testimonial". It's weird to confess to a bunch of strangers - where you were, and where you are now. And how you got there. It felt like going to an AA meeting. "Hi, My name is Jillian - - - " But, it was very cathartic, and well received. managed to get out of B4G early, and got all of the grocery shopping done! And, I need to note, 830pm, on a Friday night, is when I should go grocery shopping. I was in and out of Price Chopper and WalMart in 45 minutes. And that, is really unheard of. It usually takes me 2 hours to go food shopping. I have never been more excited to be done food shopping, in my entire life.

When I got home, I popped a corned beef in the crock pot (marinade recipe to come tomorrow) - and I called it a night! The funniet thing was coming across Emry's drawing in his book bag. Check out how big he drew Alaska! - was spent cleaning the house, running fun errands with hubby, and having friends over for dinner. Emry went over to his besties house during the afternoon, so Klay and I were able to go to Hobby Lobby, Panera, and WalMart together - hence "fun errands". I got some amazing things from Hobby Lobby and on Thursday I will share those with you!

In the evening my friend Rosalie came over with her daughter and husband, and we ordered an epic amount of Chinese food - and just hung around. Her daughter, Samma, was my flower girl, and is Emry's first love (not joking - it's adorbs)! She and Emry had a silly string fight outside - - - and then being Type A, OCD, Clean freak children - they cleaned it all up.

Rosalie and the fam went home well after 10p - Klay and I cleaned up - watched an awful horror movie on Netflix - and went to sleep. - was the epitome of a lazy day. Klay and Emry were up after 9am, and we lounged around the house for the better part of the day. We ran out of the house because Klay needed to get some banking done, Emry wanted to go to Toys R Us, to buy Xbox Live points for a game, and I wanted to go to Party City to pick up liquid latex.

We ate lunch (a mediocre lunch) at TGI Fridays - it wasn't that the food was bad, it just wasn't great. However, I think it was adorable that we ordered appetizers, and side salads. I mean, we all did, even Emry.

After that, we hung around the house, I played with my liquid latex, we watched An Idiot Abroad, didn't eat dinner, because we were so full from lunch - and that was it.

My first attempt with the liquid latex scarring worked really well - I need to figure out how big I want to go with it. But, for a first attempt - I am pretty happy with it.

But, that really was our weekend....

What did you do?

OH - and because I needed to share these additional Funnies:

Friday, April 24, 2015

Geek Friday Steampunk Post!

So here I am another Friday has come, and I am so ready for it to be over.

Yesterday, I was thrown a project from way out of left field. This project, seemingly impossible to use the computer to do. And in this day and age, it frustrates me when I cannot use, what I deem, necessary technology in order to streamline a task. This was all hitting the books, and binders, and tissue paper like triplicate copies. Yeah, it was one of those days. When I had finally finished said project, I had no other thoughts - I was just utterly spent. Thanks Nadine, for your kind comment - I feel so much better this morning!

So - Friday - Yeah bitches - So excited!

This week - I think I am going to go with my favorite Steampunk Items - most of which I will be purchasing today.

Steampunk - is another type of cosplay that I do. We attend the Steampunk World's Fair every year in Piscataway NJ

And every year, I am looking to either build on my garb, or just buy all new stuff - This year, I am looking to build a Steampunk Sky Captain look. SO - I need a new corset, a new weapon holster, ventilator, possibly pants, and some interesting contact lenses. Why contacts? Well - I am planning on trying my hand at the latex paint again - Try and give myself a wound around my left eye - so, I was thinking of having one cyborg like - blue eye. We'll see.


All of the above corsets (and more) can be found at Honestly, I think that the Top right, and the bottom right are what I am currently looking at for my "sky captain" look. The top left is very lovely, however, I don't like the change in color between the gold chain, and silver clasps; the color difference seems wrong. So which would you choose? 

Weapon Holster

What I like most about this weapon holster - is that I can get all of the pieces together, and it's not too expensive. I have no problem with faux leather, as I only plan on using these items with my cosplay events. Remember, I'm building a character - - I know this is the geekiest, and weirdest thing I do. But, at least I embrace it.


Personally, I think adding this element, will really push the character forward. I don't plan on using both contacts, only one. And, actually I have a really good reason for it. My goggles last year, were damaged, and one of the lenses is missing - so, why don't I use that to my advantage? If I can get the make up correct, it will look like something blasted through my goggle, and this is what happened to my eye. We'll see if I can achieve that - either way, the contacts are wicked cool.


I am still not sure on whether or not, I want to buy this piece. A ventilator is a strong move - and it's may be a bit overboard when it comes to the look I am going for. However, go big or go home? I think it depends on how long it takes to ship this beauty.... 


I say possible pants - because I am looking for a fitted, cargo looking type pant - and honestly, if I can't find them, I plan on rocking one of my Old Navy Pixie cut pants with it - if only Old Navy carried them in brown, or olive, or a decent color khaki. I know.... Even a skinny pant in brown would be awesome... Who knows... I was looking at these simple pants from H&M and then these more costume like pants on etsy - - - Not feeling either. *SIGHS* Victorian costume. pirate pants or bloomers. victorian  steampunk bloomers. nautical pirate pants. pirate breeches

Oh and Corset-story has a buy one get one free on everything right now - so I'm probably going to pick up a dress as well. EEEEEEEEEEEEEE. And that makes me pretty happy. Yes, I bet you are looking at some of these links and going - this is an expensive hobby. And it is. But, we get satisfaction out of doing it - and I do wear these pieces more than once - - - I swear I do.

What about you? What's your geeky guilty pleasure? Mine is Steampunk and Renaissance Cosplay!

Thursday, April 23, 2015


This day has been utterly horrible - my work load exploded today.

So - I'll be back tomorrow.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Hashtag Confessions - Stink Eye - Coupons - Bills - Girl Funnies! cannot believe it is only Wednesday - I mean, I woke up this morning thinking - Okay Friday, let's do this. Only to remember, dammmmmmmmmmmmmmmn it's only Wednesday. Talk about feeling major regret. #humpdaysadness need to confess - that when someone writes me a check, or when Emry gets a check from relatives for let's say his birthday (remember this was over a month ago) - I am awful about depositing them in the bank. I received checks for Emry's birthday 1 month and 11 days ago, plus we got our adjustment refund from the IRS - and well - it took me until yesterday to get those into the accounts. #notlazy #notsorry #bankissooutoftheway #overworkedmama those of you who work in an office setting - do you have one (or more) co-workers that when they walk by your office (or cubicle) they absolutely have to stare at you (or what you are doing)? I mean, seriously, what the heck is up with the stink eye... I'm working (or looking really good at not working) and you're just walking around... at least I'm faking it! #stinkeyedual #trustmeiwillwin #restingbitchfaceforthewin confess, I plan on using my coupon code from to get another piece of their clothing. If people wouldn't look at me funny, I'd wear that skirt every day. Remember the coupon code expire on May 15th!!!! #shopaholic #mighthaveaproblem #timetolockupthecreditcard only finished half of the mini mountains on my desk yesterday - so, today, I really need to buckle down. #procrastinationatitsfinest it bother anyone when you finish paying all of your bills - balancing your checkbook - and then, in the mail the next day, you get another bill? I mean - jeeez, the cycle needs to end! #adultingisboring #neverlandhereicome

And - because I did T-rex funnies yesterday - I am thinking today should be Girl Funnies:


Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Tuesday - Bedtime Thoughts - Bridesmaid Queries night, right before I walked Alaska, Emry asks me if he could sleep with me again, and I said sure - that after his shower, he should go lay in his bed, and when I got home from walking Alaska, that I would tell him to move on over. My reasoning was that I could get in from the rain and change out of my wet clothes - without my son being in the room. I was out walking Alaska for about an hour, and when I went back to check on Emry - he was already out like a light. He must have been so exhausted from not getting any sleep on Sunday night. So, I left him. I actually went to bed last night - I realized how big a queen bed is, when you are all on your lonesome. I tried to remember if I felt this way before Klay and I were together. If I really thought the bed was so big for just one person. And, I can't remember a time from the past - when I felt that way. It made me smile a little, because to me, it proves that our love is special... I then wondered if he felt the same way sleeping at the hotel he is at right now. only thing I do like about sleeping alone, is when I get up - I make the bed. I make the bed the way I like it made, and so it looks purtiful. Klay pulls up the sheets, it's not like he leaves the covers in a ball or anything, but, since he's the last one out of the bed - it's never all put back together when he makes it. Men just don't understand., I have this mini mountain of paperwork I have to proof read - and another mini mountain of paperwork I have to transpose. It's an interesting time of the year, and from what I can tell - starting next week - my work load is going to increase exponentially until about the 9th. God willing, only until the 9th.

Last night, I also tried on the bridesmaid dress for Lissa's wedding, just in case that it needed to be taken in (or let out) for any reason - and Thank The Gods - It fits, wonderfully! - the top is a little big around the boob area, but, I know that once I put that weird strapless pseudo-corset dress bra on - it will fit just perfectly. Now, I just have to figure out what I am doing with my hair. Let me show you the picture of the dress from David's Bridal:

The shoes are silver - and are these strappy heeled sandals that I borrowed from my SIL. The whole feel is sort of Grecian, if you ask me. The other bridesmaids have short hair, so Lissa has asked if I could pull mine up, just so we flow as a group. This means I get to wear a big pair of sparkly earrings. Duh! But, how to wear my hair is the question... Here are my thoughts:

Yes my thoughts are via a board - It's just easier to compile things - and then have several times to go back and look at them. If you notice, I have to views of an Olsen Twin - it's my favorite of all of them. Which one do you like? 
I plan on bringing my extensions with me to my hair appointment - just incase I don't have enough hair to do it with. hahahaha!

That's all I have for today - Time to get some work done.

But - just for you: T-Rex Funnies (because why not)