People Just as Crazy as Me

Wednesday, April 29, 2015


10 Confessions for the week:

  1. People who chew with their mouths open make me want to scream
  2. Sometimes I am so lazy, that I bite my nails, instead of walking across the house to grab my manicure set.
  3. This entire week I feel a cold coming on - so have decided the only way to combat it - is to eat Girl Scout Cookies - Samoas are my medicine of choice.
  4.  I brought Frozen to work with me today, and I plan on jamming out to the songs after lunch
  5. I do not give a rat's ass about Bruce Jenner's interview - and I care even less that he feels like he has been a woman (on the inside) for his entire life. The reason I don't care - is because it's none of my business. But, if I hear someone else's opinion (or judgements) on this - I'm going to lose my mind, and start ranting.
  6. My corset story order just landed in customs from Great Britain - and I totally squealed... People heard me do this. 
  7. I totally cried while watching the series finale of Smallville.
  8. I totally cried during the end scene of Furious 7
  9. I saw another Great Pyrenees in a local shelter - and I really considered going and adopting him. What stopped me was the 115 lbs of MOOSE that stared back at me from the floor. 
  10. People who create a mess in the breakroom and walk away deserve to be shot - and I almost want to go to their homes and mess up their kitchens, just because

Funny Confession Ecards:


  1. Totally agree on #1! The sound of people eating in general- or crunching ice- makes me feel stabby!

  2. I haven't seen the last FF movie yet but I know I'll cry! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. OMG!! Bruce Jenner..... I am so confused about how people get so confused! And why everyone cares so much about his story.

    The last ecard - more middle fingers! LOL

    I never bite my nails... especially not for laziness! I used to always keep one in the living room. The coffee table has some drawers and I kept it in there.

  4. The bitch eating crackers ecard is still one of my favorites ever. I have used it way too many times to count!!! What happened to manners?? Chewing with your mouth opened, making messes and not cleaning is so ridiculous. Its called adulting. People should try it!

  5. I'm glad I'm not the only one who didn't care about Bruce Jenner's interview (I don't really care about any of the Kardashians really). Perhaps Bruce being public about everything will help others in similar situations (please don't lose your mind ;)). But really, its done, so can we move on now?

  6. The only celebrity thing I care less about than Bruce Jenner is the next royal baby. None of this affects me directly and therefore, I give no shits.

    Girl Scout cookies are medicinal. Scientific fact.

  7. People who mess up common spaces are the worst! Someone in my office microwaved fish last week, it was awful and smelled for days. Common sense people!