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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Alaska the Moose Pyr

A few months back, we adopted Alaska.

And she came with her problems, and her issues - but overall - she is an amazing dog.

Over the past month we have seen her come even more out of her shell (both mentally and physically). She walks with a more assertive nature: ears up, tail curled. She has even started going up and down the stairs by herself.

She also has decided that she does, in fact, like rawhide bones. But, they have to be a certain length and type. She prefers the mid sized braids. She detests the knots on the end of a bone. And, if the bone does not comfortably rest between her paws - it's not for her.

Last weekend, we even took her to the dog park! Which, took her a minute to get used to. All those dogs, all wanting to say hi! But, after a while, she settled in, and even played! We were over the moon, and we can't wait to bring her back.

She has not counter surfed in a long time - but, she knows that if she sits pretty long enough, we'll give her a little something something - She is certainly spoiled.

The vet recommended a scrambled egg for her coat - so, every morning my moose gets a single scrambled egg over her kibble. It's a great morning ritual. One day, I made her egg, and I walked away - but she just sat there looking at it. My husband was confused, Why won't she eat it? And, after thinking about it - I walked over, and turned on the light that shines directly over the part of the kitchen where her bowl is. She looked at me, and then went to town on her egg. She is a creature of habit. My dog, OCD, what's the chances?

She has a lot of nicknames - We most commonly call her Moose.
My son calls her the Moosical Moose.
My husband calls her Pretty Girl
I call her Girlfriend, or Sister

If Klay closes our bedroom door at nighttime, she will lay right outside our door.
If she wants to come in a room, she noses the door until you open it.

She gets really upset when my son has to go to school. This is actually a new development.

She has gotten anxious as we leave for work and school. We have lost 2 leashes to this - because she gets upset, and chews on her leash. Also, she took a small piece out of our backdoor curtain. This told me that she just wanted to be able to look outside - so - I pull up the curtains now, so she can see the outdoors. We put the leash away now, and we leave her out a new rawhide in the morning. She has not turned to chewing furniture, or damaging our home. The worst thing she has done was make a tear in my TKD belt. - I forgave her, and it was an easy repair. And now that it is getting warmer out - Klay is going to walk her up to the bus stop - so she can say a formal goodbye to our son. We think that will help.

She is amazing - and I love her so - I can't imagine a life without her.

So, without further ado... My Alaska the Moose Pyr Reel! Follow me on Instagram or just search: #alaskathemoosepyr

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  1. She is so pretty!

    I have tons of nicknames for my guys, too. I can't believe I forgot to write about them. I actually forgot to write about many qualities of my dogs. Oh, well. Maybe I'll have to do a second post!

    I love how the dogs have their routines. And Barkley has horrible separation anxiety. I sympathize.

  2. Awe the Moose!!! I think all dogs have their own issues. Gracie has separation anxiety, we got her another dog. Haha!! It is funny the personalities that they take on.

  3. Oh my goodness she is gorgeous! My Chloe girl was adopted too so I know about all the issues and such they can come with but, you cant help but love them!

  4. don't mind me just tearing up over here watching Moosey play with the other dogs!!! So sos soso so happy! dog stories are the best and you guys are doing a great job!

  5. I think it is hilarious that she is so particular about her the light needing to be on and the appropriate length of her rawhides :) She looks like a big lovable girl and a great addition to your family. Thanks for linking up!

  6. What a pretty girl! She looks so snuggly that I just want to give her a big hug! Love that dog park video. They're actually moving our dog park to a new location, but I can't wait to take our girl there this spring when it's done! I think she's missing her social time.

  7. Such a beautiful dog! I just want to snuggle with her! :) Found you on Erin's blog!