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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Hangry - and It's My Friday!

Hunger - it happens right? I always chuckle when I see those SNICKERS commercials - the ones where 'you aren't yourself when you are hungry'. I chuckle, because those commercials are clearly directed right at me.


HANGRY is a real thing. On the way home last night, Emry and I had to stop at Wal*Mart, to pick up the last few things I needed for the dessert I was bringing to the covered dish at work. Check Instagram later on today - you'll see my "Easter in a Cup" dessert. SO, we got home maybe 45minutes later than we normally do; no big deal, right? Totally a big deal. I got SO Hangry, and then came in to Alaska, who seems to be having some separation anxiety recently. She has been chewing on her leash, my TKD belt (which I was able to so back together) - and oddly enough the blinds chords. She is making a point. But, we really don't know how to help with it just yet. Klay may start going home on lunch breaks to say hi. SO anyway - -

I'm hangry, I come in to another dismembered leash - and all I want to do is just EAT EVERYTHING and BURN THE HOUSE TO THE GROUND (because I'm not myself when I'm hungry). So, I quickly slammed a tiny bowl of cheerios and cashew milk. This helped me get through the feeling of rage and fury to get done what needed to get done.

But, it started this endless cycle of "You need to eat". I drank a full glass of water, and then I drank another one. This way I would be sure if what I was feeling was actually hunger. Then, I couldn't decide what I wanted to eat. I wanted to go grab a salad from the diner - but, I was holding out for that as tomorrow night's dinner (not to mention Saturday's as well). SO, I start scrambling through my fridge. In the freezer I found a pastele. So I set that to cook - and hoped that it would satiate me. - let me explain - A pastele is sort of like a tamale, and is prepared in different Spanish cultures. My exes family is Puerto Rican, and the last tiny Emry's grandmother came over, she gave me a WHOLE bunch. And they are really quite delicious. In Puerto Rico, pasteles are a cherished culinary recipe. The masa consists of typically grated green banana, green plantain, eddoe (yautía), potato, and tropical pumpkins known as calabazas. It is seasoned with liquid from the meat mixture, milk, and annatto oil. The meat is prepared as a stew and usually contains any combination of boston butt, ham, bacon, raisins, chickpeas, olives and capers, and is commonly seasoned with bay leaves, recaito, tomato sauce, adobo seco, and annatto oil, but the seasoning is not limited to these. Meat can be anything from poultry, fish, pork and game. They come in these little plantain leaf packages - and then are wrapped in wax paper, and tied off with baking string. This way, you freeze them, and then drop them in boiling water when you want to eat them. I swear, if you have never had one - go have one. - I top my pastele with some hot sauce (because - hot sauce is yummy) and I slowly ate (meaning I inhaled it). Stomach still felt empty - on to my 3rd cup of water. I then picked at a few green beans, and started preparing the "Easter in a Cup Dessert" - which contains vanilla pudding. So I ate some vanilla pudding as well.... and then, do you know what finally did it for me. 3 Hershey Almond Nuggets. I ate those, and I was content. Weird.

I expected to wake up this morning, completely undoing my entire workout the day before - or the hard work I have been doing for the past 2 weeks. Low and behold: I am still under where I was at the start of the week. My body just needed something. And, I'm glad I gave in a little, so to speak. morning, I got up - walked Alaska - went to the gym - got ready and got here to work. Pretty much a usual normal morning. Today at work, is the dreaded covered dish luncheon. Why is it dreaded? Well - seriously, everyone tries to out cook each other, and the food is totally delicious.... It's hard not to eat ALL THE FOODS. My plan is to eat one small plate - make good choices - and then I brought tuperware so I could bring the other stuff home, this way Klay and Emry have dinner.

We'll see how that goes - - oh, and it just hit me!

*insert dance sequence* 

And in other news - my Old Navy order came in today - and my new pencil skirt is so stinking cute, and fits like a glove. I wish I were able to take great "fashionista blogger" pictures - but alas, you guys just get the phone pictures using the mirror reflection! HA! (Also, another thing I'll post on instagram later - forgive my crappy blogging skills - I totally ran out of time this morning to take the pictures!!!)

I haven't tried on the dress yet, but it is SO soft, and I can already tell that I am going to LIVE in it when the weather warms up. And I'm thinking about buying a cute pair of summer sandals to wear with it. Yes - more SHOE SHOPPING!!!! It's the little things in life, am I right?

 That's it for today - Check in tomorrow!

Happy Thursday (or "my Friday") to Everyone!


  1. There are few feelings worse than being hangry, eating all the things, and still not feeling full.

    Hooray for 3 day weekends! Hope you do something fun!

  2. I am quite familiar with the hangry feeling. I get hangry often. The pastele sounds delicious! I have never had one. Mmmmm. I need some spring/summer clothes bad. Real bad. I wouldn't mind hitting up the outlet near my house sooner rather than later! Hope you enjoy your 3 day weekend!

  3. Oh, I hate being hangry!! Stay out of my way! I've only had pasteles a couple of times....but tasty!

  4. Pastele looks and sounds amazing! After all the description you read I was expecting you to say you made some for me!

    I am the same with you on Snickers! Those do NOT satisfy. I tried one a LONG time ago and I was still hangry afterward.... only slightly less. LOL