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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Here it is - The Big Reveal - Check out the excitement!

Well friends, a couple of weeks back, I hinted on a big surprise that would be happening on my blog. And for me, this was a pretty big deal. About three weeks ago, I was approached by – the only online women’s fashion apparel company offering sizes 0-36W & custom clothing. The invitation was simple, pick a piece of our clothing, get it fit custom to your size and specifications, and write a post for us… pretty, pretty please? Okay, I may be paraphrasing, but that was the gist of the email. 

This is one of the first times I have been approached by a major company to do a review, and to be compensated (in any way) for it. In the past, I have been approached by quite a few companies, however, they did not want to provide me a product to review, or did not want to compensate me for my time in formulating a post., well, they are very different. They said: “we are happy to offer you a product of choice* from eShakti as a token of our thanks for your time.” And, if this seems a little forward of them, they also wrote me that “Hopefully, your eShakti experience will be so overwhelming you won’t be able to stop yourself from shouting about it from the rooftops!”
*- they sent me a link with a large amount of choices, but was not from their entire selection. This was so that other bloggers doing reviews for them, would also not review the same product.

So, here is my disclaimer:
I received this product in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own. process with eShakti was very simple – pick an item of clothing. Okay, let me tell you how hard this was for me; even though I had a limited selection of their collection, all of the items were “OoOh” worthy.  I finally picked a Navy, Gold and White - Floral embellished poplin full skirt. This high waisted beauty was exactly what I have been looking for in a skirt. It has a vintage feel, with a modern look, and also it’s cotton and machine washable!  So once I knew what I wanted, I had to go through the “Steps”.

 Step 1: was to find your “standard size” or “Custom Size” – the only stipulation from eShakti was their request that I customize my garment either for fit or style. I decided I would do both Fit and Style.  As a customer, if you choose the custom size option, you are charged an additional $7.50 – which, if you have ever been to a tailor, you will know is a small cost to have something fit you perfectly. First they ask for your Size Measurements (Hip, Hip Shape, Thigh, Waist) – It is recommended that you have someone take these measurements for you, and I was lucky enough to have a tailor department in my office, and was able to get her to take them for me.  

Step 2: was to enter your height – and no “short” wasn’t an option.

Step 3: was Custom Styling – for the skirt type the options were:
I picked the “as shown” option, because the skirt was described as “knee length”.

 There was one more field for another free option, which was to remove the pockets. Which I did not select, because, who doesn’t want pockets in a skirt? I mean, that’s the only thing I don’t like about skirts in general – not enough pockets! submitted my order, and waited - - and waited - - it took just about 3 weeks from my order to receiving my skirt in the mail, via DHL. I wouldn’t say that the wait was too long though, I mean, I have waited longer for shipping of clothing items that were not made to my specifications.  When I saw the package, I just about leaped off the ground! I ran upstairs, dropped everything that was in my arms, and opened the package like a freaking mad woman as carefully as possible. color is very vibrant – the stitching impeccable, the zipper works smoothly – it fit like a glove. Seriously, I have never ever put on a piece of clothing that didn’t require me to fuss, and twist just to get it on. That’s the problem when you have a curvy hip – you have to do that dance the jump and twist. Does anyone know what I am talking about? Well – know “jump and twist” necessary with eShakti! That’s a big deal for me.

However, I have one complaint – for this skirt. When looking at the product description, it describes the skirt as “Knee Length” – as stated above, I clicked the as shown option for Skirt Type – and was slightly disappointed when the skirt came to me as a “below knee length”.  But, after trying it on, and wearing it – I really do love the below knee look – it adds to the vintage 50’s flare of this skirt.

With a skirt such as this, I do recommend a petticoat though. That will keep the skirt looking full, especially when you walk. I know you are thinking, who owns a petticoat? The truth is, I do – I actually own 2 – one for shorter skirts and one for longer skirts – I use the petticoats a lot in the Steampunk and Renaissance cosplay. You can find reasonably priced petticoats online – and even at Party City (for short skirts).

A lot of people have complimented me in this skirt, for its style and for how it fits on me. And I’m not going to lie – I feel absolutely stunning in this skirt. You can dress it up with cute wedge sandals (the ones I am wearing are care of Old Navy), or you could dress it down for a more country feel with some ankle boots. I can also see this skirt working well with a nice ballet flat.  

This skirt sells for $64.95 (and is currently on sale for $51.95) – and once again, you are paying for a beautifully crafted piece of clothing – so before you go “Whoa, that’s a little expensive for a skirt!”

Price and Quantity 
is always outweighed by 
Price and Quality.

They only thing that I ask for you to forgive are my personal pictures – I am not, by any means, a fashion blogger – I do not own a fancy camera and the only camera at my disposal is the one on my phone. So please forgive the raw footage, so to speak.

eShatiki exclusively created a coupon code for my readers to get 10% OFF when they shop at - valid from 4/15/15 through 5/15/15. Please save a little money, and try out this amazing company for yourself!
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Have you shopped with eShakti before?
If so, what was your experience?


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