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Thursday, April 9, 2015

54 Below

It's one of those busy times of the year - when the piles of work dominate a majority of my desk. Normally my job is really consistent with the work flow, however, between April and June - heck, even overflow into July - it's like I cannot manage to get a breath in.

I think I managed to get on top of the basics of my current project - and now, I have to wait for other areas of our company to send me their findings, so I can compile ALL of it (from 16 different groups) into a single report. It's nice to feel ready for it, I just hope it comes slowly, and not all at once, and not at the last minute.

54 BelowLast night, after work, I drove into Manhattan. I made excellent time, and was super excited to be doing something special with my father. He took me to see Patti Lupone, at 54 Below.

54 Below is Broadway’s Supper Club,  and it offers an unforgettable New York nightlife experience, combining performances by Broadway’s best with world class dining in an elegant setting. 54 Below has become Broadway’s living room; a home away from home for Broadway professionals and audiences alike. And with pre-theatre dinner offered nightly from 5pm, 54 Below has set a new culinary standard for New York City entertainment venues. This venue is the old VIP area for Studio 54, and has this amazing speakeasy feel to it.

Our dinner began at 5:00p, and the menu was absolutely mesmerizing - I wanted to eat everything that was listed, it was hard to choose!


Click on them to zoom in on the menu - I mean seriously right?

So, I know you are dying to know - what did I choose? Well - Let's start out with drinks and appetizers, shall we? I really wanted a glass of wine, but, once I saw the bottled beer selections, I just couldn't say no. They had amazing selections, and I finally opted for a Founders Porter. Nice deep beer, with notes of coffee and chocolate. If you haven't had one, I recommend you go and find one. My father and I shared an appetizer, of Bacon Macaroni and Cheese. Now, I need to note, this is note your mama's Mac N Cheese. There were multiple cheeses, and I am sure that none of them were cheddar. I could taste Parmesan, maybe Gruyere and definitely Brie. The topping was a crunchy bacon and bread crumb with perhaps diced chives? I couldn't pick it all out - but, for a shared appetizer - it was delicious, and I could have eaten one to myself!

Our waiter was well versed on the entire menu, so when it came to selecting our dinners, I was having a serious problem choosing between the Ratatouille Shepherd's Pie and the Duck. His in depth description of both, led me to choose the duck. And seriously, I ate every single bite of my dinner. A complete leg section of duck, cooked perfectly - obviously pan seared in butter and fennel - over a salad dressed in a light vinaigrette, pieces of grapefruit and these toasted chickpeas. Commence drooling. My father had the Salmon, and he gave me a little taste - cooked perfectly. Not too dry, nice sear on the top. We ate in silence. Hahaha!  Dessert was another toughie - I chose the marscapone cheesecake - and was epically blown away. And my father chose the cookie platter - because, cookies! duh!

artistpage_pattiaprilDessert concluded almost exactly at the start of the show, and Patti Lupone took the stage. Patti Lupone is Broadway royalty - more notably for her role as Evita. The title of the showcase was "The Lady with the Torch" - and was a jazz set of interesting stories about pining for love, getting over love, and in one kicking the crap out of love. Her presence was amazing. Her band consisted of a piano player, stand up bass, small drum set, trombone, trumpet, and a gentleman that played either the flute, clarinet or saxophone. She was amazing and the set last almost 2 hours. Epic. The small venue gave such an intimate feel. It was like she was singing to each and every person. 

And that was our night - and we were home by 10p.

So, if you ever find yourself in NYC - please check out 54 Below. You will not regret it. 

OH - and since I missed Wednesday Confessions:

I confess, that I want to start playing the lotto on a regular basis, one of those ones that gives you a thousand dollars a week for life - because, if I could get that - I wouldn't have to work anymore. #agirlcandreamright

What are you up to this Thursday?


  1. I AM DROOLING OVER THIS FOOD!!!! what a great time!!

  2. 54 Below sounds so cool!!!! And that mac n cheese? Holy yum!!! So many people brag on Founders. I tried one of their beers and wasn't a fan but to be was a style I usually don't like. I need to try something else of theirs.