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Friday, April 10, 2015

Friday - More Moose - Sauna

This has definitely been a week to battle through. It hasn't been particularly bad with work, and I haven't exactly gotten over the baby debacle from last Saturday, however, I have numbed it enough that I can function normally and/or see something baby related without bursting into tears. Sorry, that sounded very dramatic after I have re-read it, but it's the truth. Never, in my wildest dreams, did I ever think I would be this upset over the chance of not having a baby - I mean, seriously - when did this happen? Haha

Yesterday, I wrote two posts, one about my fun experience at 54 Below and the other about my bff, Alaska the Moose Pyr. I just wanted to add a little about Alaska, because she obviously knew I had been talking about her. Last night, Klay tells me that Miss Moose likes to help him and Emry get ready in the morning. Like, when Klay puts all of their bags in the car, before leaving for the bus stop, Moose will follow him into the garage, and make sure that the process is going smoothly. I didn't even believe him - but, this morning, she did the same thing with me! Followed me right down the stairs, and into the garage. Because she did this, Klay actually walked Emry to the bus stop and brought the Moose along. She just loves being involved. Yeah, I really love my rescue pup!
This is actually how big she appears!

 In very recent news, they just UPPED the heat in the office, I mean, it's 45 degrees out - I don't need the heat to be this substantial - I feel like I'm sweating like a sinner in church! Jeez Louise, Sauna anyone? Or building has a trade store, I am considering buying a short sleeve Polo - This is ridiculous. And I cannot complain about the heat to the Facilities department - because then they will turn it off - - and it will never return. Yes, it's that serious.

I have become the soliciting mother - I used my facebook account today to ask my local friends/family to purchase these "Ultimate Discount Cards" for my son's recent Fundraiser. Now - seriously, these are awesome cards - All the local stores participate - and they are only $12/card. Emry really wants to sell 15 - so he can get some decent prizes - If he sold 20 - they actually give him cash. So - I scanned all the card options - and tagged everyone in the local area. Hahaha - No shame. Not sorry about it either.

This weekend there is really nothing on the agenda - so, I plan to clean and rest - and hopefully start out next week really strong.

Lissa's wedding is 21 days away, and I need to start figuring out what I'm going to do about my legs. This is seriously a problem, I had figured that the spring would come a little earlier, and I would have been able to sun my legs just a little - but, that has not happened; like at all. SO - I'm going to have to find some type of Fake tanner, that won't turn me orange. Because, my arms - are still pretty tanned from the summer - but my legs have absolutely lost ALL color. They are practically see through - It's a problem. Aveeno makes some great products, I'm going to buy one of them, and use it religiously in hopes that I get some tint before May 1st! Do you know of anything better? And I'm not one for the tanning bed thing!

And I leave you all with the following pictures and GIFs:


  1. Since you have some time before the wedding you should try jergens moisturizer, that way it's a gradual tan!! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  2. I highly prefer date night with my dogs (and husband) over most people. My dogs follow me around like two little shadows and must be involved in everything as well. If Mac doesn't approve of something you do, he barks until it is right.

    I am about the order the SUN sunless tanner from Amazon because Amanda (Meet at the Barre) and someone else suggested it. Maybe try that? Have a great weekend!