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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Hashtag Confessions - Cliffhanger - PB&J - Love affair - Txt Spk - Hotness

I am working on a special post for you guys - and am hoping to be able to publish it tomorrow - I just need to take a couple of pictures, and format the whole post. So - keep your eyes out for something special tomorrow!!!!! #cliffhanger #arentyoucurious

Last night, we went to TKD and I'm starting to get serious compliments from my instructors. That I am definitely getting back into the flow of training - and I should be reacquiring my black belt sometime in the near future. I can't tell you how happy that makes me! I'm truly enjoying getting this aspect of my life back. And that is a beautiful thing. #everybodywaskungfufighting #kickingassandtakingnames 

Last night, I confess, I wanted to eat my way through the shelves of my snack pantry - but, I stopped at a few Doritos Xtreme - Only because, if I opened the box of PB&J Pop Tarts (yes, they exist) - then I would have to explain it to my son, as they are his. #couldhavebeenworse #pbjanything

I also confess, that it makes me more than a little happy to wear all of my new clothes to work this week - Old Navy, I know your Super Cash is a very clever ploy to get us to spend oodles of $$$$ - but, seriously girlfriend, your clothes fit me so well - I can't even be mad at you. #loveaffair #dontjudgeourlove #ilookfabulous

It's April 15th - I mean seriously when did that happen? I mean, I am glad we are getting into the warmer months and all that - but, seriously, can time just slow down a little! #warpspeed

My writing isn't necessarily 100% grammatically correct. I misspell words from time to time, and there are sometimes I will do the dreaded there for their or similar fails. However, what is it with the new digital age,  where ppl wrt lk ths? Oh, I'm sorry, you can't read that - I'll translate - where people write like this - I mean, this is a thing. People will forgo any vowels just to make the typing faster. I mean, it's not my style, and when I used to take minutes during my time as a secretary - I used to forgo vowels - however, I would type up the minutes correctly, when I got back to my desk. Is this type of "shorthand" the norm now? Does it bother anyone else? #ineedvowels #makesmyheadhurt

I keep having the reoccurring dream that I am late to work - and cannot get there, no matter how I try. I think this has a lot to do with the fact that I am leaving the house later and later. I always get to work on time - I'm just never more than 10 minutes early anymore. I'm trying to relax certain areas of my life - because the micromanaging every minute of it - was putting way to much stress on me. I mean, even through my OCD, I still know that I was going a little too far with the whole thing. I think that means I am making progress to being a calmer person. #babysteps #breathemore #stressless

And since it is only Wednesday - I leave you with the following: 

And just because this day needs a little hotness:


  1. I really dont know how today is April 15???? I wish that Old Navy stuff fit me better, but I have not been loving them at all lately. But I do love how good new clothes feel :) So yay!

  2. Your hashtags are too funny! I love the little chicken nugget - made me laugh! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston